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function form_type_password_confirm_value

form_type_password_confirm_value($element, $input = FALSE)

Determines the value for a password_confirm form element.


$element: The form element whose value is being populated.

$input: The incoming input to populate the form element. If this is FALSE, the element's default value should be returned.

Return value

The data that will appear in the $element_state['values'] collection for this element. Return nothing to use the default.

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includes/form.inc, line 2502
Functions for form and batch generation and processing.


function form_type_password_confirm_value($element, $input = FALSE) {
  if ($input === FALSE) {
    $element += array('#default_value' => array());
    return $element['#default_value'] + array('pass1' => '', 'pass2' => '');
  $value = array('pass1' => '', 'pass2' => '');
  // Throw out all invalid array keys; we only allow pass1 and pass2.
  foreach ($value as $allowed_key => $default) {
    // These should be strings, but allow other scalars since they might be
    // valid input in programmatic form submissions. Any nested array values
    // are ignored.
    if (isset($input[$allowed_key]) && is_scalar($input[$allowed_key])) {
      $value[$allowed_key] = (string) $input[$allowed_key];
  return $value;

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