/Docker 1.11


Create machines on exoscale.

Get your API key and API secret key from API details and pass them to machine create with the --exoscale-api-key and --exoscale-api-secret-key options.

$ docker-machine create --driver exoscale --exoscale-api-key=API --exoscale-api-secret-key=SECRET vm


  • --exoscale-url: Your API endpoint.
  • --exoscale-api-key: required Your API key.
  • --exoscale-api-secret-key: required Your API secret key.
  • --exoscale-instance-profile: Instance profile.
  • --exoscale-disk-size: Disk size for the host in GB (10, 50, 100, 200, 400).
  • --exoscale-image: Image template (eg. ubuntu-14.04, ubuntu-15.10).
  • --exoscale-security-group: Security group. It will be created if it doesn’t exist.
  • --exoscale-availability-zone: Exoscale availability zone.
  • --exoscale-ssh-user: SSH username, which must match the default SSH user for the used image.
  • --exoscale-userdata: Path to file containing user data for cloud-init.

If a custom security group is provided, you need to ensure that you allow TCP ports 22 and 2376 in an ingress rule. Moreover, if you want to use Swarm, also add TCP port 3376.

Environment variables and default values:

CLI option Environment variable Default
--exoscale-url EXOSCALE_ENDPOINT https://api.exoscale.ch/compute
--exoscale-api-key EXOSCALE_API_KEY -
--exoscale-api-secret-key EXOSCALE_API_SECRET -
--exoscale-instance-profile EXOSCALE_INSTANCE_PROFILE small
--exoscale-disk-size EXOSCALE_DISK_SIZE 50
--exoscale-image EXOSCALE_IMAGE ubuntu-15.10
--exoscale-security-group EXOSCALE_SECURITY_GROUP docker-machine
--exoscale-availability-zone EXOSCALE_AVAILABILITY_ZONE ch-gva-2
--exoscale-ssh-user EXOSCALE_SSH_USER ubuntu
--exoscale-userdata EXOSCALE_USERDATA -

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