The global isFinite() function determines whether the passed value is a finite number. If needed, the parameter is first converted to a number.




The value to be tested for finiteness.

Return value

false if the argument is positive or negative Infinity or NaN; otherwise, true.


isFinite is a top-level function and is not associated with any object.

You can use this function to determine whether a number is a finite number. The isFinite function examines the number in its argument. If the argument is NaN, positive infinity, or negative infinity, this method returns false; otherwise, it returns true.


isFinite(Infinity);  // false
isFinite(NaN);       // false
isFinite(-Infinity); // false

isFinite(0);         // true
isFinite(2e64);      // true
isFinite(910);       // true

isFinite(null);      // true, would've been false with the 
                     // more robust Number.isFinite(null)

isFinite('0');       // true, would've been false with the 
                     // more robust Number.isFinite("0")


Browser compatibility

Feature Chrome Edge Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari
Basic support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Feature Android webview Chrome for Android Edge mobile Firefox for Android Opera Android iOS Safari Samsung Internet
Basic support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ?

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