/Docker 1.11

help - Display information about a command

The help command displays information about how to use a command.

For example, to see a list of Swarm options and commands, enter:

$ docker run swarm --help

To see a list of arguments and options for a specific Swarm command, enter:

$ docker run swarm <command> --help

For example:

$ docker run swarm list --help
Usage: swarm list [OPTIONS] <discovery>

List nodes in a cluster

   <discovery>    discovery service to use [$SWARM_DISCOVERY]
                   * token://<token>
                   * consul://<ip>/<path>
                   * etcd://<ip1>,<ip2>/<path>
                   * file://path/to/file
                   * zk://<ip1>,<ip2>/<path>
                   * [nodes://]<ip1>,<ip2>

   --timeout "10s"                          timeout period
   --discovery-opt [--discovery-opt option --discovery-opt option]  discovery options

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