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Default translation for Erlang log messages.

Logger allows developers to rewrite log messages provided by Erlang applications into a format more compatible with Elixir log messages by providing a translator.

A translator is simply a tuple containing a module and a function that can be added and removed via the Logger.add_translator/1 and Logger.remove_translator/1 functions and is invoked for every Erlang message above the minimum log level with four arguments:

  • min_level - the current Logger level
  • level - the level of the message being translated
  • kind - if the message is a report or a format
  • message - the message to format. If it is a report, it is a tuple with {report_type, report_data}, if it is a format, it is a tuple with {format_message, format_args}

The function must return:

  • {:ok, chardata} - if the message was translated with its translation
  • :skip - if the message is not meant to be translated nor logged
  • :none - if there is no translation, which triggers the next translator

See the function translate/4 in this module for an example implementation and the default messages translated by Logger.



translate(min_level, level, kind, message)


translate(min_level, level, kind, message)

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