/Julia 0.6

Unicode Input

The following table lists Unicode characters that can be entered via tab completion of LaTeX-like abbreviations in the Julia REPL (and in various other editing environments). You can also get information on how to type a symbol by entering it in the REPL help, i.e. by typing ? and then entering the symbol in the REPL (e.g., by copy-paste from somewhere you saw the symbol).


This table may appear to contain missing characters in the second column, or even show characters that are inconsistent with the characters as they are rendered in the Julia REPL. In these cases, users are strongly advised to check their choice of fonts in their browser and REPL environment, as there are known issues with glyphs in many fonts.

Code point(s) Character(s) Tab completion sequence(s) Unicode name(s)
U+000A1 ¡ \textexclamdown Inverted Exclamation Mark
U+000A3 £ \sterling Pound Sign
U+000A5 ¥ \yen Yen Sign
U+000A6 ¦ \textbrokenbar Broken Bar / Broken Vertical Bar
U+000A7 § \S Section Sign
U+000A8 ¨ \textasciidieresis Diaeresis / Spacing Diaeresis
U+000A9 © \copyright, \:copyright: Copyright Sign
U+000AA ª \textordfeminine Feminine Ordinal Indicator
U+000AC ¬ \neg Not Sign
U+000AE ® \circledR, \:registered: Registered Sign / Registered Trade Mark Sign
U+000AF ¯ \textasciimacron Macron / Spacing Macron
U+000B0 ° \degree Degree Sign
U+000B1 ± \pm Plus-minus Sign / Plus-or-minus Sign
U+000B2 ² \^2 Superscript Two / Superscript Digit Two
U+000B3 ³ \^3 Superscript Three / Superscript Digit Three
U+000B4 ´ \textasciiacute Acute Accent / Spacing Acute
U+000B6 \P Pilcrow Sign / Paragraph Sign
U+000B7 · \cdotp Middle Dot
U+000B9 ¹ \^1 Superscript One / Superscript Digit One
U+000BA º \textordmasculine Masculine Ordinal Indicator
U+000BC ¼ \textonequarter Vulgar Fraction One Quarter / Fraction One Quarter
U+000BD ½ \textonehalf Vulgar Fraction One Half / Fraction One Half
U+000BE ¾ \textthreequarters Vulgar Fraction Three Quarters / Fraction Three Quarters
U+000BF ¿ \textquestiondown Inverted Question Mark
U+000C5 Å \AA Latin Capital Letter A With Ring Above / Latin Capital Letter A Ring
U+000C6 Æ \AE Latin Capital Letter Ae / Latin Capital Letter A E
U+000D0 Ð \DH Latin Capital Letter Eth
U+000D7 × \times Multiplication Sign
U+000D8 Ø \O Latin Capital Letter O With Stroke / Latin Capital Letter O Slash
U+000DE Þ \TH Latin Capital Letter Thorn
U+000DF ß \ss Latin Small Letter Sharp S
U+000E5 å \aa Latin Small Letter A With Ring Above / Latin Small Letter A Ring
U+000E6 æ \ae Latin Small Letter Ae / Latin Small Letter A E
U+000F0 ð \eth Latin Small Letter Eth
U+000F7 ÷ \div Division Sign
U+000F8 ø \o Latin Small Letter O With Stroke / Latin Small Letter O Slash
U+000FE þ \th Latin Small Letter Thorn
U+00110 Đ \DJ Latin Capital Letter D With Stroke / Latin Capital Letter D Bar
U+00111 đ \dj Latin Small Letter D With Stroke / Latin Small Letter D Bar
U+00127 ħ \Elzxh, \hbar Latin Small Letter H With Stroke / Latin Small Letter H Bar
U+00141 Ł \L Latin Capital Letter L With Stroke / Latin Capital Letter L Slash
U+00142 ł \l Latin Small Letter L With Stroke / Latin Small Letter L Slash
U+0014A Ŋ \NG Latin Capital Letter Eng
U+0014B ŋ \ng Latin Small Letter Eng
U+00152 Π\OE Latin Capital Ligature Oe / Latin Capital Letter O E
U+00153 œ \oe Latin Small Ligature Oe / Latin Small Letter O E
U+00195 ƕ \texthvlig Latin Small Letter Hv / Latin Small Letter H V
U+0019E ƞ \textnrleg Latin Small Letter N With Long Right Leg
U+001B5 Ƶ \Zbar Latin Capital Letter Z With Stroke / Latin Capital Letter Z Bar
U+001C2 ǂ \textdoublepipe Latin Letter Alveolar Click / Latin Letter Pipe Double Bar
U+00250 ɐ \Elztrna Latin Small Letter Turned A
U+00252 ɒ \Elztrnsa Latin Small Letter Turned Alpha / Latin Small Letter Turned Script A
U+00254 ɔ \Elzopeno Latin Small Letter Open O
U+00256 ɖ \Elzrtld Latin Small Letter D With Tail / Latin Small Letter D Retroflex Hook
U+00259 ə \Elzschwa Latin Small Letter Schwa
U+00263 ɣ \Elzpgamma Latin Small Letter Gamma
U+00264 ɤ \Elzpbgam Latin Small Letter Rams Horn / Latin Small Letter Baby Gamma
U+00265 ɥ \Elztrnh Latin Small Letter Turned H
U+0026C ɬ \Elzbtdl Latin Small Letter L With Belt / Latin Small Letter L Belt
U+0026D ɭ \Elzrtll Latin Small Letter L With Retroflex Hook / Latin Small Letter L Retroflex Hook
U+0026F ɯ \Elztrnm Latin Small Letter Turned M
U+00270 ɰ \Elztrnmlr Latin Small Letter Turned M With Long Leg
U+00271 ɱ \Elzltlmr Latin Small Letter M With Hook / Latin Small Letter M Hook
U+00272 ɲ \Elzltln Latin Small Letter N With Left Hook / Latin Small Letter N Hook
U+00273 ɳ \Elzrtln Latin Small Letter N With Retroflex Hook / Latin Small Letter N Retroflex Hook
U+00277 ɷ \Elzclomeg Latin Small Letter Closed Omega
U+00278 ɸ \textphi Latin Small Letter Phi
U+00279 ɹ \Elztrnr Latin Small Letter Turned R
U+0027A ɺ \Elztrnrl Latin Small Letter Turned R With Long Leg
U+0027B ɻ \Elzrttrnr Latin Small Letter Turned R With Hook / Latin Small Letter Turned R Hook
U+0027C ɼ \Elzrl Latin Small Letter R With Long Leg
U+0027D ɽ \Elzrtlr Latin Small Letter R With Tail / Latin Small Letter R Hook
U+0027E ɾ \Elzfhr Latin Small Letter R With Fishhook / Latin Small Letter Fishhook R
U+00282 ʂ \Elzrtls Latin Small Letter S With Hook / Latin Small Letter S Hook
U+00283 ʃ \Elzesh Latin Small Letter Esh
U+00287 ʇ \Elztrnt Latin Small Letter Turned T
U+00288 ʈ \Elzrtlt Latin Small Letter T With Retroflex Hook / Latin Small Letter T Retroflex Hook
U+0028A ʊ \Elzpupsil Latin Small Letter Upsilon
U+0028B ʋ \Elzpscrv Latin Small Letter V With Hook / Latin Small Letter Script V
U+0028C ʌ \Elzinvv Latin Small Letter Turned V
U+0028D ʍ \Elzinvw Latin Small Letter Turned W
U+0028E ʎ \Elztrny Latin Small Letter Turned Y
U+00290 ʐ \Elzrtlz Latin Small Letter Z With Retroflex Hook / Latin Small Letter Z Retroflex Hook
U+00292 ʒ \Elzyogh Latin Small Letter Ezh / Latin Small Letter Yogh
U+00294 ʔ \Elzglst Latin Letter Glottal Stop
U+00295 ʕ \Elzreglst Latin Letter Pharyngeal Voiced Fricative / Latin Letter Reversed Glottal Stop
U+00296 ʖ \Elzinglst Latin Letter Inverted Glottal Stop
U+0029E ʞ \textturnk Latin Small Letter Turned K
U+002A4 ʤ \Elzdyogh Latin Small Letter Dezh Digraph / Latin Small Letter D Yogh
U+002A7 ʧ \Elztesh Latin Small Letter Tesh Digraph / Latin Small Letter T Esh
U+002B0 ʰ \^h Modifier Letter Small H
U+002B2 ʲ \^j Modifier Letter Small J
U+002B3 ʳ \^r Modifier Letter Small R
U+002B7 ʷ \^w Modifier Letter Small W
U+002B8 ʸ \^y Modifier Letter Small Y
U+002BC ʼ \rasp Modifier Letter Apostrophe
U+002C7 ˇ \textasciicaron Caron / Modifier Letter Hacek
U+002C8 ˈ \Elzverts Modifier Letter Vertical Line
U+002CC ˌ \Elzverti Modifier Letter Low Vertical Line
U+002D0 ː \Elzlmrk Modifier Letter Triangular Colon
U+002D1 ˑ \Elzhlmrk Modifier Letter Half Triangular Colon
U+002D2 ˒ \Elzsbrhr Modifier Letter Centred Right Half Ring / Modifier Letter Centered Right Half Ring
U+002D3 ˓ \Elzsblhr Modifier Letter Centred Left Half Ring / Modifier Letter Centered Left Half Ring
U+002D4 ˔ \Elzrais Modifier Letter Up Tack
U+002D5 ˕ \Elzlow Modifier Letter Down Tack
U+002D8 ˘ \u Breve / Spacing Breve
U+002DC ˜ \texttildelow Small Tilde / Spacing Tilde
U+002E1 ˡ \^l Modifier Letter Small L
U+002E2 ˢ \^s Modifier Letter Small S
U+002E3 ˣ \^x Modifier Letter Small X
U+00300 ◌̀ \grave Combining Grave Accent / Non-spacing Grave
U+00301 ◌́ \acute Combining Acute Accent / Non-spacing Acute
U+00302 ◌̂ \hat Combining Circumflex Accent / Non-spacing Circumflex
U+00303 ◌̃ \tilde Combining Tilde / Non-spacing Tilde
U+00304 ◌̄ \bar Combining Macron / Non-spacing Macron
U+00305 ◌̅ \overbar Combining Overline / Non-spacing Overscore
U+00306 ◌̆ \breve Combining Breve / Non-spacing Breve
U+00307 ◌̇ \dot Combining Dot Above / Non-spacing Dot Above
U+00308 ◌̈ \ddot Combining Diaeresis / Non-spacing Diaeresis
U+00309 ◌̉ \ovhook Combining Hook Above / Non-spacing Hook Above
U+0030A ◌̊ \ocirc Combining Ring Above / Non-spacing Ring Above
U+0030B ◌̋ \H Combining Double Acute Accent / Non-spacing Double Acute
U+0030C ◌̌ \check Combining Caron / Non-spacing Hacek
U+00310 ◌̐ \candra Combining Candrabindu / Non-spacing Candrabindu
U+00312 ◌̒ \oturnedcomma Combining Turned Comma Above / Non-spacing Turned Comma Above
U+00315 ◌̕ \ocommatopright Combining Comma Above Right / Non-spacing Comma Above Right
U+0031A ◌̚ \droang Combining Left Angle Above / Non-spacing Left Angle Above
U+00321 ◌̡ \Elzpalh Combining Palatalized Hook Below / Non-spacing Palatalized Hook Below
U+00322 ◌̢ \Elzrh Combining Retroflex Hook Below / Non-spacing Retroflex Hook Below
U+00327 ◌̧ \c Combining Cedilla / Non-spacing Cedilla
U+00328 ◌̨ \k Combining Ogonek / Non-spacing Ogonek
U+0032A ◌̪ \Elzsbbrg Combining Bridge Below / Non-spacing Bridge Below
U+00330 ◌̰ \wideutilde Combining Tilde Below / Non-spacing Tilde Below
U+00332 ◌̲ \underbar Combining Low Line / Non-spacing Underscore
U+00335 ◌̵ \Elzxl Combining Short Stroke Overlay / Non-spacing Short Bar Overlay
U+00336 ◌̶ \Elzbar, \sout Combining Long Stroke Overlay / Non-spacing Long Bar Overlay
U+00338 ◌̸ \not Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+0034D ◌͍ \underleftrightarrow Combining Left Right Arrow Below
U+00391 Α \Alpha Greek Capital Letter Alpha
U+00392 Β \Beta Greek Capital Letter Beta
U+00393 Γ \Gamma Greek Capital Letter Gamma
U+00394 Δ \Delta Greek Capital Letter Delta
U+00395 Ε \Epsilon Greek Capital Letter Epsilon
U+00396 Ζ \Zeta Greek Capital Letter Zeta
U+00397 Η \Eta Greek Capital Letter Eta
U+00398 Θ \Theta Greek Capital Letter Theta
U+00399 Ι \Iota Greek Capital Letter Iota
U+0039A Κ \Kappa Greek Capital Letter Kappa
U+0039B Λ \Lambda Greek Capital Letter Lamda / Greek Capital Letter Lambda
U+0039C Μ \upMu Greek Capital Letter Mu
U+0039D Ν \upNu Greek Capital Letter Nu
U+0039E Ξ \Xi Greek Capital Letter Xi
U+0039F Ο \upOmicron Greek Capital Letter Omicron
U+003A0 Π \Pi Greek Capital Letter Pi
U+003A1 Ρ \Rho Greek Capital Letter Rho
U+003A3 Σ \Sigma Greek Capital Letter Sigma
U+003A4 Τ \Tau Greek Capital Letter Tau
U+003A5 Υ \Upsilon Greek Capital Letter Upsilon
U+003A6 Φ \Phi Greek Capital Letter Phi
U+003A7 Χ \Chi Greek Capital Letter Chi
U+003A8 Ψ \Psi Greek Capital Letter Psi
U+003A9 Ω \Omega Greek Capital Letter Omega
U+003B1 α \alpha Greek Small Letter Alpha
U+003B2 β \beta Greek Small Letter Beta
U+003B3 γ \gamma Greek Small Letter Gamma
U+003B4 δ \delta Greek Small Letter Delta
U+003B5 ε \upepsilon, \varepsilon Greek Small Letter Epsilon
U+003B6 ζ \zeta Greek Small Letter Zeta
U+003B7 η \eta Greek Small Letter Eta
U+003B8 θ \theta Greek Small Letter Theta
U+003B9 ι \iota Greek Small Letter Iota
U+003BA κ \kappa Greek Small Letter Kappa
U+003BB λ \lambda Greek Small Letter Lamda / Greek Small Letter Lambda
U+003BC μ \mu Greek Small Letter Mu
U+003BD ν \nu Greek Small Letter Nu
U+003BE ξ \xi Greek Small Letter Xi
U+003BF ο \upomicron Greek Small Letter Omicron
U+003C0 π \pi Greek Small Letter Pi
U+003C1 ρ \rho Greek Small Letter Rho
U+003C2 ς \varsigma Greek Small Letter Final Sigma
U+003C3 σ \sigma Greek Small Letter Sigma
U+003C4 τ \tau Greek Small Letter Tau
U+003C5 υ \upsilon Greek Small Letter Upsilon
U+003C6 φ \varphi Greek Small Letter Phi
U+003C7 χ \chi Greek Small Letter Chi
U+003C8 ψ \psi Greek Small Letter Psi
U+003C9 ω \omega Greek Small Letter Omega
U+003D0 ϐ \upvarbeta Greek Beta Symbol / Greek Small Letter Curled Beta
U+003D1 ϑ \vartheta Greek Theta Symbol / Greek Small Letter Script Theta
U+003D5 ϕ \phi Greek Phi Symbol / Greek Small Letter Script Phi
U+003D6 ϖ \varpi Greek Pi Symbol / Greek Small Letter Omega Pi
U+003D8 Ϙ \upoldKoppa Greek Letter Archaic Koppa
U+003D9 ϙ \upoldkoppa Greek Small Letter Archaic Koppa
U+003DA Ϛ \Stigma Greek Letter Stigma / Greek Capital Letter Stigma
U+003DB ϛ \upstigma Greek Small Letter Stigma
U+003DC Ϝ \Digamma Greek Letter Digamma / Greek Capital Letter Digamma
U+003DD ϝ \digamma Greek Small Letter Digamma
U+003DE Ϟ \Koppa Greek Letter Koppa / Greek Capital Letter Koppa
U+003DF ϟ \upkoppa Greek Small Letter Koppa
U+003E0 Ϡ \Sampi Greek Letter Sampi / Greek Capital Letter Sampi
U+003E1 ϡ \upsampi Greek Small Letter Sampi
U+003F0 ϰ \varkappa Greek Kappa Symbol / Greek Small Letter Script Kappa
U+003F1 ϱ \varrho Greek Rho Symbol / Greek Small Letter Tailed Rho
U+003F4 ϴ \textTheta Greek Capital Theta Symbol
U+003F5 ϵ \epsilon Greek Lunate Epsilon Symbol
U+003F6 ϶ \backepsilon Greek Reversed Lunate Epsilon Symbol
U+01D2C \^A Modifier Letter Capital A
U+01D2E \^B Modifier Letter Capital B
U+01D30 \^D Modifier Letter Capital D
U+01D31 \^E Modifier Letter Capital E
U+01D33 \^G Modifier Letter Capital G
U+01D34 \^H Modifier Letter Capital H
U+01D35 \^I Modifier Letter Capital I
U+01D36 \^J Modifier Letter Capital J
U+01D37 \^K Modifier Letter Capital K
U+01D38 \^L Modifier Letter Capital L
U+01D39 \^M Modifier Letter Capital M
U+01D3A \^N Modifier Letter Capital N
U+01D3C \^O Modifier Letter Capital O
U+01D3E \^P Modifier Letter Capital P
U+01D3F ᴿ \^R Modifier Letter Capital R
U+01D40 \^T Modifier Letter Capital T
U+01D41 \^U Modifier Letter Capital U
U+01D42 \^W Modifier Letter Capital W
U+01D43 \^a Modifier Letter Small A
U+01D45 \^alpha Modifier Letter Small Alpha
U+01D47 \^b Modifier Letter Small B
U+01D48 \^d Modifier Letter Small D
U+01D49 \^e Modifier Letter Small E
U+01D4B \^epsilon Modifier Letter Small Open E
U+01D4D \^g Modifier Letter Small G
U+01D4F \^k Modifier Letter Small K
U+01D50 \^m Modifier Letter Small M
U+01D52 \^o Modifier Letter Small O
U+01D56 \^p Modifier Letter Small P
U+01D57 \^t Modifier Letter Small T
U+01D58 \^u Modifier Letter Small U
U+01D5B \^v Modifier Letter Small V
U+01D5D \^beta Modifier Letter Small Beta
U+01D5E \^gamma Modifier Letter Small Greek Gamma
U+01D5F \^delta Modifier Letter Small Delta
U+01D60 \^phi Modifier Letter Small Greek Phi
U+01D61 \^chi Modifier Letter Small Chi
U+01D62 \_i Latin Subscript Small Letter I
U+01D63 \_r Latin Subscript Small Letter R
U+01D64 \_u Latin Subscript Small Letter U
U+01D65 \_v Latin Subscript Small Letter V
U+01D66 \_beta Greek Subscript Small Letter Beta
U+01D67 \_gamma Greek Subscript Small Letter Gamma
U+01D68 \_rho Greek Subscript Small Letter Rho
U+01D69 \_phi Greek Subscript Small Letter Phi
U+01D6A \_chi Greek Subscript Small Letter Chi
U+01D9C \^c Modifier Letter Small C
U+01DA0 \^f Modifier Letter Small F
U+01DA5 \^iota Modifier Letter Small Iota
U+01DB2 \^Phi Modifier Letter Small Phi
U+01DBB \^z Modifier Letter Small Z
U+01DBF ᶿ \^theta Modifier Letter Small Theta
U+02002 \enspace En Space
U+02003 \quad Em Space
U+02005 \thickspace Four-per-em Space
U+02009 \thinspace Thin Space
U+0200A \hspace Hair Space
U+02013 \endash En Dash
U+02014 \emdash Em Dash
U+02016 \Vert Double Vertical Line / Double Vertical Bar
U+02018 \lq Left Single Quotation Mark / Single Turned Comma Quotation Mark
U+02019 \rq Right Single Quotation Mark / Single Comma Quotation Mark
U+0201B \Elzreapos Single High-reversed-9 Quotation Mark / Single Reversed Comma Quotation Mark
U+0201C \textquotedblleft Left Double Quotation Mark / Double Turned Comma Quotation Mark
U+0201D \textquotedblright Right Double Quotation Mark / Double Comma Quotation Mark
U+02020 \dagger Dagger
U+02021 \ddagger Double Dagger
U+02022 \bullet Bullet
U+02026 \dots, \ldots Horizontal Ellipsis
U+02030 \textperthousand Per Mille Sign
U+02031 \textpertenthousand Per Ten Thousand Sign
U+02032 \prime Prime
U+02033 \pprime Double Prime
U+02034 \ppprime Triple Prime
U+02035 \backprime Reversed Prime
U+02036 \backpprime Reversed Double Prime
U+02037 \backppprime Reversed Triple Prime
U+02039 \guilsinglleft Single Left-pointing Angle Quotation Mark / Left Pointing Single Guillemet
U+0203A \guilsinglright Single Right-pointing Angle Quotation Mark / Right Pointing Single Guillemet
U+0203C \:bangbang: Double Exclamation Mark
U+02040 \tieconcat Character Tie
U+02049 \:interrobang: Exclamation Question Mark
U+02057 \pppprime Quadruple Prime
U+02060 \nolinebreak Word Joiner
U+02070 \^0 Superscript Zero / Superscript Digit Zero
U+02071 \^i Superscript Latin Small Letter I
U+02074 \^4 Superscript Four / Superscript Digit Four
U+02075 \^5 Superscript Five / Superscript Digit Five
U+02076 \^6 Superscript Six / Superscript Digit Six
U+02077 \^7 Superscript Seven / Superscript Digit Seven
U+02078 \^8 Superscript Eight / Superscript Digit Eight
U+02079 \^9 Superscript Nine / Superscript Digit Nine
U+0207A \^+ Superscript Plus Sign
U+0207B \^- Superscript Minus / Superscript Hyphen-minus
U+0207C \^= Superscript Equals Sign
U+0207D \^( Superscript Left Parenthesis / Superscript Opening Parenthesis
U+0207E \^) Superscript Right Parenthesis / Superscript Closing Parenthesis
U+0207F \^n Superscript Latin Small Letter N
U+02080 \_0 Subscript Zero / Subscript Digit Zero
U+02081 \_1 Subscript One / Subscript Digit One
U+02082 \_2 Subscript Two / Subscript Digit Two
U+02083 \_3 Subscript Three / Subscript Digit Three
U+02084 \_4 Subscript Four / Subscript Digit Four
U+02085 \_5 Subscript Five / Subscript Digit Five
U+02086 \_6 Subscript Six / Subscript Digit Six
U+02087 \_7 Subscript Seven / Subscript Digit Seven
U+02088 \_8 Subscript Eight / Subscript Digit Eight
U+02089 \_9 Subscript Nine / Subscript Digit Nine
U+0208A \_+ Subscript Plus Sign
U+0208B \_- Subscript Minus / Subscript Hyphen-minus
U+0208C \_= Subscript Equals Sign
U+0208D \_( Subscript Left Parenthesis / Subscript Opening Parenthesis
U+0208E \_) Subscript Right Parenthesis / Subscript Closing Parenthesis
U+02090 \_a Latin Subscript Small Letter A
U+02091 \_e Latin Subscript Small Letter E
U+02092 \_o Latin Subscript Small Letter O
U+02093 \_x Latin Subscript Small Letter X
U+02094 \_schwa Latin Subscript Small Letter Schwa
