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On this page, you will find a list of official Angular resources on various topics.

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Core Concepts


In Angular applications, you move the job of filling page templates with data from the server to the client. The result is a system better structured for dynamic page updates. Below are the core features you'll use.

Application Structure

Other Features


Community Resources

We have set up a guide to many resources provided by the community, where you can find lots of additional information and material on these topics, a list of complimentary libraries, and much more.

Getting Help

The recipe for getting help on your unique issue is to create an example that could work (even if it doesn't) in a shareable example on Plunker, JSFiddle, or similar site and then post to one of the following:

Official Communications

Official announcements, news and releases are posted to our blog, G+ and Twitter:

Contributing to Angular 1

Though we have a core group of core contributors at Google, Angular is an open source project with hundreds of contributors. We'd love you to be one of them. When you're ready, please read the Guide for contributing to Angular.

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Didn't find what you're looking for here? Check out the External Angular 1 resources guide.

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