/CakePHP 2.7

Package Cake\Utility

Class summary

  • CakeNumber

    Number helper library.

  • CakeText

    String handling methods.

  • CakeTime

    Time Helper class for easy use of time data.

  • ClassRegistry

    Class Collections.

  • Debugger

    Provide custom logging and error handling.

  • File

    Convenience class for reading, writing and appending to files.

  • Folder

    Folder structure browser, lists folders and files. Provides an Object interface for Common directory related tasks.

  • Hash

    Library of array functions for manipulating and extracting data from arrays or 'sets' of data.

  • Inflector

    Pluralize and singularize English words.

  • ObjectCollection

    Deals with Collections of objects. Keeping registries of those objects, loading and constructing new objects and triggering callbacks. Each subclass needs to implement its own load() functionality.

  • Sanitize

    Data Sanitization.

  • Security

    Security Library contains utility methods related to security

  • Set

    Class used for manipulation of arrays.

  • String

    String handling methods.

  • Validation

    Validation Class. Used for validation of model data

  • Xml

    XML handling for CakePHP.

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