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package java.internal

Available on java

This class is meant for internal compiler use only. It provides the Haxe runtime compatibility to the host language. Do not access it directly.

Static variables

static undefined:Dynamic = { }

Static methods

static callField (obj:Dynamic, field:String, args:Array<Dynamic>):Dynamic

static closure (obj:Dynamic, field:String):Dynamic

static compare (v1:Dynamic, v2:Dynamic):Int

static eq (v1:Dynamic, v2:Dynamic):Bool

static getField (obj:Dynamic, field:String, throwErrors:Bool):Dynamic

static getField_f (obj:Dynamic, field:String, throwErrors:Bool):Float

static isDouble (obj:Dynamic):Bool

static isFinite (v:Float):Bool

static isInt (obj:Dynamic):Bool

static isInt (num:Number):Bool

static plus (v1:Dynamic, v2:Dynamic):Dynamic

static refEq (v1:{}, v2:{}):Bool

static setField (obj:Dynamic, field:String, value:Dynamic):Dynamic

static setField_f (obj:Dynamic, field:String, value:Float):Float

static slowCallField (obj:Dynamic, field:String, args:Array<Dynamic>):Dynamic

static slowGetField (obj:Dynamic, field:String, throwErrors:Bool):Dynamic

static slowHasField (o:Dynamic, field:String):Bool

static slowSetField (obj:Dynamic, field:String, value:Dynamic):Dynamic

static toBool (obj:Dynamic):Bool

static toDouble (obj:Dynamic):Float

static toInt (obj:Dynamic):Int

static toLong (obj:Dynamic):Int64

static toString (obj:Dynamic):String

static valEq (v1:{}, v2:{}):Bool

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