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package php

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Session consists of a way to preserve certain data across subsequent accesses.

Static variables

static read only started:Bool

Static methods

static clear ():Void

static close ():Void

static exists (name:String):Unknown

static get (name:String):Dynamic

static getCacheExpire ():Int

static getCacheLimiter ():CacheLimiter

static getCookieParams ():{secure:Bool, path:String, lifetime:Int, httponly:Bool, domain:String}

static getId ():String

static getModule ():String

static getName ():String

static getSavePath ():String

static regenerateId (?deleteold:Bool):Bool

static remove (name:String):Void

static set (name:String, value:Dynamic):Unknown

static setCacheExpire (minutes:Int):Void

static setCacheLimiter (l:CacheLimiter):Void

static setCookieParams (?lifetime:Int, ?path:String, ?domain:String, ?secure:Bool, ?httponly:Bool):Void

static setId (id:String):Void

static setModule (module:String):Void

static setName (name:String):Void

static setSaveHandler (open:String ‑> String ‑> Bool, close:Void ‑> Bool, read:String ‑> String, write:String ‑> String ‑> Bool, destroy:Unknown, gc:Unknown):Bool

static setSavePath (path:String):Void

static start ():Void

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