cs_zone_facts - Gathering facts of zones from Apache CloudStack based clouds.

New in version 2.1.


Gathering facts from the API of a zone.

Requirements (on host that executes module)

  • python >= 2.6
  • cs >= 0.6.10


parameter required default choices comments
no get
  • get
  • post
HTTP method used.
API key of the CloudStack API.
no cloudstack
Name of the ini section in the cloustack.ini file.
Secret key of the CloudStack API.
no 10
HTTP timeout.
URL of the CloudStack API e.g. https://cloud.example.com/client/api.
Name of the zone.


- local_action:
    module: cs_zone_facts
    name: ch-gva-1

- debug: var=cloudstack_zone

Return Values

Common return values are documented here Common Return Values, the following are the fields unique to this module:

name description returned type sample
cloudstack_zone.zone_token Zone token success string ccb0a60c-79c8-3230-ab8b-8bdbe8c45bb7
cloudstack_zone.dns2_ipv6 Second IPv6 DNS for the zone. success string 2001:4860:4860::8844
cloudstack_zone.tags List of resource tags associated with the zone. success dict [{'key': 'foo', 'value': 'bar'}]
cloudstack_zone.dhcp_provider DHCP provider for the zone success string VirtualRouter
cloudstack_zone.allocation_state State of the zone. success string Enabled
cloudstack_zone.dns2 Second DNS for the zone. success string
cloudstack_zone.dns1 First DNS for the zone. success string
cloudstack_zone.id UUID of the zone. success string 04589590-ac63-4ffc-93f5-b698b8ac38b6
cloudstack_zone.network_type Network type for the zone. success string basic
cloudstack_zone.local_storage_enabled Local storage offering enabled. success bool False
cloudstack_zone.internal_dns1 First internal DNS for the zone. success string
cloudstack_zone.guest_cidr_address Guest CIDR address for the zone success string
cloudstack_zone.internal_dns2 Second internal DNS for the zone. success string
cloudstack_zone.dns1_ipv6 First IPv6 DNS for the zone. success string 2001:4860:4860::8888
cloudstack_zone.network_domain Network domain for the zone. success string example.com
cloudstack_zone.name Name of the zone. success string zone01
cloudstack_zone.securitygroups_enabled Security groups support is enabled. success bool False
cloudstack_zone.domain Domain the zone is related to. success string ROOT



Ansible uses the cs library’s configuration method if credentials are not provided by the arguments api_url, api_key, api_secret. Configuration is read from several locations, in the following order. - The CLOUDSTACK_ENDPOINT, CLOUDSTACK_KEY, CLOUDSTACK_SECRET and CLOUDSTACK_METHOD. CLOUDSTACK_TIMEOUT environment variables. - A CLOUDSTACK_CONFIG environment variable pointing to an .ini file, - A cloudstack.ini file in the current working directory. - A .cloudstack.ini file in the users home directory. Optionally multiple credentials and endpoints can be specified using ini sections in cloudstack.ini. Use the argument api_region to select the section name, default section is cloudstack. See https://github.com/exoscale/cs for more information.


A detailed guide about cloudstack modules can be found on http://docs.ansible.com/ansible/guide_cloudstack.html


This module supports check mode.

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