U+02095 \_h Latin Subscript Small Letter H
U+02096 \_k Latin Subscript Small Letter K
U+02097 \_l Latin Subscript Small Letter L
U+02098 \_m Latin Subscript Small Letter M
U+02099 \_n Latin Subscript Small Letter N
U+0209A \_p Latin Subscript Small Letter P
U+0209B \_s Latin Subscript Small Letter S
U+0209C \_t Latin Subscript Small Letter T
U+020A7 \Elzpes Peseta Sign
U+020AC \euro Euro Sign
U+020D0 ◌⃐ \leftharpoonaccent Combining Left Harpoon Above / Non-spacing Left Harpoon Above
U+020D1 ◌⃑ \rightharpoonaccent Combining Right Harpoon Above / Non-spacing Right Harpoon Above
U+020D2 ◌⃒ \vertoverlay Combining Long Vertical Line Overlay / Non-spacing Long Vertical Bar Overlay
U+020D6 ◌⃖ \overleftarrow Combining Left Arrow Above / Non-spacing Left Arrow Above
U+020D7 ◌⃗ \vec Combining Right Arrow Above / Non-spacing Right Arrow Above
U+020DB ◌⃛ \dddot Combining Three Dots Above / Non-spacing Three Dots Above
U+020DC ◌⃜ \ddddot Combining Four Dots Above / Non-spacing Four Dots Above
U+020DD ◌⃝ \enclosecircle Combining Enclosing Circle / Enclosing Circle
U+020DE ◌⃞ \enclosesquare Combining Enclosing Square / Enclosing Square
U+020DF ◌⃟ \enclosediamond Combining Enclosing Diamond / Enclosing Diamond
U+020E1 ◌⃡ \overleftrightarrow Combining Left Right Arrow Above / Non-spacing Left Right Arrow Above
U+020E4 ◌⃤ \enclosetriangle Combining Enclosing Upward Pointing Triangle
U+020E7 ◌⃧ \annuity Combining Annuity Symbol
U+020E8 ◌⃨ \threeunderdot Combining Triple Underdot
U+020E9 ◌⃩ \widebridgeabove Combining Wide Bridge Above
U+020EC ◌⃬ \underrightharpoondown Combining Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Downwards
U+020ED ◌⃭ \underleftharpoondown Combining Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Downwards
U+020EE ◌⃮ \underleftarrow Combining Left Arrow Below
U+020EF ◌⃯ \underrightarrow Combining Right Arrow Below
U+020F0 ◌⃰ \asteraccent Combining Asterisk Above
U+02102 \BbbC Double-struck Capital C / Double-struck C
U+02107 \Eulerconst Euler Constant / Eulers
U+0210A \mscrg Script Small G
U+0210B \mscrH Script Capital H / Script H
U+0210C \mfrakH Black-letter Capital H / Black-letter H
U+0210D \BbbH Double-struck Capital H / Double-struck H
U+0210E \Planckconst Planck Constant
U+0210F \hslash Planck Constant Over Two Pi / Planck Constant Over 2 Pi
U+02110 \mscrI Script Capital I / Script I
U+02111 \Im Black-letter Capital I / Black-letter I
U+02112 \mscrL Script Capital L / Script L
U+02113 \ell Script Small L
U+02115 \BbbN Double-struck Capital N / Double-struck N
U+02116 \textnumero Numero Sign / Numero
U+02118 \wp Script Capital P / Script P
U+02119 \BbbP Double-struck Capital P / Double-struck P
U+0211A \BbbQ Double-struck Capital Q / Double-struck Q
U+0211B \mscrR Script Capital R / Script R
U+0211C \Re Black-letter Capital R / Black-letter R
U+0211D \BbbR Double-struck Capital R / Double-struck R
U+0211E \Elzxrat Prescription Take
U+02122 \texttrademark, \:tm: Trade Mark Sign / Trademark
U+02124 \BbbZ Double-struck Capital Z / Double-struck Z
U+02127 \mho Inverted Ohm Sign / Mho
U+02128 \mfrakZ Black-letter Capital Z / Black-letter Z
U+02129 \turnediota Turned Greek Small Letter Iota
U+0212B \Angstrom Angstrom Sign / Angstrom Unit
U+0212C \mscrB Script Capital B / Script B
U+0212D \mfrakC Black-letter Capital C / Black-letter C
U+0212F \mscre Script Small E
U+02130 \mscrE Script Capital E / Script E
U+02131 \mscrF Script Capital F / Script F
U+02132 \Finv Turned Capital F / Turned F
U+02133 \mscrM Script Capital M / Script M
U+02134 \mscro Script Small O
U+02135 \aleph Alef Symbol / First Transfinite Cardinal
U+02136 \beth Bet Symbol / Second Transfinite Cardinal
U+02137 \gimel Gimel Symbol / Third Transfinite Cardinal
U+02138 \daleth Dalet Symbol / Fourth Transfinite Cardinal
U+02139 \:information_source: Information Source
U+0213C \Bbbpi Double-struck Small Pi
U+0213D \Bbbgamma Double-struck Small Gamma
U+0213E \BbbGamma Double-struck Capital Gamma
U+0213F \BbbPi Double-struck Capital Pi
U+02140 \bbsum Double-struck N-ary Summation
U+02141 \Game Turned Sans-serif Capital G
U+02142 \sansLturned Turned Sans-serif Capital L
U+02143 \sansLmirrored Reversed Sans-serif Capital L
U+02144 \Yup Turned Sans-serif Capital Y
U+02145 \mitBbbD Double-struck Italic Capital D
U+02146 \mitBbbd Double-struck Italic Small D
U+02147 \mitBbbe Double-struck Italic Small E
U+02148 \mitBbbi Double-struck Italic Small I
U+02149 \mitBbbj Double-struck Italic Small J
U+0214A \PropertyLine Property Line
U+0214B \upand Turned Ampersand
U+02190 \leftarrow Leftwards Arrow / Left Arrow
U+02191 \uparrow Upwards Arrow / Up Arrow
U+02192 \to, \rightarrow Rightwards Arrow / Right Arrow
U+02193 \downarrow Downwards Arrow / Down Arrow
U+02194 \leftrightarrow, \:left_right_arrow: Left Right Arrow
U+02195 \updownarrow, \:arrow_up_down: Up Down Arrow
U+02196 \nwarrow, \:arrow_upper_left: North West Arrow / Upper Left Arrow
U+02197 \nearrow, \:arrow_upper_right: North East Arrow / Upper Right Arrow
U+02198 \searrow, \:arrow_lower_right: South East Arrow / Lower Right Arrow
U+02199 \swarrow, \:arrow_lower_left: South West Arrow / Lower Left Arrow
U+0219A \nleftarrow Leftwards Arrow With Stroke / Left Arrow With Stroke
U+0219B \nrightarrow Rightwards Arrow With Stroke / Right Arrow With Stroke
U+0219C \leftwavearrow Leftwards Wave Arrow / Left Wave Arrow
U+0219D \rightwavearrow Rightwards Wave Arrow / Right Wave Arrow
U+0219E \twoheadleftarrow Leftwards Two Headed Arrow / Left Two Headed Arrow
U+0219F \twoheaduparrow Upwards Two Headed Arrow / Up Two Headed Arrow
U+021A0 \twoheadrightarrow Rightwards Two Headed Arrow / Right Two Headed Arrow
U+021A1 \twoheaddownarrow Downwards Two Headed Arrow / Down Two Headed Arrow
U+021A2 \leftarrowtail Leftwards Arrow With Tail / Left Arrow With Tail
U+021A3 \rightarrowtail Rightwards Arrow With Tail / Right Arrow With Tail
U+021A4 \mapsfrom Leftwards Arrow From Bar / Left Arrow From Bar
U+021A5 \mapsup Upwards Arrow From Bar / Up Arrow From Bar
U+021A6 \mapsto Rightwards Arrow From Bar / Right Arrow From Bar
U+021A7 \mapsdown Downwards Arrow From Bar / Down Arrow From Bar
U+021A8 \updownarrowbar Up Down Arrow With Base
U+021A9 \hookleftarrow, \:leftwards_arrow_with_hook: Leftwards Arrow With Hook / Left Arrow With Hook
U+021AA \hookrightarrow, \:arrow_right_hook: Rightwards Arrow With Hook / Right Arrow With Hook
U+021AB \looparrowleft Leftwards Arrow With Loop / Left Arrow With Loop
U+021AC \looparrowright Rightwards Arrow With Loop / Right Arrow With Loop
U+021AD \leftrightsquigarrow Left Right Wave Arrow
U+021AE \nleftrightarrow Left Right Arrow With Stroke
U+021AF \downzigzagarrow Downwards Zigzag Arrow / Down Zigzag Arrow
U+021B0 \Lsh Upwards Arrow With Tip Leftwards / Up Arrow With Tip Left
U+021B1 \Rsh Upwards Arrow With Tip Rightwards / Up Arrow With Tip Right
U+021B2 \Ldsh Downwards Arrow With Tip Leftwards / Down Arrow With Tip Left
U+021B3 \Rdsh Downwards Arrow With Tip Rightwards / Down Arrow With Tip Right
U+021B4 \linefeed Rightwards Arrow With Corner Downwards / Right Arrow With Corner Down
U+021B5 \carriagereturn Downwards Arrow With Corner Leftwards / Down Arrow With Corner Left
U+021B6 \curvearrowleft Anticlockwise Top Semicircle Arrow
U+021B7 \curvearrowright Clockwise Top Semicircle Arrow
U+021B8 \barovernorthwestarrow North West Arrow To Long Bar / Upper Left Arrow To Long Bar
U+021B9 \barleftarrowrightarrowbar Leftwards Arrow To Bar Over Rightwards Arrow To Bar / Left Arrow To Bar Over Right Arrow To Bar
U+021BA \circlearrowleft Anticlockwise Open Circle Arrow
U+021BB \circlearrowright Clockwise Open Circle Arrow
U+021BC \leftharpoonup Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Upwards / Left Harpoon With Barb Up
U+021BD \leftharpoondown Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Downwards / Left Harpoon With Barb Down
U+021BE \upharpoonleft Upwards Harpoon With Barb Rightwards / Up Harpoon With Barb Right
U+021BF \upharpoonright Upwards Harpoon With Barb Leftwards / Up Harpoon With Barb Left
U+021C0 \rightharpoonup Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Upwards / Right Harpoon With Barb Up
U+021C1 \rightharpoondown Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Downwards / Right Harpoon With Barb Down
U+021C2 \downharpoonright Downwards Harpoon With Barb Rightwards / Down Harpoon With Barb Right
U+021C3 \downharpoonleft Downwards Harpoon With Barb Leftwards / Down Harpoon With Barb Left
U+021C4 \rightleftarrows Rightwards Arrow Over Leftwards Arrow / Right Arrow Over Left Arrow
U+021C5 \dblarrowupdown Upwards Arrow Leftwards Of Downwards Arrow / Up Arrow Left Of Down Arrow
U+021C6 \leftrightarrows Leftwards Arrow Over Rightwards Arrow / Left Arrow Over Right Arrow
U+021C7 \leftleftarrows Leftwards Paired Arrows / Left Paired Arrows
U+021C8 \upuparrows Upwards Paired Arrows / Up Paired Arrows
U+021C9 \rightrightarrows Rightwards Paired Arrows / Right Paired Arrows
U+021CA \downdownarrows Downwards Paired Arrows / Down Paired Arrows
U+021CB \leftrightharpoons Leftwards Harpoon Over Rightwards Harpoon / Left Harpoon Over Right Harpoon
U+021CC \rightleftharpoons Rightwards Harpoon Over Leftwards Harpoon / Right Harpoon Over Left Harpoon
U+021CD \nLeftarrow Leftwards Double Arrow With Stroke / Left Double Arrow With Stroke
U+021CE \nLeftrightarrow Left Right Double Arrow With Stroke
U+021CF \nRightarrow Rightwards Double Arrow With Stroke / Right Double Arrow With Stroke
U+021D0 \Leftarrow Leftwards Double Arrow / Left Double Arrow
U+021D1 \Uparrow Upwards Double Arrow / Up Double Arrow
U+021D2 \Rightarrow Rightwards Double Arrow / Right Double Arrow
U+021D3 \Downarrow Downwards Double Arrow / Down Double Arrow
U+021D4 \Leftrightarrow Left Right Double Arrow
U+021D5 \Updownarrow Up Down Double Arrow
U+021D6 \Nwarrow North West Double Arrow / Upper Left Double Arrow
U+021D7 \Nearrow North East Double Arrow / Upper Right Double Arrow
U+021D8 \Searrow South East Double Arrow / Lower Right Double Arrow
U+021D9 \Swarrow South West Double Arrow / Lower Left Double Arrow
U+021DA \Lleftarrow Leftwards Triple Arrow / Left Triple Arrow
U+021DB \Rrightarrow Rightwards Triple Arrow / Right Triple Arrow
U+021DC \leftsquigarrow Leftwards Squiggle Arrow / Left Squiggle Arrow
U+021DD \rightsquigarrow Rightwards Squiggle Arrow / Right Squiggle Arrow
U+021DE \nHuparrow Upwards Arrow With Double Stroke / Up Arrow With Double Stroke
U+021DF \nHdownarrow Downwards Arrow With Double Stroke / Down Arrow With Double Stroke
U+021E0 \leftdasharrow Leftwards Dashed Arrow / Left Dashed Arrow
U+021E1 \updasharrow Upwards Dashed Arrow / Up Dashed Arrow
U+021E2 \rightdasharrow Rightwards Dashed Arrow / Right Dashed Arrow
U+021E3 \downdasharrow Downwards Dashed Arrow / Down Dashed Arrow
U+021E4 \barleftarrow Leftwards Arrow To Bar / Left Arrow To Bar
U+021E5 \rightarrowbar Rightwards Arrow To Bar / Right Arrow To Bar
U+021E6 \leftwhitearrow Leftwards White Arrow / White Left Arrow
U+021E7 \upwhitearrow Upwards White Arrow / White Up Arrow
U+021E8 \rightwhitearrow Rightwards White Arrow / White Right Arrow
U+021E9 \downwhitearrow Downwards White Arrow / White Down Arrow
U+021EA \whitearrowupfrombar Upwards White Arrow From Bar / White Up Arrow From Bar
U+021F4 \circleonrightarrow Right Arrow With Small Circle
U+021F5 \DownArrowUpArrow Downwards Arrow Leftwards Of Upwards Arrow
U+021F6 \rightthreearrows Three Rightwards Arrows
U+021F7 \nvleftarrow Leftwards Arrow With Vertical Stroke
U+021F8 \nvrightarrow Rightwards Arrow With Vertical Stroke
U+021F9 \nvleftrightarrow Left Right Arrow With Vertical Stroke
U+021FA \nVleftarrow Leftwards Arrow With Double Vertical Stroke
U+021FB \nVrightarrow Rightwards Arrow With Double Vertical Stroke
U+021FC \nVleftrightarrow Left Right Arrow With Double Vertical Stroke
U+021FD \leftarrowtriangle Leftwards Open-headed Arrow
U+021FE \rightarrowtriangle Rightwards Open-headed Arrow
U+021FF \leftrightarrowtriangle Left Right Open-headed Arrow
U+02200 \forall For All
U+02201 \complement Complement
U+02202 \partial Partial Differential
U+02203 \exists There Exists
U+02204 \nexists There Does Not Exist
U+02205 \varnothing, \emptyset Empty Set
U+02206 \increment Increment
U+02207 \del, \nabla Nabla
U+02208 \in Element Of
U+02209 \notin Not An Element Of
U+0220A \smallin Small Element Of
U+0220B \ni Contains As Member
U+0220C \nni Does Not Contain As Member
U+0220D \smallni Small Contains As Member
U+0220E \QED End Of Proof
U+0220F \prod N-ary Product
U+02210 \coprod N-ary Coproduct
U+02211 \sum N-ary Summation
U+02212 \minus Minus Sign
U+02213 \mp Minus-or-plus Sign
U+02214 \dotplus Dot Plus
U+02216 \setminus Set Minus
U+02217 \ast Asterisk Operator
U+02218 \circ Ring Operator
U+02219 \vysmblkcircle Bullet Operator
U+0221A \surd, \sqrt Square Root
U+0221B \cbrt Cube Root
U+0221C \fourthroot Fourth Root
U+0221D \propto Proportional To
U+0221E \infty Infinity
U+0221F \rightangle Right Angle
U+02220 \angle Angle
U+02221 \measuredangle Measured Angle
U+02222 \sphericalangle Spherical Angle
U+02223 \mid Divides
U+02224 \nmid Does Not Divide
U+02225 \parallel Parallel To
U+02226 \nparallel Not Parallel To
U+02227 \wedge Logical And
U+02228 \vee Logical Or
U+02229 \cap Intersection
U+0222A \cup Union
U+0222B \int Integral
U+0222C \iint Double Integral
U+0222D \iiint Triple Integral
U+0222E \oint Contour Integral
U+0222F \oiint Surface Integral
U+02230 \oiiint Volume Integral
U+02231 \clwintegral Clockwise Integral
U+02232 \varointclockwise Clockwise Contour Integral
U+02233 \ointctrclockwise Anticlockwise Contour Integral
U+02234 \therefore Therefore
U+02235 \because Because
U+02237 \Colon Proportion
U+02238 \dotminus Dot Minus
U+0223A \dotsminusdots Geometric Proportion
U+0223B \kernelcontraction Homothetic
U+0223C \sim Tilde Operator
U+0223D \backsim Reversed Tilde
U+0223E \lazysinv Inverted Lazy S
U+0223F \sinewave Sine Wave
U+02240 \wr Wreath Product
U+02241 \nsim Not Tilde
U+02242 \eqsim Minus Tilde
U+02242 + U+00338 ≂̸ \neqsim Minus Tilde + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02243 \simeq Asymptotically Equal To
U+02244 \nsime Not Asymptotically Equal To
U+02245 \cong Approximately Equal To
U+02246 \approxnotequal Approximately But Not Actually Equal To
U+02247 \ncong Neither Approximately Nor Actually Equal To
U+02248 \approx Almost Equal To
U+02249 \napprox Not Almost Equal To
U+0224A \approxeq Almost Equal Or Equal To
U+0224B \tildetrpl Triple Tilde
U+0224C \allequal All Equal To
U+0224D \asymp Equivalent To
U+0224E \Bumpeq Geometrically Equivalent To
U+0224E + U+00338 ≎̸ \nBumpeq Geometrically Equivalent To + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+0224F \bumpeq Difference Between
U+0224F + U+00338 ≏̸ \nbumpeq Difference Between + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02250 \doteq Approaches The Limit
U+02251 \Doteq Geometrically Equal To
U+02252 \fallingdotseq Approximately Equal To Or The Image Of
U+02253 \risingdotseq Image Of Or Approximately Equal To
U+02254 \coloneq Colon Equals / Colon Equal
U+02255 \eqcolon Equals Colon / Equal Colon
U+02256 \eqcirc Ring In Equal To
U+02257 \circeq Ring Equal To
U+02258 \arceq Corresponds To
U+02259 \wedgeq Estimates
U+0225A \veeeq Equiangular To
U+0225B \starequal Star Equals
U+0225C \triangleq Delta Equal To
U+0225D \eqdef Equal To By Definition
U+0225E \measeq Measured By
U+0225F \questeq Questioned Equal To
U+02260 \ne Not Equal To
U+02261 \equiv Identical To
U+02262 \nequiv Not Identical To
U+02263 \Equiv Strictly Equivalent To
U+02264 \le Less-than Or Equal To / Less Than Or Equal To
U+02265 \ge Greater-than Or Equal To / Greater Than Or Equal To
U+02266 \leqq Less-than Over Equal To / Less Than Over Equal To
U+02267 \geqq Greater-than Over Equal To / Greater Than Over Equal To
U+02268 \lneqq Less-than But Not Equal To / Less Than But Not Equal To
U+02268 + U+0FE00 ≨︀ \lvertneqq Less-than But Not Equal To / Less Than But Not Equal To + Variation Selector-1
U+02269 \gneqq Greater-than But Not Equal To / Greater Than But Not Equal To
U+02269 + U+0FE00 ≩︀ \gvertneqq Greater-than But Not Equal To / Greater Than But Not Equal To + Variation Selector-1
U+0226A \ll Much Less-than / Much Less Than
U+0226A + U+00338 ≪̸ \NotLessLess Much Less-than / Much Less Than + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+0226B \gg Much Greater-than / Much Greater Than
U+0226B + U+00338 ≫̸ \NotGreaterGreater Much Greater-than / Much Greater Than + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+0226C \between Between
U+0226D \nasymp Not Equivalent To
U+0226E \nless Not Less-than / Not Less Than
U+0226F \ngtr Not Greater-than / Not Greater Than
U+02270 \nleq Neither Less-than Nor Equal To / Neither Less Than Nor Equal To
U+02271 \ngeq Neither Greater-than Nor Equal To / Neither Greater Than Nor Equal To
U+02272 \lesssim Less-than Or Equivalent To / Less Than Or Equivalent To
U+02273 \gtrsim Greater-than Or Equivalent To / Greater Than Or Equivalent To
U+02274 \nlesssim Neither Less-than Nor Equivalent To / Neither Less Than Nor Equivalent To
U+02275 \ngtrsim Neither Greater-than Nor Equivalent To / Neither Greater Than Nor Equivalent To
U+02276 \lessgtr Less-than Or Greater-than / Less Than Or Greater Than
U+02277 \gtrless Greater-than Or Less-than / Greater Than Or Less Than
U+02278 \notlessgreater Neither Less-than Nor Greater-than / Neither Less Than Nor Greater Than
U+02279 \notgreaterless Neither Greater-than Nor Less-than / Neither Greater Than Nor Less Than
U+0227A \prec Precedes
U+0227B \succ Succeeds
U+0227C \preccurlyeq Precedes Or Equal To
U+0227D \succcurlyeq Succeeds Or Equal To
U+0227E \precsim Precedes Or Equivalent To
