Interesting Taps & Forks

A tap is homebrew-speak for a Git repository containing extra formulae. Homebrew has the capability to add (and remove) multiple taps to your local installation with the brew tap and brew untap commands. Type man brew in your Terminal. The main repository https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew-core, often called homebrew/core, is always built-in.

Main taps

brew search looks in these taps as well as in homebrew/core so don’t worry about missing stuff.

You can be added as a maintainer for one of the Homebrew organization taps and aid the project! If you are interested please feel free to ask in an issue or pull request after submitting multiple high-quality pull requests. We want your help!

Other interesting taps

Interesting forks

Technical details

Your taps are Git repositories located at $(brew --repository)/Library/Taps.

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