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package cs

from PointerAccess<T>, Int64 to PointerAccess<T>

Available on cs

This type represents pointer types for C# function parameters. It should only be used inside an unsafe context (not checked by the Haxe compiler)

C# code:

int[] src;
fixed (int* pSrc = src)

Haxe code:

var src:NativeArray<Int>;
	var pSrc:cs.Pointer<Int> = cs.Lib.pointerOfArray(src);


read only acc:PointerAccess<T>

Returns a cs.PointerAccess type, which in turn allows the underlying Pointer's fields to be accessed.


inline add (i:Int):Pointer<T>

Static methods

static addIp<T> (lhs:Pointer<T>, rhs:Int):Pointer<T>

static addp<T> (lhs:Pointer<T>, rhs:Int64):Pointer<T>

static andIp<T> (lhs:Pointer<T>, rhs:Int):Pointer<T>

static andp<T> (lhs:Pointer<T>, rhs:Int64):Pointer<T>

static bnegp<T> (t:Pointer<T>):Pointer<T>

static divIp<T> (lhs:Pointer<T>, rhs:Int):Pointer<T>

static divp<T> (lhs:Pointer<T>, rhs:Int64):Pointer<T>

static getIp<T> (p:Pointer<T>, at:Int):T

static getp<T> (p:Pointer<T>, at:Int64):T

static gtep<T> (lhs:Pointer<T>, rhs:Pointer<T>):Bool

static gtp<T> (lhs:Pointer<T>, rhs:Pointer<T>):Bool

static ltep<T> (lhs:Pointer<T>, rhs:Pointer<T>):Bool

static ltp<T> (lhs:Pointer<T>, rhs:Pointer<T>):Bool

static modIp<T> (lhs:Pointer<T>, rhs:Int):Pointer<T>

static modp<T> (lhs:Pointer<T>, rhs:Int64):Pointer<T>

static mulIp<T> (lhs:Pointer<T>, rhs:Int):Pointer<T>

static mulp<T> (lhs:Pointer<T>, rhs:Int64):Pointer<T>

static orIp<T> (lhs:Pointer<T>, rhs:Int):Pointer<T>

static orp<T> (lhs:Pointer<T>, rhs:Int64):Pointer<T>

static postnn<T> (t:Pointer<T>):Pointer<T>

static postpp<T> (t:Pointer<T>):Pointer<T>

static prenn<T> (t:Pointer<T>):Pointer<T>

static prepp<T> (t:Pointer<T>):Pointer<T>

static setIp<T> (p:Pointer<T>, at:Int, val:T ):T

static setp<T> (p:Pointer<T>, at:Int64, val:T ):T

static shlIp<T> (lhs:Pointer<T>, rhs:Int):Pointer<T>

static shlp<T> (lhs:Pointer<T>, rhs:Int64):Pointer<T>

static shrIp<T> (lhs:Pointer<T>, rhs:Int):Pointer<T>

static shrp<T> (lhs:Pointer<T>, rhs:Int64):Pointer<T>

static subIp<T> (lhs:Pointer<T>, rhs:Int):Pointer<T>

static subp<T> (lhs:Pointer<T>, rhs:Int64):Pointer<T>

static xorIp<T> (lhs:Pointer<T>, rhs:Int):Pointer<T>

static xorp<T> (lhs:Pointer<T>, rhs:Int64):Pointer<T>

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