U+0227E + U+00338 ≾̸ \nprecsim Precedes Or Equivalent To + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+0227F \succsim Succeeds Or Equivalent To
U+0227F + U+00338 ≿̸ \nsuccsim Succeeds Or Equivalent To + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02280 \nprec Does Not Precede
U+02281 \nsucc Does Not Succeed
U+02282 \subset Subset Of
U+02283 \supset Superset Of
U+02284 \nsubset Not A Subset Of
U+02285 \nsupset Not A Superset Of
U+02286 \subseteq Subset Of Or Equal To
U+02287 \supseteq Superset Of Or Equal To
U+02288 \nsubseteq Neither A Subset Of Nor Equal To
U+02289 \nsupseteq Neither A Superset Of Nor Equal To
U+0228A \subsetneq Subset Of With Not Equal To / Subset Of Or Not Equal To
U+0228A + U+0FE00 ⊊︀ \varsubsetneqq Subset Of With Not Equal To / Subset Of Or Not Equal To + Variation Selector-1
U+0228B \supsetneq Superset Of With Not Equal To / Superset Of Or Not Equal To
U+0228B + U+0FE00 ⊋︀ \varsupsetneq Superset Of With Not Equal To / Superset Of Or Not Equal To + Variation Selector-1
U+0228D \cupdot Multiset Multiplication
U+0228E \uplus Multiset Union
U+0228F \sqsubset Square Image Of
U+0228F + U+00338 ⊏̸ \NotSquareSubset Square Image Of + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02290 \sqsupset Square Original Of
U+02290 + U+00338 ⊐̸ \NotSquareSuperset Square Original Of + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02291 \sqsubseteq Square Image Of Or Equal To
U+02292 \sqsupseteq Square Original Of Or Equal To
U+02293 \sqcap Square Cap
U+02294 \sqcup Square Cup
U+02295 \oplus Circled Plus
U+02296 \ominus Circled Minus
U+02297 \otimes Circled Times
U+02298 \oslash Circled Division Slash
U+02299 \odot Circled Dot Operator
U+0229A \circledcirc Circled Ring Operator
U+0229B \circledast Circled Asterisk Operator
U+0229C \circledequal Circled Equals
U+0229D \circleddash Circled Dash
U+0229E \boxplus Squared Plus
U+0229F \boxminus Squared Minus
U+022A0 \boxtimes Squared Times
U+022A1 \boxdot Squared Dot Operator
U+022A2 \vdash Right Tack
U+022A3 \dashv Left Tack
U+022A4 \top Down Tack
U+022A5 \bot Up Tack
U+022A7 \models Models
U+022A8 \vDash True
U+022A9 \Vdash Forces
U+022AA \Vvdash Triple Vertical Bar Right Turnstile
U+022AB \VDash Double Vertical Bar Double Right Turnstile
U+022AC \nvdash Does Not Prove
U+022AD \nvDash Not True
U+022AE \nVdash Does Not Force
U+022AF \nVDash Negated Double Vertical Bar Double Right Turnstile
U+022B0 \prurel Precedes Under Relation
U+022B1 \scurel Succeeds Under Relation
U+022B2 \vartriangleleft Normal Subgroup Of
U+022B3 \vartriangleright Contains As Normal Subgroup
U+022B4 \trianglelefteq Normal Subgroup Of Or Equal To
U+022B5 \trianglerighteq Contains As Normal Subgroup Or Equal To
U+022B6 \original Original Of
U+022B7 \image Image Of
U+022B8 \multimap Multimap
U+022B9 \hermitconjmatrix Hermitian Conjugate Matrix
U+022BA \intercal Intercalate
U+022BB \veebar, \xor Xor
U+022BC \barwedge Nand
U+022BD \barvee Nor
U+022BE \rightanglearc Right Angle With Arc
U+022BF \varlrtriangle Right Triangle
U+022C0 \bigwedge N-ary Logical And
U+022C1 \bigvee N-ary Logical Or
U+022C2 \bigcap N-ary Intersection
U+022C3 \bigcup N-ary Union
U+022C4 \diamond Diamond Operator
U+022C5 \cdot Dot Operator
U+022C6 \star Star Operator
U+022C7 \divideontimes Division Times
U+022C8 \bowtie Bowtie
U+022C9 \ltimes Left Normal Factor Semidirect Product
U+022CA \rtimes Right Normal Factor Semidirect Product
U+022CB \leftthreetimes Left Semidirect Product
U+022CC \rightthreetimes Right Semidirect Product
U+022CD \backsimeq Reversed Tilde Equals
U+022CE \curlyvee Curly Logical Or
U+022CF \curlywedge Curly Logical And
U+022D0 \Subset Double Subset
U+022D1 \Supset Double Superset
U+022D2 \Cap Double Intersection
U+022D3 \Cup Double Union
U+022D4 \pitchfork Pitchfork
U+022D5 \equalparallel Equal And Parallel To
U+022D6 \lessdot Less-than With Dot / Less Than With Dot
U+022D7 \gtrdot Greater-than With Dot / Greater Than With Dot
U+022D8 \verymuchless Very Much Less-than / Very Much Less Than
U+022D9 \ggg Very Much Greater-than / Very Much Greater Than
U+022DA \lesseqgtr Less-than Equal To Or Greater-than / Less Than Equal To Or Greater Than
U+022DB \gtreqless Greater-than Equal To Or Less-than / Greater Than Equal To Or Less Than
U+022DC \eqless Equal To Or Less-than / Equal To Or Less Than
U+022DD \eqgtr Equal To Or Greater-than / Equal To Or Greater Than
U+022DE \curlyeqprec Equal To Or Precedes
U+022DF \curlyeqsucc Equal To Or Succeeds
U+022E0 \npreccurlyeq Does Not Precede Or Equal
U+022E1 \nsucccurlyeq Does Not Succeed Or Equal
U+022E2 \nsqsubseteq Not Square Image Of Or Equal To
U+022E3 \nsqsupseteq Not Square Original Of Or Equal To
U+022E4 \sqsubsetneq Square Image Of Or Not Equal To
U+022E5 \Elzsqspne Square Original Of Or Not Equal To
U+022E6 \lnsim Less-than But Not Equivalent To / Less Than But Not Equivalent To
U+022E7 \gnsim Greater-than But Not Equivalent To / Greater Than But Not Equivalent To
U+022E8 \precnsim Precedes But Not Equivalent To
U+022E9 \succnsim Succeeds But Not Equivalent To
U+022EA \ntriangleleft Not Normal Subgroup Of
U+022EB \ntriangleright Does Not Contain As Normal Subgroup
U+022EC \ntrianglelefteq Not Normal Subgroup Of Or Equal To
U+022ED \ntrianglerighteq Does Not Contain As Normal Subgroup Or Equal
U+022EE \vdots Vertical Ellipsis
U+022EF \cdots Midline Horizontal Ellipsis
U+022F0 \adots Up Right Diagonal Ellipsis
U+022F1 \ddots Down Right Diagonal Ellipsis
U+022F2 \disin Element Of With Long Horizontal Stroke
U+022F3 \varisins Element Of With Vertical Bar At End Of Horizontal Stroke
U+022F4 \isins Small Element Of With Vertical Bar At End Of Horizontal Stroke
U+022F5 \isindot Element Of With Dot Above
U+022F6 \varisinobar Element Of With Overbar
U+022F7 \isinobar Small Element Of With Overbar
U+022F8 \isinvb Element Of With Underbar
U+022F9 \isinE Element Of With Two Horizontal Strokes
U+022FA \nisd Contains With Long Horizontal Stroke
U+022FB \varnis Contains With Vertical Bar At End Of Horizontal Stroke
U+022FC \nis Small Contains With Vertical Bar At End Of Horizontal Stroke
U+022FD \varniobar Contains With Overbar
U+022FE \niobar Small Contains With Overbar
U+022FF \bagmember Z Notation Bag Membership
U+02300 \diameter Diameter Sign
U+02302 \house House
U+02305 \varbarwedge Projective
U+02306 \vardoublebarwedge Perspective
U+02308 \lceil Left Ceiling
U+02309 \rceil Right Ceiling
U+0230A \lfloor Left Floor
U+0230B \rfloor Right Floor
U+02310 \invnot Reversed Not Sign
U+02311 \sqlozenge Square Lozenge
U+02312 \profline Arc
U+02313 \profsurf Segment
U+02315 \recorder Telephone Recorder
U+02317 \viewdata Viewdata Square
U+02319 \turnednot Turned Not Sign
U+0231A \:watch: Watch
U+0231B \:hourglass: Hourglass
U+0231C \ulcorner Top Left Corner
U+0231D \urcorner Top Right Corner
U+0231E \llcorner Bottom Left Corner
U+0231F \lrcorner Bottom Right Corner
U+02322 \frown Frown
U+02323 \smile Smile
U+0232C \varhexagonlrbonds Benzene Ring
U+02332 \conictaper Conical Taper
U+02336 \topbot Apl Functional Symbol I-beam
U+0233D \obar Apl Functional Symbol Circle Stile
U+0233F \APLnotslash Apl Functional Symbol Slash Bar
U+02340 \APLnotbackslash Apl Functional Symbol Backslash Bar
U+02353 \APLboxupcaret Apl Functional Symbol Quad Up Caret
U+02370 \APLboxquestion Apl Functional Symbol Quad Question
U+02394 \hexagon Software-function Symbol
U+023A3 \Elzdlcorn Left Square Bracket Lower Corner
U+023B0 \lmoustache Upper Left Or Lower Right Curly Bracket Section
U+023B1 \rmoustache Upper Right Or Lower Left Curly Bracket Section
U+023B4 \overbracket Top Square Bracket
U+023B5 \underbracket Bottom Square Bracket
U+023B6 \bbrktbrk Bottom Square Bracket Over Top Square Bracket
U+023B7 \sqrtbottom Radical Symbol Bottom
U+023B8 \lvboxline Left Vertical Box Line
U+023B9 \rvboxline Right Vertical Box Line
U+023CE \varcarriagereturn Return Symbol
U+023DE \overbrace Top Curly Bracket
U+023DF \underbrace Bottom Curly Bracket
U+023E2 \trapezium White Trapezium
U+023E3 \benzenr Benzene Ring With Circle
U+023E4 \strns Straightness
U+023E5 \fltns Flatness
U+023E6 \accurrent Ac Current
U+023E7 \elinters Electrical Intersection
U+023E9 \:fast_forward: Black Right-pointing Double Triangle
U+023EA \:rewind: Black Left-pointing Double Triangle
U+023EB \:arrow_double_up: Black Up-pointing Double Triangle
U+023EC \:arrow_double_down: Black Down-pointing Double Triangle
U+023F0 \:alarm_clock: Alarm Clock
U+023F3 \:hourglass_flowing_sand: Hourglass With Flowing Sand
U+02422 \blanksymbol Blank Symbol / Blank
U+02423 \textvisiblespace Open Box
U+024C2 \:m: Circled Latin Capital Letter M
U+024C8 \circledS Circled Latin Capital Letter S
U+02506 \Elzdshfnc Box Drawings Light Triple Dash Vertical / Forms Light Triple Dash Vertical
U+02519 \Elzsqfnw Box Drawings Up Light And Left Heavy / Forms Up Light And Left Heavy
U+02571 \diagup Box Drawings Light Diagonal Upper Right To Lower Left / Forms Light Diagonal Upper Right To Lower Left
U+02572 \diagdown Box Drawings Light Diagonal Upper Left To Lower Right / Forms Light Diagonal Upper Left To Lower Right
U+02580 \blockuphalf Upper Half Block
U+02584 \blocklowhalf Lower Half Block
U+02588 \blockfull Full Block
U+0258C \blocklefthalf Left Half Block
U+02590 \blockrighthalf Right Half Block
U+02591 \blockqtrshaded Light Shade
U+02592 \blockhalfshaded Medium Shade
U+02593 \blockthreeqtrshaded Dark Shade
U+025A0 \blacksquare Black Square
U+025A1 \square White Square
U+025A2 \squoval White Square With Rounded Corners
U+025A3 \blackinwhitesquare White Square Containing Black Small Square
U+025A4 \squarehfill Square With Horizontal Fill
U+025A5 \squarevfill Square With Vertical Fill
U+025A6 \squarehvfill Square With Orthogonal Crosshatch Fill
U+025A7 \squarenwsefill Square With Upper Left To Lower Right Fill
U+025A8 \squareneswfill Square With Upper Right To Lower Left Fill
U+025A9 \squarecrossfill Square With Diagonal Crosshatch Fill
U+025AA \smblksquare, \:black_small_square: Black Small Square
U+025AB \smwhtsquare, \:white_small_square: White Small Square
U+025AC \hrectangleblack Black Rectangle
U+025AD \hrectangle White Rectangle
U+025AE \vrectangleblack Black Vertical Rectangle
U+025AF \Elzvrecto White Vertical Rectangle
U+025B0 \parallelogramblack Black Parallelogram
U+025B1 \parallelogram White Parallelogram
U+025B2 \bigblacktriangleup Black Up-pointing Triangle / Black Up Pointing Triangle
U+025B3 \bigtriangleup White Up-pointing Triangle / White Up Pointing Triangle
U+025B4 \blacktriangle Black Up-pointing Small Triangle / Black Up Pointing Small Triangle
U+025B5 \vartriangle White Up-pointing Small Triangle / White Up Pointing Small Triangle
U+025B6 \blacktriangleright, \:arrow_forward: Black Right-pointing Triangle / Black Right Pointing Triangle
U+025B7 \triangleright White Right-pointing Triangle / White Right Pointing Triangle
U+025B8 \smallblacktriangleright Black Right-pointing Small Triangle / Black Right Pointing Small Triangle
U+025B9 \smalltriangleright White Right-pointing Small Triangle / White Right Pointing Small Triangle
U+025BA \blackpointerright Black Right-pointing Pointer / Black Right Pointing Pointer
U+025BB \whitepointerright White Right-pointing Pointer / White Right Pointing Pointer
U+025BC \bigblacktriangledown Black Down-pointing Triangle / Black Down Pointing Triangle
U+025BD \bigtriangledown White Down-pointing Triangle / White Down Pointing Triangle
U+025BE \blacktriangledown Black Down-pointing Small Triangle / Black Down Pointing Small Triangle
U+025BF \triangledown White Down-pointing Small Triangle / White Down Pointing Small Triangle
U+025C0 \blacktriangleleft, \:arrow_backward: Black Left-pointing Triangle / Black Left Pointing Triangle
U+025C1 \triangleleft White Left-pointing Triangle / White Left Pointing Triangle
U+025C2 \smallblacktriangleleft Black Left-pointing Small Triangle / Black Left Pointing Small Triangle
U+025C3 \smalltriangleleft White Left-pointing Small Triangle / White Left Pointing Small Triangle
U+025C4 \blackpointerleft Black Left-pointing Pointer / Black Left Pointing Pointer
U+025C5 \whitepointerleft White Left-pointing Pointer / White Left Pointing Pointer
U+025C6 \mdlgblkdiamond Black Diamond
U+025C7 \mdlgwhtdiamond White Diamond
U+025C8 \blackinwhitediamond White Diamond Containing Black Small Diamond
U+025C9 \fisheye Fisheye
U+025CA \lozenge Lozenge
U+025CB \bigcirc White Circle
U+025CC \dottedcircle Dotted Circle
U+025CD \circlevertfill Circle With Vertical Fill
U+025CE \bullseye Bullseye
U+025CF \mdlgblkcircle Black Circle
U+025D0 \Elzcirfl Circle With Left Half Black
U+025D1 \Elzcirfr Circle With Right Half Black
U+025D2 \Elzcirfb Circle With Lower Half Black
U+025D3 \circletophalfblack Circle With Upper Half Black
U+025D4 \circleurquadblack Circle With Upper Right Quadrant Black
U+025D5 \blackcircleulquadwhite Circle With All But Upper Left Quadrant Black
U+025D6 \blacklefthalfcircle Left Half Black Circle
U+025D7 \blackrighthalfcircle Right Half Black Circle
U+025D8 \Elzrvbull Inverse Bullet
U+025D9 \inversewhitecircle Inverse White Circle
U+025DA \invwhiteupperhalfcircle Upper Half Inverse White Circle
U+025DB \invwhitelowerhalfcircle Lower Half Inverse White Circle
U+025DC \ularc Upper Left Quadrant Circular Arc
U+025DD \urarc Upper Right Quadrant Circular Arc
U+025DE \lrarc Lower Right Quadrant Circular Arc
U+025DF \llarc Lower Left Quadrant Circular Arc
U+025E0 \topsemicircle Upper Half Circle
U+025E1 \botsemicircle Lower Half Circle
U+025E2 \lrblacktriangle Black Lower Right Triangle
U+025E3 \llblacktriangle Black Lower Left Triangle
U+025E4 \ulblacktriangle Black Upper Left Triangle
U+025E5 \urblacktriangle Black Upper Right Triangle
U+025E6 \smwhtcircle White Bullet
U+025E7 \Elzsqfl Square With Left Half Black
U+025E8 \Elzsqfr Square With Right Half Black
U+025E9 \squareulblack Square With Upper Left Diagonal Half Black
U+025EA \Elzsqfse Square With Lower Right Diagonal Half Black
U+025EB \boxbar White Square With Vertical Bisecting Line
U+025EC \trianglecdot White Up-pointing Triangle With Dot / White Up Pointing Triangle With Dot
U+025ED \triangleleftblack Up-pointing Triangle With Left Half Black / Up Pointing Triangle With Left Half Black
U+025EE \trianglerightblack Up-pointing Triangle With Right Half Black / Up Pointing Triangle With Right Half Black
U+025EF \lgwhtcircle Large Circle
U+025F0 \squareulquad White Square With Upper Left Quadrant
U+025F1 \squarellquad White Square With Lower Left Quadrant
U+025F2 \squarelrquad White Square With Lower Right Quadrant
U+025F3 \squareurquad White Square With Upper Right Quadrant
U+025F4 \circleulquad White Circle With Upper Left Quadrant
U+025F5 \circlellquad White Circle With Lower Left Quadrant
U+025F6 \circlelrquad White Circle With Lower Right Quadrant
U+025F7 \circleurquad White Circle With Upper Right Quadrant
U+025F8 \ultriangle Upper Left Triangle
U+025F9 \urtriangle Upper Right Triangle
U+025FA \lltriangle Lower Left Triangle
U+025FB \mdwhtsquare, \:white_medium_square: White Medium Square
U+025FC \mdblksquare, \:black_medium_square: Black Medium Square
U+025FD \mdsmwhtsquare, \:white_medium_small_square: White Medium Small Square
U+025FE \mdsmblksquare, \:black_medium_small_square: Black Medium Small Square
U+025FF \lrtriangle Lower Right Triangle
U+02600 \:sunny: Black Sun With Rays
U+02601 \:cloud: Cloud
U+02605 \bigstar Black Star
U+02606 \bigwhitestar White Star
U+02609 \astrosun Sun
U+0260E \:phone: Black Telephone
U+02611 \:ballot_box_with_check: Ballot Box With Check
U+02614 \:umbrella: Umbrella With Rain Drops
U+02615 \:coffee: Hot Beverage
U+0261D \:point_up: White Up Pointing Index
U+02621 \danger Caution Sign
U+0263A \:relaxed: White Smiling Face
U+0263B \blacksmiley Black Smiling Face
U+0263C \sun White Sun With Rays
U+0263D \rightmoon First Quarter Moon
U+0263E \leftmoon Last Quarter Moon
U+0263F \mercury Mercury
U+02640 \venus, \female Female Sign
U+02642 \male, \mars Male Sign
U+02643 \jupiter Jupiter
U+02644 \saturn Saturn
U+02645 \uranus Uranus
U+02646 \neptune Neptune
U+02647 \pluto Pluto
U+02648 \aries, \:aries: Aries
U+02649 \taurus, \:taurus: Taurus
U+0264A \gemini, \:gemini: Gemini
U+0264B \cancer, \:cancer: Cancer
U+0264C \leo, \:leo: Leo
U+0264D \virgo, \:virgo: Virgo
U+0264E \libra, \:libra: Libra
U+0264F \scorpio, \:scorpius: Scorpius
U+02650 \sagittarius, \:sagittarius: Sagittarius
U+02651 \capricornus, \:capricorn: Capricorn
U+02652 \aquarius, \:aquarius: Aquarius
U+02653 \pisces, \:pisces: Pisces
U+02660 \spadesuit, \:spades: Black Spade Suit
U+02661 \heartsuit White Heart Suit
U+02662 \diamondsuit White Diamond Suit
U+02663 \clubsuit, \:clubs: Black Club Suit
U+02664 \varspadesuit White Spade Suit
U+02665 \varheartsuit, \:hearts: Black Heart Suit
U+02666 \vardiamondsuit, \:diamonds: Black Diamond Suit
U+02667 \varclubsuit White Club Suit
U+02668 \:hotsprings: Hot Springs
U+02669 \quarternote Quarter Note
U+0266A \eighthnote Eighth Note
U+0266B \twonotes Beamed Eighth Notes / Barred Eighth Notes
U+0266D \flat Music Flat Sign / Flat
U+0266E \natural Music Natural Sign / Natural
U+0266F \sharp Music Sharp Sign / Sharp
U+0267B \:recycle: Black Universal Recycling Symbol
U+0267E \acidfree Permanent Paper Sign
U+0267F \:wheelchair: Wheelchair Symbol
U+02680 \dicei Die Face-1
U+02681 \diceii Die Face-2
U+02682 \diceiii Die Face-3
U+02683 \diceiv Die Face-4
U+02684 \dicev Die Face-5
U+02685 \dicevi Die Face-6
U+02686 \circledrightdot White Circle With Dot Right
U+02687 \circledtwodots White Circle With Two Dots
U+02688 \blackcircledrightdot Black Circle With White Dot Right
U+02689 \blackcircledtwodots Black Circle With Two White Dots
U+02693 \:anchor: Anchor
U+026A0 \:warning: Warning Sign
U+026A1 \:zap: High Voltage Sign
U+026A5 \Hermaphrodite Male And Female Sign
U+026AA \mdwhtcircle, \:white_circle: Medium White Circle
