The font-family CSS descriptor allows authors to specify the font family for the font specified in an @font-face rule.

Related at-rule @font-face
Initial value n/a (required)
Media all
Computed value as specified
Canonical order the unique non-ambiguous order defined by the formal grammar


/* <string> values */
font-family: "font family";
font-family: 'another font family';

/* <custom-ident> value */
font-family: examplefont;


Specifies the name of the font family.

Formal syntax


<family-name> = <string> | <custom-ident>+


@font-face {
  font-family: examplefont;
  src: url('examplefont.ttf');


Specification Status Comment
CSS Fonts Module Level 3
The definition of 'font-family' in that specification.
Candidate Recommendation Initial definition

Browser compatibility

Feature Chrome Edge Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari
Basic support 4 12 3.5 6 9 3.1
Feature Android webview Chrome for Android Edge mobile Firefox for Android IE mobile Opera Android iOS Safari
Basic support 2.2 ? 12 4 10 12 3.1

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