/CakePHP 3.4

Namespace Cake\Http

Namespaces summary

Class summary

  • This class provides compatibility with dispatcher filters and interacting with the controller layers.

  • Base class for application classes.

  • The end user interface for doing HTTP requests.

  • Factory method for building controllers from request/response pairs.

  • Provides methods for creating and manipulating a "queue" of middleware callables. This queue is used to process a request and response via \Cake\Http\Runner.

  • Responses contain the response text, status and headers of a HTTP response.

  • Emits a Response to the PHP Server API.

  • Executes the middleware queue and provides the next callable that allows the queue to be iterated.

  • Runs an application invoking all the PSR7 middleware and the registered application.

  • A class that helps wrap Request information and particulars about a single request. Provides methods commonly used to introspect on the request headers and request body.

  • Factory for making ServerRequest instances.

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