U+026AB \mdblkcircle, \:black_circle: Medium Black Circle
U+026AC \mdsmwhtcircle Medium Small White Circle
U+026B2 \neuter Neuter
U+026BD \:soccer: Soccer Ball
U+026BE \:baseball: Baseball
U+026C4 \:snowman: Snowman Without Snow
U+026C5 \:partly_sunny: Sun Behind Cloud
U+026CE \:ophiuchus: Ophiuchus
U+026D4 \:no_entry: No Entry
U+026EA \:church: Church
U+026F2 \:fountain: Fountain
U+026F3 \:golf: Flag In Hole
U+026F5 \:boat: Sailboat
U+026FA \:tent: Tent
U+026FD \:fuelpump: Fuel Pump
U+02702 \:scissors: Black Scissors
U+02705 \:white_check_mark: White Heavy Check Mark
U+02708 \:airplane: Airplane
U+02709 \:email: Envelope
U+0270A \:fist: Raised Fist
U+0270B \:hand: Raised Hand
U+0270C \:v: Victory Hand
U+0270F \:pencil2: Pencil
U+02712 \:black_nib: Black Nib
U+02713 \checkmark Check Mark
U+02714 \:heavy_check_mark: Heavy Check Mark
U+02716 \:heavy_multiplication_x: Heavy Multiplication X
U+02720 \maltese Maltese Cross
U+02728 \:sparkles: Sparkles
U+0272A \circledstar Circled White Star
U+02733 \:eight_spoked_asterisk: Eight Spoked Asterisk
U+02734 \:eight_pointed_black_star: Eight Pointed Black Star
U+02736 \varstar Six Pointed Black Star
U+0273D \dingasterisk Heavy Teardrop-spoked Asterisk
U+02744 \:snowflake: Snowflake
U+02747 \:sparkle: Sparkle
U+0274C \:x: Cross Mark
U+0274E \:negative_squared_cross_mark: Negative Squared Cross Mark
U+02753 \:question: Black Question Mark Ornament
U+02754 \:grey_question: White Question Mark Ornament
U+02755 \:grey_exclamation: White Exclamation Mark Ornament
U+02757 \:exclamation: Heavy Exclamation Mark Symbol
U+02764 \:heart: Heavy Black Heart
U+02795 \:heavy_plus_sign: Heavy Plus Sign
U+02796 \:heavy_minus_sign: Heavy Minus Sign
U+02797 \:heavy_division_sign: Heavy Division Sign
U+0279B \draftingarrow Drafting Point Rightwards Arrow / Drafting Point Right Arrow
U+027A1 \:arrow_right: Black Rightwards Arrow / Black Right Arrow
U+027B0 \:curly_loop: Curly Loop
U+027BF \:loop: Double Curly Loop
U+027C0 \threedangle Three Dimensional Angle
U+027C1 \whiteinwhitetriangle White Triangle Containing Small White Triangle
U+027C2 \perp Perpendicular
U+027C8 \bsolhsub Reverse Solidus Preceding Subset
U+027C9 \suphsol Superset Preceding Solidus
U+027D1 \wedgedot And With Dot
U+027D2 \upin Element Of Opening Upwards
U+027D5 \leftouterjoin Left Outer Join
U+027D6 \rightouterjoin Right Outer Join
U+027D7 \fullouterjoin Full Outer Join
U+027D8 \bigbot Large Up Tack
U+027D9 \bigtop Large Down Tack
U+027E6 \llbracket, \openbracketleft Mathematical Left White Square Bracket
U+027E7 \openbracketright, \rrbracket Mathematical Right White Square Bracket
U+027E8 \langle Mathematical Left Angle Bracket
U+027E9 \rangle Mathematical Right Angle Bracket
U+027F0 \UUparrow Upwards Quadruple Arrow
U+027F1 \DDownarrow Downwards Quadruple Arrow
U+027F5 \longleftarrow Long Leftwards Arrow
U+027F6 \longrightarrow Long Rightwards Arrow
U+027F7 \longleftrightarrow Long Left Right Arrow
U+027F8 \impliedby, \Longleftarrow Long Leftwards Double Arrow
U+027F9 \implies, \Longrightarrow Long Rightwards Double Arrow
U+027FA \Longleftrightarrow, \iff Long Left Right Double Arrow
U+027FB \longmapsfrom Long Leftwards Arrow From Bar
U+027FC \longmapsto Long Rightwards Arrow From Bar
U+027FD \Longmapsfrom Long Leftwards Double Arrow From Bar
U+027FE \Longmapsto Long Rightwards Double Arrow From Bar
U+027FF \longrightsquigarrow Long Rightwards Squiggle Arrow
U+02900 \nvtwoheadrightarrow Rightwards Two-headed Arrow With Vertical Stroke
U+02901 \nVtwoheadrightarrow Rightwards Two-headed Arrow With Double Vertical Stroke
U+02902 \nvLeftarrow Leftwards Double Arrow With Vertical Stroke
U+02903 \nvRightarrow Rightwards Double Arrow With Vertical Stroke
U+02904 \nvLeftrightarrow Left Right Double Arrow With Vertical Stroke
U+02905 \twoheadmapsto Rightwards Two-headed Arrow From Bar
U+02906 \Mapsfrom Leftwards Double Arrow From Bar
U+02907 \Mapsto Rightwards Double Arrow From Bar
U+02908 \downarrowbarred Downwards Arrow With Horizontal Stroke
U+02909 \uparrowbarred Upwards Arrow With Horizontal Stroke
U+0290A \Uuparrow Upwards Triple Arrow
U+0290B \Ddownarrow Downwards Triple Arrow
U+0290C \leftbkarrow Leftwards Double Dash Arrow
U+0290D \bkarow Rightwards Double Dash Arrow
U+0290E \leftdbkarrow Leftwards Triple Dash Arrow
U+0290F \dbkarow Rightwards Triple Dash Arrow
U+02910 \drbkarrow Rightwards Two-headed Triple Dash Arrow
U+02911 \rightdotarrow Rightwards Arrow With Dotted Stem
U+02912 \UpArrowBar Upwards Arrow To Bar
U+02913 \DownArrowBar Downwards Arrow To Bar
U+02914 \nvrightarrowtail Rightwards Arrow With Tail With Vertical Stroke
U+02915 \nVrightarrowtail Rightwards Arrow With Tail With Double Vertical Stroke
U+02916 \twoheadrightarrowtail Rightwards Two-headed Arrow With Tail
U+02917 \nvtwoheadrightarrowtail Rightwards Two-headed Arrow With Tail With Vertical Stroke
U+02918 \nVtwoheadrightarrowtail Rightwards Two-headed Arrow With Tail With Double Vertical Stroke
U+0291D \diamondleftarrow Leftwards Arrow To Black Diamond
U+0291E \rightarrowdiamond Rightwards Arrow To Black Diamond
U+0291F \diamondleftarrowbar Leftwards Arrow From Bar To Black Diamond
U+02920 \barrightarrowdiamond Rightwards Arrow From Bar To Black Diamond
U+02925 \hksearow South East Arrow With Hook
U+02926 \hkswarow South West Arrow With Hook
U+02927 \tona North West Arrow And North East Arrow
U+02928 \toea North East Arrow And South East Arrow
U+02929 \tosa South East Arrow And South West Arrow
U+0292A \towa South West Arrow And North West Arrow
U+0292B \rdiagovfdiag Rising Diagonal Crossing Falling Diagonal
U+0292C \fdiagovrdiag Falling Diagonal Crossing Rising Diagonal
U+0292D \seovnearrow South East Arrow Crossing North East Arrow
U+0292E \neovsearrow North East Arrow Crossing South East Arrow
U+0292F \fdiagovnearrow Falling Diagonal Crossing North East Arrow
U+02930 \rdiagovsearrow Rising Diagonal Crossing South East Arrow
U+02931 \neovnwarrow North East Arrow Crossing North West Arrow
U+02932 \nwovnearrow North West Arrow Crossing North East Arrow
U+02934 \:arrow_heading_up: Arrow Pointing Rightwards Then Curving Upwards
U+02935 \:arrow_heading_down: Arrow Pointing Rightwards Then Curving Downwards
U+02942 \ElzRlarr Rightwards Arrow Above Short Leftwards Arrow
U+02944 \ElzrLarr Short Rightwards Arrow Above Leftwards Arrow
U+02945 \rightarrowplus Rightwards Arrow With Plus Below
U+02946 \leftarrowplus Leftwards Arrow With Plus Below
U+02947 \Elzrarrx Rightwards Arrow Through X
U+02948 \leftrightarrowcircle Left Right Arrow Through Small Circle
U+02949 \twoheaduparrowcircle Upwards Two-headed Arrow From Small Circle
U+0294A \leftrightharpoonupdown Left Barb Up Right Barb Down Harpoon
U+0294B \leftrightharpoondownup Left Barb Down Right Barb Up Harpoon
U+0294C \updownharpoonrightleft Up Barb Right Down Barb Left Harpoon
U+0294D \updownharpoonleftright Up Barb Left Down Barb Right Harpoon
U+0294E \LeftRightVector Left Barb Up Right Barb Up Harpoon
U+0294F \RightUpDownVector Up Barb Right Down Barb Right Harpoon
U+02950 \DownLeftRightVector Left Barb Down Right Barb Down Harpoon
U+02951 \LeftUpDownVector Up Barb Left Down Barb Left Harpoon
U+02952 \LeftVectorBar Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Up To Bar
U+02953 \RightVectorBar Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Up To Bar
U+02954 \RightUpVectorBar Upwards Harpoon With Barb Right To Bar
U+02955 \RightDownVectorBar Downwards Harpoon With Barb Right To Bar
U+02956 \DownLeftVectorBar Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Down To Bar
U+02957 \DownRightVectorBar Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Down To Bar
U+02958 \LeftUpVectorBar Upwards Harpoon With Barb Left To Bar
U+02959 \LeftDownVectorBar Downwards Harpoon With Barb Left To Bar
U+0295A \LeftTeeVector Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Up From Bar
U+0295B \RightTeeVector Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Up From Bar
U+0295C \RightUpTeeVector Upwards Harpoon With Barb Right From Bar
U+0295D \RightDownTeeVector Downwards Harpoon With Barb Right From Bar
U+0295E \DownLeftTeeVector Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Down From Bar
U+0295F \DownRightTeeVector Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Down From Bar
U+02960 \LeftUpTeeVector Upwards Harpoon With Barb Left From Bar
U+02961 \LeftDownTeeVector Downwards Harpoon With Barb Left From Bar
U+02962 \leftharpoonsupdown Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Up Above Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Down
U+02963 \upharpoonsleftright Upwards Harpoon With Barb Left Beside Upwards Harpoon With Barb Right
U+02964 \rightharpoonsupdown Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Up Above Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Down
U+02965 \downharpoonsleftright Downwards Harpoon With Barb Left Beside Downwards Harpoon With Barb Right
U+02966 \leftrightharpoonsup Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Up Above Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Up
U+02967 \leftrightharpoonsdown Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Down Above Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Down
U+02968 \rightleftharpoonsup Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Up Above Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Up
U+02969 \rightleftharpoonsdown Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Down Above Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Down
U+0296A \leftharpoonupdash Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Up Above Long Dash
U+0296B \dashleftharpoondown Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Down Below Long Dash
U+0296C \rightharpoonupdash Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Up Above Long Dash
U+0296D \dashrightharpoondown Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Down Below Long Dash
U+0296E \UpEquilibrium Upwards Harpoon With Barb Left Beside Downwards Harpoon With Barb Right
U+0296F \ReverseUpEquilibrium Downwards Harpoon With Barb Left Beside Upwards Harpoon With Barb Right
U+02970 \RoundImplies Right Double Arrow With Rounded Head
U+02980 \Vvert Triple Vertical Bar Delimiter
U+02986 \Elroang Right White Parenthesis
U+02999 \Elzddfnc Dotted Fence
U+0299B \measuredangleleft Measured Angle Opening Left
U+0299C \Angle Right Angle Variant With Square
U+0299D \rightanglemdot Measured Right Angle With Dot
U+0299E \angles Angle With S Inside
U+0299F \angdnr Acute Angle
U+029A0 \Elzlpargt Spherical Angle Opening Left
U+029A1 \sphericalangleup Spherical Angle Opening Up
U+029A2 \turnangle Turned Angle
U+029A3 \revangle Reversed Angle
U+029A4 \angleubar Angle With Underbar
U+029A5 \revangleubar Reversed Angle With Underbar
U+029A6 \wideangledown Oblique Angle Opening Up
U+029A7 \wideangleup Oblique Angle Opening Down
U+029A8 \measanglerutone Measured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Up And Right
U+029A9 \measanglelutonw Measured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Up And Left
U+029AA \measanglerdtose Measured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Down And Right
U+029AB \measangleldtosw Measured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Down And Left
U+029AC \measangleurtone Measured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Right And Up
U+029AD \measangleultonw Measured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Left And Up
U+029AE \measangledrtose Measured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Right And Down
U+029AF \measangledltosw Measured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Left And Down
U+029B0 \revemptyset Reversed Empty Set
U+029B1 \emptysetobar Empty Set With Overbar
U+029B2 \emptysetocirc Empty Set With Small Circle Above
U+029B3 \emptysetoarr Empty Set With Right Arrow Above
U+029B4 \emptysetoarrl Empty Set With Left Arrow Above
U+029B7 \circledparallel Circled Parallel
U+029B8 \obslash Circled Reverse Solidus
U+029BC \odotslashdot Circled Anticlockwise-rotated Division Sign
U+029BE \circledwhitebullet Circled White Bullet
U+029BF ⦿ \circledbullet Circled Bullet
U+029C0 \olessthan Circled Less-than
U+029C1 \ogreaterthan Circled Greater-than
U+029C4 \boxdiag Squared Rising Diagonal Slash
U+029C5 \boxbslash Squared Falling Diagonal Slash
U+029C6 \boxast Squared Asterisk
U+029C7 \boxcircle Squared Small Circle
U+029CA \ElzLap Triangle With Dot Above
U+029CB \Elzdefas Triangle With Underbar
U+029CF \LeftTriangleBar Left Triangle Beside Vertical Bar
U+029CF + U+00338 ⧏̸ \NotLeftTriangleBar Left Triangle Beside Vertical Bar + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+029D0 \RightTriangleBar Vertical Bar Beside Right Triangle
U+029D0 + U+00338 ⧐̸ \NotRightTriangleBar Vertical Bar Beside Right Triangle + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+029DF \dualmap Double-ended Multimap
U+029E1 \lrtriangleeq Increases As
U+029E2 \shuffle Shuffle Product
U+029E3 \eparsl Equals Sign And Slanted Parallel
U+029E4 \smeparsl Equals Sign And Slanted Parallel With Tilde Above
U+029E5 \eqvparsl Identical To And Slanted Parallel
U+029EB \blacklozenge Black Lozenge
U+029F4 \RuleDelayed Rule-delayed
U+029F6 \dsol Solidus With Overbar
U+029F7 \rsolbar Reverse Solidus With Horizontal Stroke
U+029FA \doubleplus Double Plus
U+029FB \tripleplus Triple Plus
U+02A00 \bigodot N-ary Circled Dot Operator
U+02A01 \bigoplus N-ary Circled Plus Operator
U+02A02 \bigotimes N-ary Circled Times Operator
U+02A03 \bigcupdot N-ary Union Operator With Dot
U+02A04 \biguplus N-ary Union Operator With Plus
U+02A05 \bigsqcap N-ary Square Intersection Operator
U+02A06 \bigsqcup N-ary Square Union Operator
U+02A07 \conjquant Two Logical And Operator
U+02A08 \disjquant Two Logical Or Operator
U+02A09 \bigtimes N-ary Times Operator
U+02A0A \modtwosum Modulo Two Sum
U+02A0B \sumint Summation With Integral
U+02A0C \iiiint Quadruple Integral Operator
U+02A0D \intbar Finite Part Integral
U+02A0E \intBar Integral With Double Stroke
U+02A0F \clockoint Integral Average With Slash
U+02A10 \cirfnint Circulation Function
U+02A11 \awint Anticlockwise Integration
U+02A12 \rppolint Line Integration With Rectangular Path Around Pole
U+02A13 \scpolint Line Integration With Semicircular Path Around Pole
U+02A14 \npolint Line Integration Not Including The Pole
U+02A15 \pointint Integral Around A Point Operator
U+02A16 \sqrint Quaternion Integral Operator
U+02A18 \intx Integral With Times Sign
U+02A19 \intcap Integral With Intersection
U+02A1A \intcup Integral With Union
U+02A1B \upint Integral With Overbar
U+02A1C \lowint Integral With Underbar
U+02A1D \Join Join
U+02A22 \ringplus Plus Sign With Small Circle Above
U+02A23 \plushat Plus Sign With Circumflex Accent Above
U+02A24 \simplus Plus Sign With Tilde Above
U+02A25 \plusdot Plus Sign With Dot Below
U+02A26 \plussim Plus Sign With Tilde Below
U+02A27 \plussubtwo Plus Sign With Subscript Two
U+02A28 \plustrif Plus Sign With Black Triangle
U+02A29 \commaminus Minus Sign With Comma Above
U+02A2A \minusdot Minus Sign With Dot Below
U+02A2B \minusfdots Minus Sign With Falling Dots
U+02A2C \minusrdots Minus Sign With Rising Dots
U+02A2D \opluslhrim Plus Sign In Left Half Circle
U+02A2E \oplusrhrim Plus Sign In Right Half Circle
U+02A2F \ElzTimes Vector Or Cross Product
U+02A30 \dottimes Multiplication Sign With Dot Above
U+02A31 \timesbar Multiplication Sign With Underbar
U+02A32 \btimes Semidirect Product With Bottom Closed
U+02A33 \smashtimes Smash Product
U+02A34 \otimeslhrim Multiplication Sign In Left Half Circle
U+02A35 \otimesrhrim Multiplication Sign In Right Half Circle
U+02A36 \otimeshat Circled Multiplication Sign With Circumflex Accent
U+02A37 \Otimes Multiplication Sign In Double Circle
U+02A38 \odiv Circled Division Sign
U+02A39 \triangleplus Plus Sign In Triangle
U+02A3A \triangleminus Minus Sign In Triangle
U+02A3B \triangletimes Multiplication Sign In Triangle
U+02A3C \intprod Interior Product
U+02A3D \intprodr Righthand Interior Product
U+02A3F ⨿ \amalg Amalgamation Or Coproduct
U+02A40 \capdot Intersection With Dot
U+02A41 \uminus Union With Minus Sign
U+02A42 \barcup Union With Overbar
U+02A43 \barcap Intersection With Overbar
U+02A44 \capwedge Intersection With Logical And
U+02A45 \cupvee Union With Logical Or
U+02A4A \twocups Union Beside And Joined With Union
U+02A4B \twocaps Intersection Beside And Joined With Intersection
U+02A4C \closedvarcup Closed Union With Serifs
U+02A4D \closedvarcap Closed Intersection With Serifs
U+02A4E \Sqcap Double Square Intersection
U+02A4F \Sqcup Double Square Union
U+02A50 \closedvarcupsmashprod Closed Union With Serifs And Smash Product
U+02A51 \wedgeodot Logical And With Dot Above
U+02A52 \veeodot Logical Or With Dot Above
U+02A53 \ElzAnd Double Logical And
U+02A54 \ElzOr Double Logical Or
U+02A55 \wedgeonwedge Two Intersecting Logical And
U+02A56 \ElOr Two Intersecting Logical Or
U+02A57 \bigslopedvee Sloping Large Or
U+02A58 \bigslopedwedge Sloping Large And
U+02A5A \wedgemidvert Logical And With Middle Stem
U+02A5B \veemidvert Logical Or With Middle Stem
U+02A5C \midbarwedge Logical And With Horizontal Dash
U+02A5D \midbarvee Logical Or With Horizontal Dash
U+02A5E \perspcorrespond Logical And With Double Overbar
U+02A5F \Elzminhat Logical And With Underbar
U+02A60 \wedgedoublebar Logical And With Double Underbar
U+02A61 \varveebar Small Vee With Underbar
U+02A62 \doublebarvee Logical Or With Double Overbar
U+02A63 \veedoublebar Logical Or With Double Underbar
U+02A66 \eqdot Equals Sign With Dot Below
U+02A67 \dotequiv Identical With Dot Above
U+02A6A \dotsim Tilde Operator With Dot Above
U+02A6B \simrdots Tilde Operator With Rising Dots
U+02A6C \simminussim Similar Minus Similar
U+02A6D \congdot Congruent With Dot Above
U+02A6E \asteq Equals With Asterisk
U+02A6F \hatapprox Almost Equal To With Circumflex Accent
U+02A70 \approxeqq Approximately Equal Or Equal To
U+02A71 \eqqplus Equals Sign Above Plus Sign
U+02A72 \pluseqq Plus Sign Above Equals Sign
U+02A73 \eqqsim Equals Sign Above Tilde Operator
U+02A74 \Coloneq Double Colon Equal
U+02A75 \Equal Two Consecutive Equals Signs
U+02A76 \eqeqeq Three Consecutive Equals Signs
U+02A77 \ddotseq Equals Sign With Two Dots Above And Two Dots Below
U+02A78 \equivDD Equivalent With Four Dots Above
U+02A79 \ltcir Less-than With Circle Inside
U+02A7A \gtcir Greater-than With Circle Inside
U+02A7B \ltquest Less-than With Question Mark Above
U+02A7C \gtquest Greater-than With Question Mark Above
U+02A7D \leqslant Less-than Or Slanted Equal To
U+02A7D + U+00338 ⩽̸ \nleqslant Less-than Or Slanted Equal To + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02A7E \geqslant Greater-than Or Slanted Equal To
U+02A7E + U+00338 ⩾̸ \ngeqslant Greater-than Or Slanted Equal To + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02A7F ⩿ \lesdot Less-than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Inside
U+02A80 \gesdot Greater-than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Inside
U+02A81 \lesdoto Less-than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Above
U+02A82 \gesdoto Greater-than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Above
U+02A83 \lesdotor Less-than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Above Right
U+02A84 \gesdotol Greater-than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Above Left
U+02A85 \lessapprox Less-than Or Approximate
U+02A86 \gtrapprox Greater-than Or Approximate
U+02A87 \lneq Less-than And Single-line Not Equal To
U+02A88 \gneq Greater-than And Single-line Not Equal To
U+02A89 \lnapprox Less-than And Not Approximate
U+02A8A \gnapprox Greater-than And Not Approximate
U+02A8B \lesseqqgtr Less-than Above Double-line Equal Above Greater-than
U+02A8C \gtreqqless Greater-than Above Double-line Equal Above Less-than
U+02A8D \lsime Less-than Above Similar Or Equal
U+02A8E \gsime Greater-than Above Similar Or Equal
U+02A8F \lsimg Less-than Above Similar Above Greater-than
U+02A90 \gsiml Greater-than Above Similar Above Less-than
U+02A91 \lgE Less-than Above Greater-than Above Double-line Equal
U+02A92 \glE Greater-than Above Less-than Above Double-line Equal
U+02A93 \lesges Less-than Above Slanted Equal Above Greater-than Above Slanted Equal
U+02A94 \gesles Greater-than Above Slanted Equal Above Less-than Above Slanted Equal
U+02A95 \eqslantless Slanted Equal To Or Less-than
U+02A96 \eqslantgtr Slanted Equal To Or Greater-than
U+02A97 \elsdot Slanted Equal To Or Less-than With Dot Inside
U+02A98 \egsdot Slanted Equal To Or Greater-than With Dot Inside
U+02A99 \eqqless Double-line Equal To Or Less-than
U+02A9A \eqqgtr Double-line Equal To Or Greater-than
U+02A9B \eqqslantless Double-line Slanted Equal To Or Less-than
U+02A9C \eqqslantgtr Double-line Slanted Equal To Or Greater-than
U+02A9D \simless Similar Or Less-than
U+02A9E \simgtr Similar Or Greater-than
U+02A9F \simlE Similar Above Less-than Above Equals Sign
U+02AA0 \simgE Similar Above Greater-than Above Equals Sign
U+02AA1 \NestedLessLess Double Nested Less-than
U+02AA1 + U+00338 ⪡̸ \NotNestedLessLess Double Nested Less-than + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02AA2 \NestedGreaterGreater Double Nested Greater-than
U+02AA2 + U+00338 ⪢̸ \NotNestedGreaterGreater Double Nested Greater-than + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02AA3 \partialmeetcontraction Double Nested Less-than With Underbar
U+02AA4 \glj Greater-than Overlapping Less-than
U+02AA5 \gla Greater-than Beside Less-than
U+02AA6 \ltcc Less-than Closed By Curve
U+02AA7 \gtcc Greater-than Closed By Curve
U+02AA8 \lescc Less-than Closed By Curve Above Slanted Equal
U+02AA9 \gescc Greater-than Closed By Curve Above Slanted Equal
U+02AAA \smt Smaller Than
U+02AAB \lat Larger Than
U+02AAC \smte Smaller Than Or Equal To
U+02AAD \late Larger Than Or Equal To
U+02AAE \bumpeqq Equals Sign With Bumpy Above
U+02AAF \preceq Precedes Above Single-line Equals Sign
U+02AAF + U+00338 ⪯̸ \npreceq Precedes Above Single-line Equals Sign + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02AB0 \succeq Succeeds Above Single-line Equals Sign
U+02AB0 + U+00338 ⪰̸ \nsucceq Succeeds Above Single-line Equals Sign + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02AB1 \precneq Precedes Above Single-line Not Equal To
U+02AB2 \succneq Succeeds Above Single-line Not Equal To
U+02AB3 \preceqq Precedes Above Equals Sign
U+02AB4 \succeqq Succeeds Above Equals Sign
U+02AB5 \precneqq Precedes Above Not Equal To
U+02AB6 \succneqq Succeeds Above Not Equal To
U+02AB7 \precapprox Precedes Above Almost Equal To
U+02AB8 \succapprox Succeeds Above Almost Equal To
U+02AB9 \precnapprox Precedes Above Not Almost Equal To
U+02ABA \succnapprox Succeeds Above Not Almost Equal To
U+02ABB \Prec Double Precedes
U+02ABC \Succ Double Succeeds
U+02ABD \subsetdot Subset With Dot
U+02ABE \supsetdot Superset With Dot
U+02ABF ⪿ \subsetplus Subset With Plus Sign Below
U+02AC0 \supsetplus Superset With Plus Sign Below
U+02AC1 \submult Subset With Multiplication Sign Below
U+02AC2 \supmult Superset With Multiplication Sign Below
U+02AC3 \subedot Subset Of Or Equal To With Dot Above
U+02AC4 \supedot Superset Of Or Equal To With Dot Above
U+02AC5 \subseteqq Subset Of Above Equals Sign
U+02AC5 + U+00338 ⫅̸ \nsubseteqq Subset Of Above Equals Sign + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02AC6 \supseteqq Superset Of Above Equals Sign
U+02AC6 + U+00338 ⫆̸ \nsupseteqq Superset Of Above Equals Sign + Combining Long Solidus Overlay / Non-spacing Long Slash Overlay
U+02AC7 \subsim Subset Of Above Tilde Operator
U+02AC8 \supsim Superset Of Above Tilde Operator
U+02AC9 \subsetapprox Subset Of Above Almost Equal To
U+02ACA \supsetapprox Superset Of Above Almost Equal To
U+02ACB \subsetneqq Subset Of Above Not Equal To
U+02ACC \supsetneqq Superset Of Above Not Equal To
U+02ACD \lsqhook Square Left Open Box Operator
U+02ACE \rsqhook Square Right Open Box Operator
U+02ACF \csub Closed Subset
U+02AD0 \csup Closed Superset
U+02AD1 \csube Closed Subset Or Equal To
U+02AD2 \csupe Closed Superset Or Equal To
U+02AD3 \subsup Subset Above Superset
U+02AD4 \supsub Superset Above Subset
U+02AD5 \subsub Subset Above Subset
U+02AD6 \supsup Superset Above Superset
U+02AD7 \suphsub Superset Beside Subset
U+02AD8 \supdsub Superset Beside And Joined By Dash With Subset
U+02AD9 \forkv Element Of Opening Downwards
U+02ADB \mlcp Transversal Intersection
U+02ADC \forks Forking
U+02ADD \forksnot Nonforking
U+02AE3 \dashV Double Vertical Bar Left Turnstile
U+02AE4 \Dashv Vertical Bar Double Left Turnstile
U+02AF4 \interleave Triple Vertical Bar Binary Relation
U+02AF6 \Elztdcol Triple Colon Operator
U+02AF7 \lllnest Triple Nested Less-than
U+02AF8 \gggnest Triple Nested Greater-than
U+02AF9 \leqqslant Double-line Slanted Less-than Or Equal To
U+02AFA \geqqslant Double-line Slanted Greater-than Or Equal To
U+02B05 \:arrow_left: Leftwards Black Arrow
U+02B06 \:arrow_up: Upwards Black Arrow
U+02B07 \:arrow_down: Downwards Black Arrow
U+02B12 \squaretopblack Square With Top Half Black
U+02B13 \squarebotblack Square With Bottom Half Black
U+02B14 \squareurblack Square With Upper Right Diagonal Half Black
U+02B15 \squarellblack Square With Lower Left Diagonal Half Black
U+02B16 \diamondleftblack Diamond With Left Half Black
U+02B17 \diamondrightblack Diamond With Right Half Black
U+02B18 \diamondtopblack Diamond With Top Half Black
U+02B19 \diamondbotblack Diamond With Bottom Half Black
U+02B1A \dottedsquare Dotted Square
U+02B1B \lgblksquare, \:black_large_square: Black Large Square
U+02B1C \lgwhtsquare, \:white_large_square: White Large Square
U+02B1D \vysmblksquare Black Very Small Square
U+02B1E \vysmwhtsquare White Very Small Square
U+02B1F \pentagonblack Black Pentagon
U+02B20 \pentagon White Pentagon
U+02B21 \varhexagon White Hexagon
U+02B22 \varhexagonblack Black Hexagon
U+02B23 \hexagonblack Horizontal Black Hexagon
U+02B24 \lgblkcircle Black Large Circle
U+02B25 \mdblkdiamond Black Medium Diamond
U+02B26 \mdwhtdiamond White Medium Diamond
U+02B27 \mdblklozenge Black Medium Lozenge
U+02B28 \mdwhtlozenge White Medium Lozenge
U+02B29 \smblkdiamond Black Small Diamond
U+02B2A \smblklozenge Black Small Lozenge
U+02B2B \smwhtlozenge White Small Lozenge
U+02B2C \blkhorzoval Black Horizontal Ellipse
U+02B2D \whthorzoval White Horizontal Ellipse
U+02B2E \blkvertoval Black Vertical Ellipse
U+02B2F \whtvertoval White Vertical Ellipse
U+02B30 \circleonleftarrow Left Arrow With Small Circle
U+02B31 \leftthreearrows Three Leftwards Arrows
U+02B32 \leftarrowonoplus Left Arrow With Circled Plus
U+02B33 \longleftsquigarrow Long Leftwards Squiggle Arrow
U+02B34 \nvtwoheadleftarrow Leftwards Two-headed Arrow With Vertical Stroke
U+02B35 \nVtwoheadleftarrow Leftwards Two-headed Arrow With Double Vertical Stroke
U+02B36 \twoheadmapsfrom Leftwards Two-headed Arrow From Bar
U+02B37 \twoheadleftdbkarrow Leftwards Two-headed Triple Dash Arrow
U+02B38 \leftdotarrow Leftwards Arrow With Dotted Stem
U+02B39 \nvleftarrowtail Leftwards Arrow With Tail With Vertical Stroke
U+02B3A \nVleftarrowtail Leftwards Arrow With Tail With Double Vertical Stroke
U+02B3B \twoheadleftarrowtail Leftwards Two-headed Arrow With Tail
U+02B3C \nvtwoheadleftarrowtail Leftwards Two-headed Arrow With Tail With Vertical Stroke
U+02B3D \nVtwoheadleftarrowtail Leftwards Two-headed Arrow With Tail With Double Vertical Stroke
U+02B3E \leftarrowx Leftwards Arrow Through X
U+02B3F ⬿ \leftcurvedarrow Wave Arrow Pointing Directly Left
U+02B40 \equalleftarrow Equals Sign Above Leftwards Arrow
U+02B41 \bsimilarleftarrow Reverse Tilde Operator Above Leftwards Arrow
U+02B42 \leftarrowbackapprox Leftwards Arrow Above Reverse Almost Equal To
U+02B43 \rightarrowgtr Rightwards Arrow Through Greater-than
U+02B44 \rightarrowsupset Rightwards Arrow Through Superset
U+02B45 \LLeftarrow Leftwards Quadruple Arrow
U+02B46 \RRightarrow Rightwards Quadruple Arrow
U+02B47 \bsimilarrightarrow Reverse Tilde Operator Above Rightwards Arrow
U+02B48 \rightarrowbackapprox Rightwards Arrow Above Reverse Almost Equal To
U+02B49 \similarleftarrow Tilde Operator Above Leftwards Arrow
U+02B4A \leftarrowapprox Leftwards Arrow Above Almost Equal To
U+02B4B \leftarrowbsimilar Leftwards Arrow Above Reverse Tilde Operator
U+02B4C \rightarrowbsimilar Rightwards Arrow Above Reverse Tilde Operator
U+02B50 \medwhitestar, \:star: White Medium Star
U+02B51 \medblackstar Black Small Star
U+02B52 \smwhitestar White Small Star
U+02B53 \rightpentagonblack Black Right-pointing Pentagon
U+02B54 \rightpentagon White Right-pointing Pentagon
U+02B55 \:o: Heavy Large Circle
U+02C7C \_j Latin Subscript Small Letter J
U+02C7D \^V Modifier Letter Capital V
U+03012 \postalmark Postal Mark
U+03030 \:wavy_dash: Wavy Dash
U+0303D \:part_alternation_mark: Part Alternation Mark
U+03297 \:congratulations: Circled Ideograph Congratulation
U+03299 \:secret: Circled Ideograph Secret
U+1D400 𝐀 \mbfA Mathematical Bold Capital A
U+1D401 𝐁 \mbfB Mathematical Bold Capital B
U+1D402 𝐂 \mbfC Mathematical Bold Capital C
U+1D403 𝐃 \mbfD Mathematical Bold Capital D
U+1D404 𝐄 \mbfE Mathematical Bold Capital E
U+1D405 𝐅 \mbfF Mathematical Bold Capital F
U+1D406 𝐆 \mbfG Mathematical Bold Capital G
U+1D407 𝐇 \mbfH Mathematical Bold Capital H
U+1D408 𝐈 \mbfI Mathematical Bold Capital I
U+1D409 𝐉 \mbfJ Mathematical Bold Capital J
U+1D40A 𝐊 \mbfK Mathematical Bold Capital K
U+1D40B 𝐋 \mbfL Mathematical Bold Capital L
U+1D40C 𝐌 \mbfM Mathematical Bold Capital M
U+1D40D 𝐍 \mbfN Mathematical Bold Capital N
U+1D40E 𝐎 \mbfO Mathematical Bold Capital O
U+1D40F 𝐏 \mbfP Mathematical Bold Capital P
U+1D410 𝐐 \mbfQ Mathematical Bold Capital Q
U+1D411 𝐑 \mbfR Mathematical Bold Capital R
U+1D412 𝐒 \mbfS Mathematical Bold Capital S
U+1D413 𝐓 \mbfT Mathematical Bold Capital T
U+1D414 𝐔 \mbfU Mathematical Bold Capital U
U+1D415 𝐕 \mbfV Mathematical Bold Capital V
U+1D416 𝐖 \mbfW Mathematical Bold Capital W
U+1D417 𝐗 \mbfX Mathematical Bold Capital X
U+1D418 𝐘 \mbfY Mathematical Bold Capital Y
U+1D419 𝐙 \mbfZ Mathematical Bold Capital Z
U+1D41A 𝐚 \mbfa Mathematical Bold Small A
U+1D41B 𝐛 \mbfb Mathematical Bold Small B
U+1D41C 𝐜 \mbfc Mathematical Bold Small C
U+1D41D 𝐝 \mbfd Mathematical Bold Small D
U+1D41E 𝐞 \mbfe Mathematical Bold Small E
U+1D41F 𝐟 \mbff Mathematical Bold Small F
U+1D420 𝐠 \mbfg Mathematical Bold Small G
U+1D421 𝐡 \mbfh Mathematical Bold Small H
U+1D422 𝐢 \mbfi Mathematical Bold Small I
U+1D423 𝐣 \mbfj Mathematical Bold Small J
U+1D424 𝐤 \mbfk Mathematical Bold Small K
U+1D425 𝐥 \mbfl Mathematical Bold Small L
U+1D426 𝐦 \mbfm Mathematical Bold Small M
U+1D427 𝐧 \mbfn Mathematical Bold Small N
U+1D428 𝐨 \mbfo Mathematical Bold Small O
U+1D429 𝐩 \mbfp Mathematical Bold Small P
U+1D42A 𝐪 \mbfq Mathematical Bold Small Q
U+1D42B 𝐫 \mbfr Mathematical Bold Small R
U+1D42C 𝐬 \mbfs Mathematical Bold Small S
U+1D42D 𝐭 \mbft Mathematical Bold Small T
U+1D42E 𝐮 \mbfu Mathematical Bold Small U
U+1D42F 𝐯 \mbfv Mathematical Bold Small V
U+1D430 𝐰 \mbfw Mathematical Bold Small W
U+1D431 𝐱 \mbfx Mathematical Bold Small X
U+1D432 𝐲 \mbfy Mathematical Bold Small Y
U+1D433 𝐳 \mbfz Mathematical Bold Small Z
U+1D434 𝐴 \mitA Mathematical Italic Capital A
U+1D435 𝐵 \mitB Mathematical Italic Capital B
U+1D436 𝐶 \mitC Mathematical Italic Capital C
U+1D437 𝐷 \mitD Mathematical Italic Capital D
U+1D438 𝐸 \mitE Mathematical Italic Capital E
U+1D439 𝐹 \mitF Mathematical Italic Capital F
U+1D43A 𝐺 \mitG Mathematical Italic Capital G
U+1D43B 𝐻 \mitH Mathematical Italic Capital H
U+1D43C 𝐼 \mitI Mathematical Italic Capital I
U+1D43D 𝐽 \mitJ Mathematical Italic Capital J
U+1D43E 𝐾 \mitK Mathematical Italic Capital K
U+1D43F 𝐿 \mitL Mathematical Italic Capital L
U+1D440 𝑀 \mitM Mathematical Italic Capital M
U+1D441 𝑁 \mitN Mathematical Italic Capital N
U+1D442 𝑂 \mitO Mathematical Italic Capital O
U+1D443 𝑃 \mitP Mathematical Italic Capital P
U+1D444 𝑄 \mitQ Mathematical Italic Capital Q
U+1D445 𝑅 \mitR Mathematical Italic Capital R
U+1D446 𝑆 \mitS Mathematical Italic Capital S
U+1D447 𝑇 \mitT Mathematical Italic Capital T
U+1D448 𝑈 \mitU Mathematical Italic Capital U
U+1D449 𝑉 \mitV Mathematical Italic Capital V
U+1D44A 𝑊 \mitW Mathematical Italic Capital W
U+1D44B 𝑋 \mitX Mathematical Italic Capital X
U+1D44C 𝑌 \mitY Mathematical Italic Capital Y
U+1D44D 𝑍 \mitZ Mathematical Italic Capital Z
U+1D44E 𝑎 \mita Mathematical Italic Small A
U+1D44F 𝑏 \mitb Mathematical Italic Small B
U+1D450 𝑐 \mitc Mathematical Italic Small C
U+1D451 𝑑 \mitd Mathematical Italic Small D
U+1D452 𝑒 \mite Mathematical Italic Small E
U+1D453 𝑓 \mitf Mathematical Italic Small F
U+1D454 𝑔 \mitg Mathematical Italic Small G
U+1D456 𝑖 \miti Mathematical Italic Small I
U+1D457 𝑗 \mitj Mathematical Italic Small J
U+1D458 𝑘 \mitk Mathematical Italic Small K
U+1D459 𝑙 \mitl Mathematical Italic Small L
U+1D45A 𝑚 \mitm Mathematical Italic Small M
U+1D45B 𝑛 \mitn Mathematical Italic Small N
U+1D45C 𝑜 \mito Mathematical Italic Small O
U+1D45D 𝑝 \mitp Mathematical Italic Small P
U+1D45E 𝑞 \mitq Mathematical Italic Small Q
U+1D45F 𝑟 \mitr Mathematical Italic Small R
U+1D460 𝑠 \mits Mathematical Italic Small S
U+1D461 𝑡 \mitt Mathematical Italic Small T
U+1D462 𝑢 \mitu Mathematical Italic Small U
U+1D463 𝑣 \mitv Mathematical Italic Small V
U+1D464 𝑤 \mitw Mathematical Italic Small W
U+1D465 𝑥 \mitx Mathematical Italic Small X
U+1D466 𝑦 \mity Mathematical Italic Small Y
U+1D467 𝑧 \mitz Mathematical Italic Small Z
U+1D468 𝑨 \mbfitA Mathematical Bold Italic Capital A
U+1D469 𝑩 \mbfitB Mathematical Bold Italic Capital B
U+1D46A 𝑪 \mbfitC Mathematical Bold Italic Capital C
U+1D46B 𝑫 \mbfitD Mathematical Bold Italic Capital D
U+1D46C 𝑬 \mbfitE Mathematical Bold Italic Capital E
U+1D46D 𝑭 \mbfitF Mathematical Bold Italic Capital F
U+1D46E 𝑮 \mbfitG Mathematical Bold Italic Capital G
U+1D46F 𝑯 \mbfitH Mathematical Bold Italic Capital H
U+1D470 𝑰 \mbfitI Mathematical Bold Italic Capital I
U+1D471 𝑱 \mbfitJ Mathematical Bold Italic Capital J
U+1D472 𝑲 \mbfitK Mathematical Bold Italic Capital K
U+1D473 𝑳 \mbfitL Mathematical Bold Italic Capital L
U+1D474 𝑴 \mbfitM Mathematical Bold Italic Capital M
U+1D475 𝑵 \mbfitN Mathematical Bold Italic Capital N
U+1D476 𝑶 \mbfitO Mathematical Bold Italic Capital O
U+1D477 𝑷 \mbfitP Mathematical Bold Italic Capital P
U+1D478 𝑸 \mbfitQ Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Q
U+1D479 𝑹 \mbfitR Mathematical Bold Italic Capital R
U+1D47A 𝑺 \mbfitS Mathematical Bold Italic Capital S
U+1D47B 𝑻 \mbfitT Mathematical Bold Italic Capital T
U+1D47C 𝑼 \mbfitU Mathematical Bold Italic Capital U
U+1D47D 𝑽 \mbfitV Mathematical Bold Italic Capital V
U+1D47E 𝑾 \mbfitW Mathematical Bold Italic Capital W
U+1D47F 𝑿 \mbfitX Mathematical Bold Italic Capital X
U+1D480 𝒀 \mbfitY Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Y
U+1D481 𝒁 \mbfitZ Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Z
U+1D482 𝒂 \mbfita Mathematical Bold Italic Small A
U+1D483 𝒃 \mbfitb Mathematical Bold Italic Small B
U+1D484 𝒄 \mbfitc Mathematical Bold Italic Small C
U+1D485 𝒅 \mbfitd Mathematical Bold Italic Small D
U+1D486 𝒆 \mbfite Mathematical Bold Italic Small E
U+1D487 𝒇 \mbfitf Mathematical Bold Italic Small F
U+1D488 𝒈 \mbfitg Mathematical Bold Italic Small G
U+1D489 𝒉 \mbfith Mathematical Bold Italic Small H
U+1D48A 𝒊 \mbfiti Mathematical Bold Italic Small I
U+1D48B 𝒋 \mbfitj Mathematical Bold Italic Small J
U+1D48C 𝒌 \mbfitk Mathematical Bold Italic Small K
U+1D48D 𝒍 \mbfitl Mathematical Bold Italic Small L
U+1D48E 𝒎 \mbfitm Mathematical Bold Italic Small M
U+1D48F 𝒏 \mbfitn Mathematical Bold Italic Small N
U+1D490 𝒐 \mbfito Mathematical Bold Italic Small O
U+1D491 𝒑 \mbfitp Mathematical Bold Italic Small P
U+1D492 𝒒 \mbfitq Mathematical Bold Italic Small Q
U+1D493 𝒓 \mbfitr Mathematical Bold Italic Small R
U+1D494 𝒔 \mbfits Mathematical Bold Italic Small S
U+1D495 𝒕 \mbfitt Mathematical Bold Italic Small T
U+1D496 𝒖 \mbfitu Mathematical Bold Italic Small U
U+1D497 𝒗 \mbfitv Mathematical Bold Italic Small V
U+1D498 𝒘 \mbfitw Mathematical Bold Italic Small W
U+1D499 𝒙 \mbfitx Mathematical Bold Italic Small X
U+1D49A 𝒚 \mbfity Mathematical Bold Italic Small Y
U+1D49B 𝒛 \mbfitz Mathematical Bold Italic Small Z
U+1D49C 𝒜 \mscrA Mathematical Script Capital A
U+1D49E 𝒞 \mscrC Mathematical Script Capital C
U+1D49F 𝒟 \mscrD Mathematical Script Capital D
U+1D4A2 𝒢 \mscrG Mathematical Script Capital G
U+1D4A5 𝒥 \mscrJ Mathematical Script Capital J
U+1D4A6 𝒦 \mscrK Mathematical Script Capital K
U+1D4A9 𝒩 \mscrN Mathematical Script Capital N
U+1D4AA 𝒪 \mscrO Mathematical Script Capital O
U+1D4AB 𝒫 \mscrP Mathematical Script Capital P
U+1D4AC 𝒬 \mscrQ Mathematical Script Capital Q
U+1D4AE 𝒮 \mscrS Mathematical Script Capital S
U+1D4AF 𝒯 \mscrT Mathematical Script Capital T
U+1D4B0 𝒰 \mscrU Mathematical Script Capital U
U+1D4B1 𝒱 \mscrV Mathematical Script Capital V
U+1D4B2 𝒲 \mscrW Mathematical Script Capital W
U+1D4B3 𝒳 \mscrX Mathematical Script Capital X
U+1D4B4 𝒴 \mscrY Mathematical Script Capital Y
U+1D4B5 𝒵 \mscrZ Mathematical Script Capital Z
U+1D4B6 𝒶 \mscra Mathematical Script Small A
U+1D4B7 𝒷 \mscrb Mathematical Script Small B
U+1D4B8 𝒸 \mscrc Mathematical Script Small C
U+1D4B9 𝒹 \mscrd Mathematical Script Small D
U+1D4BB 𝒻 \mscrf Mathematical Script Small F
U+1D4BD 𝒽 \mscrh Mathematical Script Small H
U+1D4BE 𝒾 \mscri Mathematical Script Small I
U+1D4BF 𝒿 \mscrj Mathematical Script Small J
U+1D4C0 𝓀 \mscrk Mathematical Script Small K
U+1D4C1 𝓁 \mscrl Mathematical Script Small L
U+1D4C2 𝓂 \mscrm Mathematical Script Small M
U+1D4C3 𝓃 \mscrn Mathematical Script Small N
U+1D4C5 𝓅 \mscrp Mathematical Script Small P
U+1D4C6 𝓆 \mscrq Mathematical Script Small Q
U+1D4C7 𝓇 \mscrr Mathematical Script Small R
U+1D4C8 𝓈 \mscrs Mathematical Script Small S
U+1D4C9 𝓉 \mscrt Mathematical Script Small T
U+1D4CA 𝓊 \mscru Mathematical Script Small U
U+1D4CB 𝓋 \mscrv Mathematical Script Small V
U+1D4CC 𝓌 \mscrw Mathematical Script Small W
U+1D4CD 𝓍 \mscrx Mathematical Script Small X
U+1D4CE 𝓎 \mscry Mathematical Script Small Y
U+1D4CF 𝓏 \mscrz Mathematical Script Small Z
U+1D4D0 𝓐 \mbfscrA Mathematical Bold Script Capital A
U+1D4D1 𝓑 \mbfscrB Mathematical Bold Script Capital B
U+1D4D2 𝓒 \mbfscrC Mathematical Bold Script Capital C
U+1D4D3 𝓓 \mbfscrD Mathematical Bold Script Capital D
U+1D4D4 𝓔 \mbfscrE Mathematical Bold Script Capital E
U+1D4D5 𝓕 \mbfscrF Mathematical Bold Script Capital F
U+1D4D6 𝓖 \mbfscrG Mathematical Bold Script Capital G
U+1D4D7 𝓗 \mbfscrH Mathematical Bold Script Capital H
U+1D4D8 𝓘 \mbfscrI Mathematical Bold Script Capital I
U+1D4D9 𝓙 \mbfscrJ Mathematical Bold Script Capital J
U+1D4DA 𝓚 \mbfscrK Mathematical Bold Script Capital K
U+1D4DB 𝓛 \mbfscrL Mathematical Bold Script Capital L
U+1D4DC 𝓜 \mbfscrM Mathematical Bold Script Capital M
U+1D4DD 𝓝 \mbfscrN Mathematical Bold Script Capital N
U+1D4DE 𝓞 \mbfscrO Mathematical Bold Script Capital O
U+1D4DF 𝓟 \mbfscrP Mathematical Bold Script Capital P
U+1D4E0 𝓠 \mbfscrQ Mathematical Bold Script Capital Q
U+1D4E1 𝓡 \mbfscrR Mathematical Bold Script Capital R
U+1D4E2 𝓢 \mbfscrS Mathematical Bold Script Capital S
U+1D4E3 𝓣 \mbfscrT Mathematical Bold Script Capital T
U+1D4E4 𝓤 \mbfscrU Mathematical Bold Script Capital U
U+1D4E5 𝓥 \mbfscrV Mathematical Bold Script Capital V
U+1D4E6 𝓦 \mbfscrW Mathematical Bold Script Capital W
U+1D4E7 𝓧 \mbfscrX Mathematical Bold Script Capital X
U+1D4E8 𝓨 \mbfscrY Mathematical Bold Script Capital Y
U+1D4E9 𝓩 \mbfscrZ Mathematical Bold Script Capital Z
U+1D4EA 𝓪 \mbfscra Mathematical Bold Script Small A
U+1D4EB 𝓫 \mbfscrb Mathematical Bold Script Small B
U+1D4EC 𝓬 \mbfscrc Mathematical Bold Script Small C
U+1D4ED 𝓭 \mbfscrd Mathematical Bold Script Small D
U+1D4EE 𝓮 \mbfscre Mathematical Bold Script Small E
U+1D4EF 𝓯 \mbfscrf Mathematical Bold Script Small F
U+1D4F0 𝓰 \mbfscrg Mathematical Bold Script Small G
U+1D4F1 𝓱 \mbfscrh Mathematical Bold Script Small H
U+1D4F2 𝓲 \mbfscri Mathematical Bold Script Small I
U+1D4F3 𝓳 \mbfscrj Mathematical Bold Script Small J
U+1D4F4 𝓴 \mbfscrk Mathematical Bold Script Small K
U+1D4F5 𝓵 \mbfscrl Mathematical Bold Script Small L
U+1D4F6 𝓶 \mbfscrm Mathematical Bold Script Small M
U+1D4F7 𝓷 \mbfscrn Mathematical Bold Script Small N
U+1D4F8 𝓸 \mbfscro Mathematical Bold Script Small O
U+1D4F9 𝓹 \mbfscrp Mathematical Bold Script Small P
U+1D4FA 𝓺 \mbfscrq Mathematical Bold Script Small Q
U+1D4FB 𝓻 \mbfscrr Mathematical Bold Script Small R
U+1D4FC 𝓼 \mbfscrs Mathematical Bold Script Small S
U+1D4FD 𝓽 \mbfscrt Mathematical Bold Script Small T
U+1D4FE 𝓾 \mbfscru Mathematical Bold Script Small U
U+1D4FF 𝓿 \mbfscrv Mathematical Bold Script Small V
U+1D500 𝔀 \mbfscrw Mathematical Bold Script Small W
U+1D501 𝔁 \mbfscrx Mathematical Bold Script Small X
U+1D502 𝔂 \mbfscry Mathematical Bold Script Small Y
U+1D503 𝔃 \mbfscrz Mathematical Bold Script Small Z
U+1D504 𝔄 \mfrakA Mathematical Fraktur Capital A
U+1D505 𝔅 \mfrakB Mathematical Fraktur Capital B
U+1D507 𝔇 \mfrakD Mathematical Fraktur Capital D
U+1D508 𝔈 \mfrakE Mathematical Fraktur Capital E
U+1D509 𝔉 \mfrakF Mathematical Fraktur Capital F
U+1D50A 𝔊 \mfrakG Mathematical Fraktur Capital G
U+1D50D 𝔍 \mfrakJ Mathematical Fraktur Capital J
U+1D50E 𝔎 \mfrakK Mathematical Fraktur Capital K
U+1D50F 𝔏 \mfrakL Mathematical Fraktur Capital L
U+1D510 𝔐 \mfrakM Mathematical Fraktur Capital M
U+1D511 𝔑 \mfrakN Mathematical Fraktur Capital N
U+1D512 𝔒 \mfrakO Mathematical Fraktur Capital O
U+1D513 𝔓 \mfrakP Mathematical Fraktur Capital P
U+1D514 𝔔 \mfrakQ Mathematical Fraktur Capital Q
U+1D516 𝔖 \mfrakS Mathematical Fraktur Capital S
U+1D517 𝔗 \mfrakT Mathematical Fraktur Capital T
U+1D518 𝔘 \mfrakU Mathematical Fraktur Capital U
U+1D519 𝔙 \mfrakV Mathematical Fraktur Capital V
U+1D51A 𝔚 \mfrakW Mathematical Fraktur Capital W
U+1D51B 𝔛 \mfrakX Mathematical Fraktur Capital X
U+1D51C 𝔜 \mfrakY Mathematical Fraktur Capital Y
U+1D51E 𝔞 \mfraka Mathematical Fraktur Small A
U+1D51F 𝔟 \mfrakb Mathematical Fraktur Small B
U+1D520 𝔠 \mfrakc Mathematical Fraktur Small C
U+1D521 𝔡 \mfrakd Mathematical Fraktur Small D
U+1D522 𝔢 \mfrake Mathematical Fraktur Small E
U+1D523 𝔣 \mfrakf Mathematical Fraktur Small F
U+1D524 𝔤 \mfrakg Mathematical Fraktur Small G
U+1D525 𝔥 \mfrakh Mathematical Fraktur Small H
U+1D526 𝔦 \mfraki Mathematical Fraktur Small I
U+1D527 𝔧 \mfrakj Mathematical Fraktur Small J
U+1D528 𝔨 \mfrakk Mathematical Fraktur Small K
U+1D529 𝔩 \mfrakl Mathematical Fraktur Small L
U+1D52A 𝔪 \mfrakm Mathematical Fraktur Small M
U+1D52B 𝔫 \mfrakn Mathematical Fraktur Small N
U+1D52C 𝔬 \mfrako Mathematical Fraktur Small O
U+1D52D 𝔭 \mfrakp Mathematical Fraktur Small P
U+1D52E 𝔮 \mfrakq Mathematical Fraktur Small Q
U+1D52F 𝔯 \mfrakr Mathematical Fraktur Small R
U+1D530 𝔰 \mfraks Mathematical Fraktur Small S
U+1D531 𝔱 \mfrakt Mathematical Fraktur Small T
U+1D532 𝔲 \mfraku Mathematical Fraktur Small U
U+1D533 𝔳 \mfrakv Mathematical Fraktur Small V
U+1D534 𝔴 \mfrakw Mathematical Fraktur Small W
U+1D535 𝔵 \mfrakx Mathematical Fraktur Small X
U+1D536 𝔶 \mfraky Mathematical Fraktur Small Y
U+1D537 𝔷 \mfrakz Mathematical Fraktur Small Z
U+1D538 𝔸 \BbbA Mathematical Double-struck Capital A
U+1D539 𝔹 \BbbB Mathematical Double-struck Capital B
U+1D53B 𝔻 \BbbD Mathematical Double-struck Capital D
U+1D53C 𝔼 \BbbE Mathematical Double-struck Capital E
U+1D53D 𝔽 \BbbF Mathematical Double-struck Capital F
U+1D53E 𝔾 \BbbG Mathematical Double-struck Capital G
U+1D540 𝕀 \BbbI Mathematical Double-struck Capital I
U+1D541 𝕁 \BbbJ Mathematical Double-struck Capital J
U+1D542 𝕂 \BbbK Mathematical Double-struck Capital K
U+1D543 𝕃 \BbbL Mathematical Double-struck Capital L
U+1D544 𝕄 \BbbM Mathematical Double-struck Capital M
U+1D546 𝕆 \BbbO Mathematical Double-struck Capital O
U+1D54A 𝕊 \BbbS Mathematical Double-struck Capital S
U+1D54B 𝕋 \BbbT Mathematical Double-struck Capital T
U+1D54C 𝕌 \BbbU Mathematical Double-struck Capital U
U+1D54D 𝕍 \BbbV Mathematical Double-struck Capital V
U+1D54E 𝕎 \BbbW Mathematical Double-struck Capital W
U+1D54F 𝕏 \BbbX Mathematical Double-struck Capital X
U+1D550 𝕐 \BbbY Mathematical Double-struck Capital Y
U+1D552 𝕒 \Bbba Mathematical Double-struck Small A
U+1D553 𝕓 \Bbbb Mathematical Double-struck Small B
U+1D554 𝕔 \Bbbc Mathematical Double-struck Small C
U+1D555 𝕕 \Bbbd Mathematical Double-struck Small D
U+1D556 𝕖 \Bbbe Mathematical Double-struck Small E
U+1D557 𝕗 \Bbbf Mathematical Double-struck Small F
U+1D558 𝕘 \Bbbg Mathematical Double-struck Small G
U+1D559 𝕙 \Bbbh Mathematical Double-struck Small H
U+1D55A 𝕚 \Bbbi Mathematical Double-struck Small I
U+1D55B 𝕛 \Bbbj Mathematical Double-struck Small J
U+1D55C 𝕜 \Bbbk Mathematical Double-struck Small K
U+1D55D 𝕝 \Bbbl Mathematical Double-struck Small L
U+1D55E 𝕞 \Bbbm Mathematical Double-struck Small M
U+1D55F 𝕟 \Bbbn Mathematical Double-struck Small N
U+1D560 𝕠 \Bbbo Mathematical Double-struck Small O
U+1D561 𝕡 \Bbbp Mathematical Double-struck Small P
U+1D562 𝕢 \Bbbq Mathematical Double-struck Small Q
U+1D563 𝕣 \Bbbr Mathematical Double-struck Small R
U+1D564 𝕤 \Bbbs Mathematical Double-struck Small S
U+1D565 𝕥 \Bbbt Mathematical Double-struck Small T
U+1D566 𝕦 \Bbbu Mathematical Double-struck Small U
U+1D567 𝕧 \Bbbv Mathematical Double-struck Small V
U+1D568 𝕨 \Bbbw Mathematical Double-struck Small W
U+1D569 𝕩 \Bbbx Mathematical Double-struck Small X
U+1D56A 𝕪 \Bbby Mathematical Double-struck Small Y
U+1D56B 𝕫 \Bbbz Mathematical Double-struck Small Z
U+1D56C 𝕬 \mbffrakA Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital A
U+1D56D 𝕭 \mbffrakB Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital B
U+1D56E 𝕮 \mbffrakC Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital C
U+1D56F 𝕯 \mbffrakD Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital D
U+1D570 𝕰 \mbffrakE Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital E
U+1D571 𝕱 \mbffrakF Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital F
U+1D572 𝕲 \mbffrakG Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital G
U+1D573 𝕳 \mbffrakH Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital H
U+1D574 𝕴 \mbffrakI Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital I
U+1D575 𝕵 \mbffrakJ Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital J
U+1D576 𝕶 \mbffrakK Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital K
U+1D577 𝕷 \mbffrakL Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital L
U+1D578 𝕸 \mbffrakM Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital M
U+1D579 𝕹 \mbffrakN Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital N
U+1D57A 𝕺 \mbffrakO Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital O
U+1D57B 𝕻 \mbffrakP Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital P
U+1D57C 𝕼 \mbffrakQ Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital Q
U+1D57D 𝕽 \mbffrakR Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital R
U+1D57E 𝕾 \mbffrakS Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital S
U+1D57F 𝕿 \mbffrakT Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital T
U+1D580 𝖀 \mbffrakU Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital U
U+1D581 𝖁 \mbffrakV Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital V
U+1D582 𝖂 \mbffrakW Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital W
U+1D583 𝖃 \mbffrakX Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital X
U+1D584 𝖄 \mbffrakY Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital Y
U+1D585 𝖅 \mbffrakZ Mathematical Bold Fraktur Capital Z
U+1D586 𝖆 \mbffraka Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small A
U+1D587 𝖇 \mbffrakb Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small B
U+1D588 𝖈 \mbffrakc Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small C
U+1D589 𝖉 \mbffrakd Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small D
U+1D58A 𝖊 \mbffrake Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small E
U+1D58B 𝖋 \mbffrakf Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small F
U+1D58C 𝖌 \mbffrakg Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small G
U+1D58D 𝖍 \mbffrakh Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small H
U+1D58E 𝖎 \mbffraki Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small I
U+1D58F 𝖏 \mbffrakj Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small J
U+1D590 𝖐 \mbffrakk Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small K
U+1D591 𝖑 \mbffrakl Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small L
U+1D592 𝖒 \mbffrakm Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small M
U+1D593 𝖓 \mbffrakn Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small N
U+1D594 𝖔 \mbffrako Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small O
U+1D595 𝖕 \mbffrakp Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small P
U+1D596 𝖖 \mbffrakq Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small Q
U+1D597 𝖗 \mbffrakr Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small R
U+1D598 𝖘 \mbffraks Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small S
U+1D599 𝖙 \mbffrakt Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small T
U+1D59A 𝖚 \mbffraku Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small U
U+1D59B 𝖛 \mbffrakv Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small V
U+1D59C 𝖜 \mbffrakw Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small W
U+1D59D 𝖝 \mbffrakx Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small X
U+1D59E 𝖞 \mbffraky Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small Y
U+1D59F 𝖟 \mbffrakz Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small Z
U+1D5A0 𝖠 \msansA Mathematical Sans-serif Capital A
U+1D5A1 𝖡 \msansB Mathematical Sans-serif Capital B
U+1D5A2 𝖢 \msansC Mathematical Sans-serif Capital C
U+1D5A3 𝖣 \msansD Mathematical Sans-serif Capital D
U+1D5A4 𝖤 \msansE Mathematical Sans-serif Capital E
U+1D5A5 𝖥 \msansF Mathematical Sans-serif Capital F
U+1D5A6 𝖦 \msansG Mathematical Sans-serif Capital G
U+1D5A7 𝖧 \msansH Mathematical Sans-serif Capital H
U+1D5A8 𝖨 \msansI Mathematical Sans-serif Capital I
U+1D5A9 𝖩 \msansJ Mathematical Sans-serif Capital J
U+1D5AA 𝖪 \msansK Mathematical Sans-serif Capital K
U+1D5AB 𝖫 \msansL Mathematical Sans-serif Capital L
U+1D5AC 𝖬 \msansM Mathematical Sans-serif Capital M
U+1D5AD 𝖭 \msansN Mathematical Sans-serif Capital N
U+1D5AE 𝖮 \msansO Mathematical Sans-serif Capital O
U+1D5AF 𝖯 \msansP Mathematical Sans-serif Capital P
U+1D5B0 𝖰 \msansQ Mathematical Sans-serif Capital Q
U+1D5B1 𝖱 \msansR Mathematical Sans-serif Capital R
U+1D5B2 𝖲 \msansS Mathematical Sans-serif Capital S
U+1D5B3 𝖳 \msansT Mathematical Sans-serif Capital T
U+1D5B4 𝖴 \msansU Mathematical Sans-serif Capital U
U+1D5B5 𝖵 \msansV Mathematical Sans-serif Capital V
U+1D5B6 𝖶 \msansW Mathematical Sans-serif Capital W
U+1D5B7 𝖷 \msansX Mathematical Sans-serif Capital X
U+1D5B8 𝖸 \msansY Mathematical Sans-serif Capital Y
U+1D5B9 𝖹 \msansZ Mathematical Sans-serif Capital Z
U+1D5BA 𝖺 \msansa Mathematical Sans-serif Small A
U+1D5BB 𝖻 \msansb Mathematical Sans-serif Small B
U+1D5BC 𝖼 \msansc Mathematical Sans-serif Small C
U+1D5BD 𝖽 \msansd Mathematical Sans-serif Small D
U+1D5BE 𝖾 \msanse Mathematical Sans-serif Small E
U+1D5BF 𝖿 \msansf Mathematical Sans-serif Small F
U+1D5C0 𝗀 \msansg Mathematical Sans-serif Small G
U+1D5C1 𝗁 \msansh Mathematical Sans-serif Small H
U+1D5C2 𝗂 \msansi Mathematical Sans-serif Small I
U+1D5C3 𝗃 \msansj Mathematical Sans-serif Small J
U+1D5C4 𝗄 \msansk Mathematical Sans-serif Small K
U+1D5C5 𝗅 \msansl Mathematical Sans-serif Small L
U+1D5C6 𝗆 \msansm Mathematical Sans-serif Small M
U+1D5C7 𝗇 \msansn Mathematical Sans-serif Small N
U+1D5C8 𝗈 \msanso Mathematical Sans-serif Small O
U+1D5C9 𝗉 \msansp Mathematical Sans-serif Small P
U+1D5CA 𝗊 \msansq Mathematical Sans-serif Small Q
U+1D5CB 𝗋 \msansr Mathematical Sans-serif Small R
U+1D5CC 𝗌 \msanss Mathematical Sans-serif Small S
U+1D5CD 𝗍 \msanst Mathematical Sans-serif Small T
U+1D5CE 𝗎 \msansu Mathematical Sans-serif Small U
U+1D5CF 𝗏 \msansv Mathematical Sans-serif Small V
U+1D5D0 𝗐 \msansw Mathematical Sans-serif Small W
U+1D5D1 𝗑 \msansx Mathematical Sans-serif Small X
U+1D5D2 𝗒 \msansy Mathematical Sans-serif Small Y
U+1D5D3 𝗓 \msansz Mathematical Sans-serif Small Z
U+1D5D4 𝗔 \mbfsansA Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital A
U+1D5D5 𝗕 \mbfsansB Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital B
U+1D5D6 𝗖 \mbfsansC Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital C
U+1D5D7 𝗗 \mbfsansD Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital D
U+1D5D8 𝗘 \mbfsansE Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital E
U+1D5D9 𝗙 \mbfsansF Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital F
U+1D5DA 𝗚 \mbfsansG Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital G
U+1D5DB 𝗛 \mbfsansH Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital H
U+1D5DC 𝗜 \mbfsansI Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital I
U+1D5DD 𝗝 \mbfsansJ Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital J
U+1D5DE 𝗞 \mbfsansK Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital K
U+1D5DF 𝗟 \mbfsansL Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital L
U+1D5E0 𝗠 \mbfsansM Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital M
U+1D5E1 𝗡 \mbfsansN Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital N
U+1D5E2 𝗢 \mbfsansO Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital O
U+1D5E3 𝗣 \mbfsansP Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital P
U+1D5E4 𝗤 \mbfsansQ Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Q
U+1D5E5 𝗥 \mbfsansR Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital R
U+1D5E6 𝗦 \mbfsansS Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital S
U+1D5E7 𝗧 \mbfsansT Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital T
U+1D5E8 𝗨 \mbfsansU Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital U
U+1D5E9 𝗩 \mbfsansV Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital V
U+1D5EA 𝗪 \mbfsansW Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital W
U+1D5EB 𝗫 \mbfsansX Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital X
U+1D5EC 𝗬 \mbfsansY Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Y
U+1D5ED 𝗭 \mbfsansZ Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Z
U+1D5EE 𝗮 \mbfsansa Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small A
U+1D5EF 𝗯 \mbfsansb Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small B
U+1D5F0 𝗰 \mbfsansc Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small C
U+1D5F1 𝗱 \mbfsansd Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small D
U+1D5F2 𝗲 \mbfsanse Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small E
U+1D5F3 𝗳 \mbfsansf Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small F
U+1D5F4 𝗴 \mbfsansg Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small G
U+1D5F5 𝗵 \mbfsansh Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small H
U+1D5F6 𝗶 \mbfsansi Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small I
U+1D5F7 𝗷 \mbfsansj Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small J
U+1D5F8 𝗸 \mbfsansk Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small K
U+1D5F9 𝗹 \mbfsansl Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small L
U+1D5FA 𝗺 \mbfsansm Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small M
U+1D5FB 𝗻 \mbfsansn Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small N
U+1D5FC 𝗼 \mbfsanso Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small O
U+1D5FD 𝗽 \mbfsansp Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small P
U+1D5FE 𝗾 \mbfsansq Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Q
U+1D5FF 𝗿 \mbfsansr Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small R
U+1D600 𝘀 \mbfsanss Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small S
U+1D601 𝘁 \mbfsanst Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small T
U+1D602 𝘂 \mbfsansu Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small U
U+1D603 𝘃 \mbfsansv Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small V
U+1D604 𝘄 \mbfsansw Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small W
U+1D605 𝘅 \mbfsansx Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small X
U+1D606 𝘆 \mbfsansy Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Y
U+1D607 𝘇 \mbfsansz Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Z
U+1D608 𝘈 \mitsansA Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Capital A
U+1D609 𝘉 \mitsansB Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Capital B
U+1D60A 𝘊 \mitsansC Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Capital C
U+1D60B 𝘋 \mitsansD Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Capital D
U+1D60C 𝘌 \mitsansE Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Capital E
U+1D60D 𝘍 \mitsansF Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Capital F
U+1D60E 𝘎 \mitsansG Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Capital G
U+1D60F 𝘏 \mitsansH Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Capital H
U+1D610 𝘐 \mitsansI Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Capital I
U+1D611 𝘑 \mitsansJ Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Capital J
U+1D612 𝘒 \mitsansK Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Capital K
U+1D613 𝘓 \mitsansL Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Capital L
U+1D614 𝘔 \mitsansM Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Capital M
U+1D615 𝘕 \mitsansN Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Capital N
U+1D616 𝘖 \mitsansO Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Capital O
U+1D617 𝘗 \mitsansP Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Capital P
U+1D618 𝘘 \mitsansQ Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Capital Q
U+1D619 𝘙 \mitsansR Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Capital R
U+1D61A 𝘚 \mitsansS Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Capital S
U+1D61B 𝘛 \mitsansT Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Capital T
U+1D61C 𝘜 \mitsansU Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Capital U
U+1D61D 𝘝 \mitsansV Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Capital V
U+1D61E 𝘞 \mitsansW Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Capital W
U+1D61F 𝘟 \mitsansX Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Capital X
U+1D620 𝘠 \mitsansY Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Capital Y
U+1D621 𝘡 \mitsansZ Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Capital Z
U+1D622 𝘢 \mitsansa Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Small A
U+1D623 𝘣 \mitsansb Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Small B
U+1D624 𝘤 \mitsansc Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Small C
U+1D625 𝘥 \mitsansd Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Small D
U+1D626 𝘦 \mitsanse Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Small E
U+1D627 𝘧 \mitsansf Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Small F
U+1D628 𝘨 \mitsansg Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Small G
U+1D629 𝘩 \mitsansh Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Small H
U+1D62A 𝘪 \mitsansi Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Small I
U+1D62B 𝘫 \mitsansj Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Small J
U+1D62C 𝘬 \mitsansk Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Small K
U+1D62D 𝘭 \mitsansl Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Small L
U+1D62E 𝘮 \mitsansm Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Small M
U+1D62F 𝘯 \mitsansn Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Small N
U+1D630 𝘰 \mitsanso Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Small O
U+1D631 𝘱 \mitsansp Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Small P
U+1D632 𝘲 \mitsansq Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Small Q
U+1D633 𝘳 \mitsansr Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Small R
U+1D634 𝘴 \mitsanss Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Small S
U+1D635 𝘵 \mitsanst Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Small T
U+1D636 𝘶 \mitsansu Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Small U
U+1D637 𝘷 \mitsansv Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Small V
U+1D638 𝘸 \mitsansw Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Small W
U+1D639 𝘹 \mitsansx Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Small X
U+1D63A 𝘺 \mitsansy Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Small Y
U+1D63B 𝘻 \mitsansz Mathematical Sans-serif Italic Small Z
U+1D63C 𝘼 \mbfitsansA Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital A
U+1D63D 𝘽 \mbfitsansB Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital B
U+1D63E 𝘾 \mbfitsansC Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital C
U+1D63F 𝘿 \mbfitsansD Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital D
U+1D640 𝙀 \mbfitsansE Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital E
U+1D641 𝙁 \mbfitsansF Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital F
U+1D642 𝙂 \mbfitsansG Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital G
U+1D643 𝙃 \mbfitsansH Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital H
U+1D644 𝙄 \mbfitsansI Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital I
U+1D645 𝙅 \mbfitsansJ Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital J
U+1D646 𝙆 \mbfitsansK Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital K
U+1D647 𝙇 \mbfitsansL Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital L
U+1D648 𝙈 \mbfitsansM Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital M
U+1D649 𝙉 \mbfitsansN Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital N
U+1D64A 𝙊 \mbfitsansO Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital O
U+1D64B 𝙋 \mbfitsansP Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital P
U+1D64C 𝙌 \mbfitsansQ Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Q
U+1D64D 𝙍 \mbfitsansR Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital R
U+1D64E 𝙎 \mbfitsansS Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital S
U+1D64F 𝙏 \mbfitsansT Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital T
U+1D650 𝙐 \mbfitsansU Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital U
U+1D651 𝙑 \mbfitsansV Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital V
U+1D652 𝙒 \mbfitsansW Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital W
U+1D653 𝙓 \mbfitsansX Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital X
U+1D654 𝙔 \mbfitsansY Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Y
U+1D655 𝙕 \mbfitsansZ Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Z
U+1D656 𝙖 \mbfitsansa Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small A
U+1D657 𝙗 \mbfitsansb Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small B
U+1D658 𝙘 \mbfitsansc Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small C
U+1D659 𝙙 \mbfitsansd Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small D
U+1D65A 𝙚 \mbfitsanse Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small E
U+1D65B 𝙛 \mbfitsansf Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small F
U+1D65C 𝙜 \mbfitsansg Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small G
U+1D65D 𝙝 \mbfitsansh Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small H
U+1D65E 𝙞 \mbfitsansi Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small I
U+1D65F 𝙟 \mbfitsansj Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small J
U+1D660 𝙠 \mbfitsansk Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small K
U+1D661 𝙡 \mbfitsansl Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small L
U+1D662 𝙢 \mbfitsansm Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small M
U+1D663 𝙣 \mbfitsansn Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small N
U+1D664 𝙤 \mbfitsanso Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small O
U+1D665 𝙥 \mbfitsansp Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small P
U+1D666 𝙦 \mbfitsansq Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Q
U+1D667 𝙧 \mbfitsansr Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small R
U+1D668 𝙨 \mbfitsanss Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small S
U+1D669 𝙩 \mbfitsanst Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small T
U+1D66A 𝙪 \mbfitsansu Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small U
U+1D66B 𝙫 \mbfitsansv Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small V
U+1D66C 𝙬 \mbfitsansw Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small W
U+1D66D 𝙭 \mbfitsansx Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small X
U+1D66E 𝙮 \mbfitsansy Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Y
U+1D66F 𝙯 \mbfitsansz Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Z
U+1D670 𝙰 \mttA Mathematical Monospace Capital A
U+1D671 𝙱 \mttB Mathematical Monospace Capital B
U+1D672 𝙲 \mttC Mathematical Monospace Capital C
U+1D673 𝙳 \mttD Mathematical Monospace Capital D
U+1D674 𝙴 \mttE Mathematical Monospace Capital E
U+1D675 𝙵 \mttF Mathematical Monospace Capital F
U+1D676 𝙶 \mttG Mathematical Monospace Capital G
U+1D677 𝙷 \mttH Mathematical Monospace Capital H
U+1D678 𝙸 \mttI Mathematical Monospace Capital I
U+1D679 𝙹 \mttJ Mathematical Monospace Capital J
U+1D67A 𝙺 \mttK Mathematical Monospace Capital K
U+1D67B 𝙻 \mttL Mathematical Monospace Capital L
U+1D67C 𝙼 \mttM Mathematical Monospace Capital M
U+1D67D 𝙽 \mttN Mathematical Monospace Capital N
U+1D67E 𝙾 \mttO Mathematical Monospace Capital O
U+1D67F 𝙿 \mttP Mathematical Monospace Capital P
U+1D680 𝚀 \mttQ Mathematical Monospace Capital Q
U+1D681 𝚁 \mttR Mathematical Monospace Capital R
U+1D682 𝚂 \mttS Mathematical Monospace Capital S
U+1D683 𝚃 \mttT Mathematical Monospace Capital T
U+1D684 𝚄 \mttU Mathematical Monospace Capital U
U+1D685 𝚅 \mttV Mathematical Monospace Capital V
U+1D686 𝚆 \mttW Mathematical Monospace Capital W
U+1D687 𝚇 \mttX Mathematical Monospace Capital X
U+1D688 𝚈 \mttY Mathematical Monospace Capital Y
U+1D689 𝚉 \mttZ Mathematical Monospace Capital Z
U+1D68A 𝚊 \mtta Mathematical Monospace Small A
U+1D68B 𝚋 \mttb Mathematical Monospace Small B
U+1D68C 𝚌 \mttc Mathematical Monospace Small C
U+1D68D 𝚍 \mttd Mathematical Monospace Small D
U+1D68E 𝚎 \mtte Mathematical Monospace Small E
U+1D68F 𝚏 \mttf Mathematical Monospace Small F
U+1D690 𝚐 \mttg Mathematical Monospace Small G
U+1D691 𝚑 \mtth Mathematical Monospace Small H
U+1D692 𝚒 \mtti Mathematical Monospace Small I
U+1D693 𝚓 \mttj Mathematical Monospace Small J
U+1D694 𝚔 \mttk Mathematical Monospace Small K
U+1D695 𝚕 \mttl Mathematical Monospace Small L
U+1D696 𝚖 \mttm Mathematical Monospace Small M
U+1D697 𝚗 \mttn Mathematical Monospace Small N
U+1D698 𝚘 \mtto Mathematical Monospace Small O
U+1D699 𝚙 \mttp Mathematical Monospace Small P
U+1D69A 𝚚 \mttq Mathematical Monospace Small Q
U+1D69B 𝚛 \mttr Mathematical Monospace Small R
U+1D69C 𝚜 \mtts Mathematical Monospace Small S
U+1D69D 𝚝 \mttt Mathematical Monospace Small T
U+1D69E 𝚞 \mttu Mathematical Monospace Small U
U+1D69F 𝚟 \mttv Mathematical Monospace Small V
U+1D6A0 𝚠 \mttw Mathematical Monospace Small W
U+1D6A1 𝚡 \mttx Mathematical Monospace Small X
U+1D6A2 𝚢 \mtty Mathematical Monospace Small Y
U+1D6A3 𝚣 \mttz Mathematical Monospace Small Z
U+1D6A4 𝚤 \imath Mathematical Italic Small Dotless I
U+1D6A5 𝚥 \jmath Mathematical Italic Small Dotless J
U+1D6A8 𝚨 \mbfAlpha Mathematical Bold Capital Alpha
U+1D6A9 𝚩 \mbfBeta Mathematical Bold Capital Beta
U+1D6AA 𝚪 \mbfGamma Mathematical Bold Capital Gamma
U+1D6AB 𝚫 \mbfDelta Mathematical Bold Capital Delta
U+1D6AC 𝚬 \mbfEpsilon Mathematical Bold Capital Epsilon
U+1D6AD 𝚭 \mbfZeta Mathematical Bold Capital Zeta
U+1D6AE 𝚮 \mbfEta Mathematical Bold Capital Eta
U+1D6AF 𝚯 \mbfTheta Mathematical Bold Capital Theta
U+1D6B0 𝚰 \mbfIota Mathematical Bold Capital Iota
U+1D6B1 𝚱 \mbfKappa Mathematical Bold Capital Kappa
U+1D6B2 𝚲 \mbfLambda Mathematical Bold Capital Lamda
U+1D6B3 𝚳 \mbfMu Mathematical Bold Capital Mu
U+1D6B4 𝚴 \mbfNu Mathematical Bold Capital Nu
U+1D6B5 𝚵 \mbfXi Mathematical Bold Capital Xi
U+1D6B6 𝚶 \mbfOmicron Mathematical Bold Capital Omicron
U+1D6B7 𝚷 \mbfPi Mathematical Bold Capital Pi
U+1D6B8 𝚸 \mbfRho Mathematical Bold Capital Rho
U+1D6B9 𝚹 \mbfvarTheta Mathematical Bold Capital Theta Symbol
U+1D6BA 𝚺 \mbfSigma Mathematical Bold Capital Sigma
U+1D6BB 𝚻 \mbfTau Mathematical Bold Capital Tau
U+1D6BC 𝚼 \mbfUpsilon Mathematical Bold Capital Upsilon
U+1D6BD 𝚽 \mbfPhi Mathematical Bold Capital Phi
U+1D6BE 𝚾 \mbfChi Mathematical Bold Capital Chi
U+1D6BF 𝚿 \mbfPsi Mathematical Bold Capital Psi
U+1D6C0 𝛀 \mbfOmega Mathematical Bold Capital Omega
U+1D6C1 𝛁 \mbfnabla Mathematical Bold Nabla
U+1D6C2 𝛂 \mbfalpha Mathematical Bold Small Alpha
U+1D6C3 𝛃 \mbfbeta Mathematical Bold Small Beta
U+1D6C4 𝛄 \mbfgamma Mathematical Bold Small Gamma
U+1D6C5 𝛅 \mbfdelta Mathematical Bold Small Delta
U+1D6C6 𝛆 \mbfepsilon Mathematical Bold Small Epsilon
U+1D6C7 𝛇 \mbfzeta Mathematical Bold Small Zeta
U+1D6C8 𝛈 \mbfeta Mathematical Bold Small Eta
U+1D6C9 𝛉 \mbftheta Mathematical Bold Small Theta
U+1D6CA 𝛊 \mbfiota Mathematical Bold Small Iota
U+1D6CB 𝛋 \mbfkappa Mathematical Bold Small Kappa
U+1D6CC 𝛌 \mbflambda Mathematical Bold Small Lamda
U+1D6CD 𝛍 \mbfmu Mathematical Bold Small Mu
U+1D6CE 𝛎 \mbfnu Mathematical Bold Small Nu
U+1D6CF 𝛏 \mbfxi Mathematical Bold Small Xi
U+1D6D0 𝛐 \mbfomicron Mathematical Bold Small Omicron
U+1D6D1 𝛑 \mbfpi Mathematical Bold Small Pi
U+1D6D2 𝛒 \mbfrho Mathematical Bold Small Rho
U+1D6D3 𝛓 \mbfvarsigma Mathematical Bold Small Final Sigma
U+1D6D4 𝛔 \mbfsigma Mathematical Bold Small Sigma
U+1D6D5 𝛕 \mbftau Mathematical Bold Small Tau
U+1D6D6 𝛖 \mbfupsilon Mathematical Bold Small Upsilon
U+1D6D7 𝛗 \mbfvarphi Mathematical Bold Small Phi
U+1D6D8 𝛘 \mbfchi Mathematical Bold Small Chi
U+1D6D9 𝛙 \mbfpsi Mathematical Bold Small Psi
U+1D6DA 𝛚 \mbfomega Mathematical Bold Small Omega
U+1D6DB 𝛛 \mbfpartial Mathematical Bold Partial Differential
U+1D6DC 𝛜 \mbfvarepsilon Mathematical Bold Epsilon Symbol
U+1D6DD 𝛝 \mbfvartheta Mathematical Bold Theta Symbol
U+1D6DE 𝛞 \mbfvarkappa Mathematical Bold Kappa Symbol
U+1D6DF 𝛟 \mbfphi Mathematical Bold Phi Symbol
U+1D6E0 𝛠 \mbfvarrho Mathematical Bold Rho Symbol
U+1D6E1 𝛡 \mbfvarpi Mathematical Bold Pi Symbol
U+1D6E2 𝛢 \mitAlpha Mathematical Italic Capital Alpha
U+1D6E3 𝛣 \mitBeta Mathematical Italic Capital Beta
U+1D6E4 𝛤 \mitGamma Mathematical Italic Capital Gamma
U+1D6E5 𝛥 \mitDelta Mathematical Italic Capital Delta
U+1D6E6 𝛦 \mitEpsilon Mathematical Italic Capital Epsilon
U+1D6E7 𝛧 \mitZeta Mathematical Italic Capital Zeta
U+1D6E8 𝛨 \mitEta Mathematical Italic Capital Eta
U+1D6E9 𝛩 \mitTheta Mathematical Italic Capital Theta
U+1D6EA 𝛪 \mitIota Mathematical Italic Capital Iota
U+1D6EB 𝛫 \mitKappa Mathematical Italic Capital Kappa
U+1D6EC 𝛬 \mitLambda Mathematical Italic Capital Lamda
U+1D6ED 𝛭 \mitMu Mathematical Italic Capital Mu
U+1D6EE 𝛮 \mitNu Mathematical Italic Capital Nu
U+1D6EF 𝛯 \mitXi Mathematical Italic Capital Xi
U+1D6F0 𝛰 \mitOmicron Mathematical Italic Capital Omicron
U+1D6F1 𝛱 \mitPi Mathematical Italic Capital Pi
U+1D6F2 𝛲 \mitRho Mathematical Italic Capital Rho
U+1D6F3 𝛳 \mitvarTheta Mathematical Italic Capital Theta Symbol
U+1D6F4 𝛴 \mitSigma Mathematical Italic Capital Sigma
U+1D6F5 𝛵 \mitTau Mathematical Italic Capital Tau
U+1D6F6 𝛶 \mitUpsilon Mathematical Italic Capital Upsilon
U+1D6F7 𝛷 \mitPhi Mathematical Italic Capital Phi
U+1D6F8 𝛸 \mitChi Mathematical Italic Capital Chi
U+1D6F9 𝛹 \mitPsi Mathematical Italic Capital Psi
U+1D6FA 𝛺 \mitOmega Mathematical Italic Capital Omega
U+1D6FB 𝛻 \mitnabla Mathematical Italic Nabla
U+1D6FC 𝛼 \mitalpha Mathematical Italic Small Alpha
U+1D6FD 𝛽 \mitbeta Mathematical Italic Small Beta
U+1D6FE 𝛾 \mitgamma Mathematical Italic Small Gamma
U+1D6FF 𝛿 \mitdelta Mathematical Italic Small Delta
U+1D700 𝜀 \mitepsilon Mathematical Italic Small Epsilon
U+1D701 𝜁 \mitzeta Mathematical Italic Small Zeta
U+1D702 𝜂 \miteta Mathematical Italic Small Eta
U+1D703 𝜃 \mittheta Mathematical Italic Small Theta
U+1D704 𝜄 \mitiota Mathematical Italic Small Iota
U+1D705 𝜅 \mitkappa Mathematical Italic Small Kappa
U+1D706 𝜆 \mitlambda Mathematical Italic Small Lamda
U+1D707 𝜇 \mitmu Mathematical Italic Small Mu
U+1D708 𝜈 \mitnu Mathematical Italic Small Nu
U+1D709 𝜉 \mitxi Mathematical Italic Small Xi
U+1D70A 𝜊 \mitomicron Mathematical Italic Small Omicron
U+1D70B 𝜋 \mitpi Mathematical Italic Small Pi
U+1D70C 𝜌 \mitrho Mathematical Italic Small Rho
U+1D70D 𝜍 \mitvarsigma Mathematical Italic Small Final Sigma
U+1D70E 𝜎 \mitsigma Mathematical Italic Small Sigma
U+1D70F 𝜏 \mittau Mathematical Italic Small Tau
U+1D710 𝜐 \mitupsilon Mathematical Italic Small Upsilon
U+1D711 𝜑 \mitphi Mathematical Italic Small Phi
U+1D712 𝜒 \mitchi Mathematical Italic Small Chi
U+1D713 𝜓 \mitpsi Mathematical Italic Small Psi
U+1D714 𝜔 \mitomega Mathematical Italic Small Omega
U+1D715 𝜕 \mitpartial Mathematical Italic Partial Differential
U+1D716 𝜖 \mitvarepsilon Mathematical Italic Epsilon Symbol
U+1D717 𝜗 \mitvartheta Mathematical Italic Theta Symbol
U+1D718 𝜘 \mitvarkappa Mathematical Italic Kappa Symbol
U+1D719 𝜙 \mitvarphi Mathematical Italic Phi Symbol
U+1D71A 𝜚 \mitvarrho Mathematical Italic Rho Symbol
U+1D71B 𝜛 \mitvarpi Mathematical Italic Pi Symbol
U+1D71C 𝜜 \mbfitAlpha Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Alpha
U+1D71D 𝜝 \mbfitBeta Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Beta
U+1D71E 𝜞 \mbfitGamma Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Gamma
U+1D71F 𝜟 \mbfitDelta Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Delta
U+1D720 𝜠 \mbfitEpsilon Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Epsilon
U+1D721 𝜡 \mbfitZeta Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Zeta
U+1D722 𝜢 \mbfitEta Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Eta
U+1D723 𝜣 \mbfitTheta Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Theta
U+1D724 𝜤 \mbfitIota Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Iota
U+1D725 𝜥 \mbfitKappa Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Kappa
U+1D726 𝜦 \mbfitLambda Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Lamda
U+1D727 𝜧 \mbfitMu Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Mu
U+1D728 𝜨 \mbfitNu Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Nu
U+1D729 𝜩 \mbfitXi Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Xi
U+1D72A 𝜪 \mbfitOmicron Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Omicron
U+1D72B 𝜫 \mbfitPi Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Pi
U+1D72C 𝜬 \mbfitRho Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Rho
U+1D72D 𝜭 \mbfitvarTheta Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Theta Symbol
U+1D72E 𝜮 \mbfitSigma Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Sigma
U+1D72F 𝜯 \mbfitTau Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Tau
U+1D730 𝜰 \mbfitUpsilon Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Upsilon
U+1D731 𝜱 \mbfitPhi Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Phi
U+1D732 𝜲 \mbfitChi Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Chi
U+1D733 𝜳 \mbfitPsi Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Psi
U+1D734 𝜴 \mbfitOmega Mathematical Bold Italic Capital Omega
U+1D735 𝜵 \mbfitnabla Mathematical Bold Italic Nabla
U+1D736 𝜶 \mbfitalpha Mathematical Bold Italic Small Alpha
U+1D737 𝜷 \mbfitbeta Mathematical Bold Italic Small Beta
U+1D738 𝜸 \mbfitgamma Mathematical Bold Italic Small Gamma
U+1D739 𝜹 \mbfitdelta Mathematical Bold Italic Small Delta
U+1D73A 𝜺 \mbfitepsilon Mathematical Bold Italic Small Epsilon
U+1D73B 𝜻 \mbfitzeta Mathematical Bold Italic Small Zeta
U+1D73C 𝜼 \mbfiteta Mathematical Bold Italic Small Eta
U+1D73D 𝜽 \mbfittheta Mathematical Bold Italic Small Theta
U+1D73E 𝜾 \mbfitiota Mathematical Bold Italic Small Iota
U+1D73F 𝜿 \mbfitkappa Mathematical Bold Italic Small Kappa
U+1D740 𝝀 \mbfitlambda Mathematical Bold Italic Small Lamda
U+1D741 𝝁 \mbfitmu Mathematical Bold Italic Small Mu
U+1D742 𝝂 \mbfitnu Mathematical Bold Italic Small Nu
U+1D743 𝝃 \mbfitxi Mathematical Bold Italic Small Xi
U+1D744 𝝄 \mbfitomicron Mathematical Bold Italic Small Omicron
U+1D745 𝝅 \mbfitpi Mathematical Bold Italic Small Pi
U+1D746 𝝆 \mbfitrho Mathematical Bold Italic Small Rho
U+1D747 𝝇 \mbfitvarsigma Mathematical Bold Italic Small Final Sigma
U+1D748 𝝈 \mbfitsigma Mathematical Bold Italic Small Sigma
U+1D749 𝝉 \mbfittau Mathematical Bold Italic Small Tau
U+1D74A 𝝊 \mbfitupsilon Mathematical Bold Italic Small Upsilon
U+1D74B 𝝋 \mbfitphi Mathematical Bold Italic Small Phi
U+1D74C 𝝌 \mbfitchi Mathematical Bold Italic Small Chi
U+1D74D 𝝍 \mbfitpsi Mathematical Bold Italic Small Psi
U+1D74E 𝝎 \mbfitomega Mathematical Bold Italic Small Omega
U+1D74F 𝝏 \mbfitpartial Mathematical Bold Italic Partial Differential
U+1D750 𝝐 \mbfitvarepsilon Mathematical Bold Italic Epsilon Symbol
U+1D751 𝝑 \mbfitvartheta Mathematical Bold Italic Theta Symbol
U+1D752 𝝒 \mbfitvarkappa Mathematical Bold Italic Kappa Symbol
U+1D753 𝝓 \mbfitvarphi Mathematical Bold Italic Phi Symbol
U+1D754 𝝔 \mbfitvarrho Mathematical Bold Italic Rho Symbol
U+1D755 𝝕 \mbfitvarpi Mathematical Bold Italic Pi Symbol
U+1D756 𝝖 \mbfsansAlpha Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Alpha
U+1D757 𝝗 \mbfsansBeta Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Beta
U+1D758 𝝘 \mbfsansGamma Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Gamma
U+1D759 𝝙 \mbfsansDelta Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Delta
U+1D75A 𝝚 \mbfsansEpsilon Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Epsilon
U+1D75B 𝝛 \mbfsansZeta Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Zeta
U+1D75C 𝝜 \mbfsansEta Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Eta
U+1D75D 𝝝 \mbfsansTheta Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Theta
U+1D75E 𝝞 \mbfsansIota Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Iota
U+1D75F 𝝟 \mbfsansKappa Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Kappa
U+1D760 𝝠 \mbfsansLambda Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Lamda
U+1D761 𝝡 \mbfsansMu Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Mu
U+1D762 𝝢 \mbfsansNu Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Nu
U+1D763 𝝣 \mbfsansXi Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Xi
U+1D764 𝝤 \mbfsansOmicron Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Omicron
U+1D765 𝝥 \mbfsansPi Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Pi
U+1D766 𝝦 \mbfsansRho Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Rho
U+1D767 𝝧 \mbfsansvarTheta Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Theta Symbol
U+1D768 𝝨 \mbfsansSigma Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Sigma
U+1D769 𝝩 \mbfsansTau Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Tau
U+1D76A 𝝪 \mbfsansUpsilon Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Upsilon
U+1D76B 𝝫 \mbfsansPhi Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Phi
U+1D76C 𝝬 \mbfsansChi Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Chi
U+1D76D 𝝭 \mbfsansPsi Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Psi
U+1D76E 𝝮 \mbfsansOmega Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Capital Omega
U+1D76F 𝝯 \mbfsansnabla Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Nabla
U+1D770 𝝰 \mbfsansalpha Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Alpha
U+1D771 𝝱 \mbfsansbeta Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Beta
U+1D772 𝝲 \mbfsansgamma Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Gamma
U+1D773 𝝳 \mbfsansdelta Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Delta
U+1D774 𝝴 \mbfsansepsilon Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Epsilon
U+1D775 𝝵 \mbfsanszeta Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Zeta
U+1D776 𝝶 \mbfsanseta Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Eta
U+1D777 𝝷 \mbfsanstheta Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Theta
U+1D778 𝝸 \mbfsansiota Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Iota
U+1D779 𝝹 \mbfsanskappa Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Kappa
U+1D77A 𝝺 \mbfsanslambda Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Lamda
U+1D77B 𝝻 \mbfsansmu Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Mu
U+1D77C 𝝼 \mbfsansnu Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Nu
U+1D77D 𝝽 \mbfsansxi Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Xi
U+1D77E 𝝾 \mbfsansomicron Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Omicron
U+1D77F 𝝿 \mbfsanspi Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Pi
U+1D780 𝞀 \mbfsansrho Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Rho
U+1D781 𝞁 \mbfsansvarsigma Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Final Sigma
U+1D782 𝞂 \mbfsanssigma Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Sigma
U+1D783 𝞃 \mbfsanstau Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Tau
U+1D784 𝞄 \mbfsansupsilon Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Upsilon
U+1D785 𝞅 \mbfsansphi Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Phi
U+1D786 𝞆 \mbfsanschi Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Chi
U+1D787 𝞇 \mbfsanspsi Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Psi
U+1D788 𝞈 \mbfsansomega Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Small Omega
U+1D789 𝞉 \mbfsanspartial Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Partial Differential
U+1D78A 𝞊 \mbfsansvarepsilon Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Epsilon Symbol
U+1D78B 𝞋 \mbfsansvartheta Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Theta Symbol
U+1D78C 𝞌 \mbfsansvarkappa Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Kappa Symbol
U+1D78D 𝞍 \mbfsansvarphi Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Phi Symbol
U+1D78E 𝞎 \mbfsansvarrho Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Rho Symbol
U+1D78F 𝞏 \mbfsansvarpi Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Pi Symbol
U+1D790 𝞐 \mbfitsansAlpha Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Alpha
U+1D791 𝞑 \mbfitsansBeta Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Beta
U+1D792 𝞒 \mbfitsansGamma Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Gamma
U+1D793 𝞓 \mbfitsansDelta Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Delta
U+1D794 𝞔 \mbfitsansEpsilon Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Epsilon
U+1D795 𝞕 \mbfitsansZeta Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Zeta
U+1D796 𝞖 \mbfitsansEta Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Eta
U+1D797 𝞗 \mbfitsansTheta Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Theta
U+1D798 𝞘 \mbfitsansIota Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Iota
U+1D799 𝞙 \mbfitsansKappa Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Kappa
U+1D79A 𝞚 \mbfitsansLambda Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Lamda
U+1D79B 𝞛 \mbfitsansMu Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Mu
U+1D79C 𝞜 \mbfitsansNu Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Nu
U+1D79D 𝞝 \mbfitsansXi Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Xi
U+1D79E 𝞞 \mbfitsansOmicron Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Omicron
U+1D79F 𝞟 \mbfitsansPi Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Pi
U+1D7A0 𝞠 \mbfitsansRho Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Rho
U+1D7A1 𝞡 \mbfitsansvarTheta Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Theta Symbol
U+1D7A2 𝞢 \mbfitsansSigma Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Sigma
U+1D7A3 𝞣 \mbfitsansTau Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Tau
U+1D7A4 𝞤 \mbfitsansUpsilon Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Upsilon
U+1D7A5 𝞥 \mbfitsansPhi Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Phi
U+1D7A6 𝞦 \mbfitsansChi Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Chi
U+1D7A7 𝞧 \mbfitsansPsi Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Psi
U+1D7A8 𝞨 \mbfitsansOmega Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Capital Omega
U+1D7A9 𝞩 \mbfitsansnabla Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Nabla
U+1D7AA 𝞪 \mbfitsansalpha Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Alpha
U+1D7AB 𝞫 \mbfitsansbeta Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Beta
U+1D7AC 𝞬 \mbfitsansgamma Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Gamma
U+1D7AD 𝞭 \mbfitsansdelta Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Delta
U+1D7AE 𝞮 \mbfitsansepsilon Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Epsilon
U+1D7AF 𝞯 \mbfitsanszeta Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Zeta
U+1D7B0 𝞰 \mbfitsanseta Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Eta
U+1D7B1 𝞱 \mbfitsanstheta Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Theta
U+1D7B2 𝞲 \mbfitsansiota Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Iota
U+1D7B3 𝞳 \mbfitsanskappa Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Kappa
U+1D7B4 𝞴 \mbfitsanslambda Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Lamda
U+1D7B5 𝞵 \mbfitsansmu Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Mu
U+1D7B6 𝞶 \mbfitsansnu Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Nu
U+1D7B7 𝞷 \mbfitsansxi Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Xi
U+1D7B8 𝞸 \mbfitsansomicron Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Omicron
U+1D7B9 𝞹 \mbfitsanspi Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Pi
U+1D7BA 𝞺 \mbfitsansrho Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Rho
U+1D7BB 𝞻 \mbfitsansvarsigma Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Final Sigma
U+1D7BC 𝞼 \mbfitsanssigma Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Sigma
U+1D7BD 𝞽 \mbfitsanstau Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Tau
U+1D7BE 𝞾 \mbfitsansupsilon Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Upsilon
U+1D7BF 𝞿 \mbfitsansphi Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Phi
U+1D7C0 𝟀 \mbfitsanschi Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Chi
U+1D7C1 𝟁 \mbfitsanspsi Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Psi
U+1D7C2 𝟂 \mbfitsansomega Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Small Omega
U+1D7C3 𝟃 \mbfitsanspartial Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Partial Differential
U+1D7C4 𝟄 \mbfitsansvarepsilon Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Epsilon Symbol
U+1D7C5 𝟅 \mbfitsansvartheta Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Theta Symbol
U+1D7C6 𝟆 \mbfitsansvarkappa Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Kappa Symbol
U+1D7C7 𝟇 \mbfitsansvarphi Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Phi Symbol
U+1D7C8 𝟈 \mbfitsansvarrho Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Rho Symbol
U+1D7C9 𝟉 \mbfitsansvarpi Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Italic Pi Symbol
U+1D7CA 𝟊 \mbfDigamma Mathematical Bold Capital Digamma
U+1D7CB 𝟋 \mbfdigamma Mathematical Bold Small Digamma
U+1D7CE 𝟎 \mbfzero Mathematical Bold Digit Zero
U+1D7CF 𝟏 \mbfone Mathematical Bold Digit One
U+1D7D0 𝟐 \mbftwo Mathematical Bold Digit Two
U+1D7D1 𝟑 \mbfthree Mathematical Bold Digit Three
U+1D7D2 𝟒 \mbffour Mathematical Bold Digit Four
U+1D7D3 𝟓 \mbffive Mathematical Bold Digit Five
U+1D7D4 𝟔 \mbfsix Mathematical Bold Digit Six
U+1D7D5 𝟕 \mbfseven Mathematical Bold Digit Seven
U+1D7D6 𝟖 \mbfeight Mathematical Bold Digit Eight
U+1D7D7 𝟗 \mbfnine Mathematical Bold Digit Nine
U+1D7D8 𝟘 \Bbbzero Mathematical Double-struck Digit Zero
U+1D7D9 𝟙 \Bbbone Mathematical Double-struck Digit One
U+1D7DA 𝟚 \Bbbtwo Mathematical Double-struck Digit Two
U+1D7DB 𝟛 \Bbbthree Mathematical Double-struck Digit Three
U+1D7DC 𝟜 \Bbbfour Mathematical Double-struck Digit Four
U+1D7DD 𝟝 \Bbbfive Mathematical Double-struck Digit Five
U+1D7DE 𝟞 \Bbbsix Mathematical Double-struck Digit Six
U+1D7DF 𝟟 \Bbbseven Mathematical Double-struck Digit Seven
U+1D7E0 𝟠 \Bbbeight Mathematical Double-struck Digit Eight
U+1D7E1 𝟡 \Bbbnine Mathematical Double-struck Digit Nine
U+1D7E2 𝟢 \msanszero Mathematical Sans-serif Digit Zero
U+1D7E3 𝟣 \msansone Mathematical Sans-serif Digit One
U+1D7E4 𝟤 \msanstwo Mathematical Sans-serif Digit Two
U+1D7E5 𝟥 \msansthree Mathematical Sans-serif Digit Three
U+1D7E6 𝟦 \msansfour Mathematical Sans-serif Digit Four
U+1D7E7 𝟧 \msansfive Mathematical Sans-serif Digit Five
U+1D7E8 𝟨 \msanssix Mathematical Sans-serif Digit Six
U+1D7E9 𝟩 \msansseven Mathematical Sans-serif Digit Seven
U+1D7EA 𝟪 \msanseight Mathematical Sans-serif Digit Eight
U+1D7EB 𝟫 \msansnine Mathematical Sans-serif Digit Nine
U+1D7EC 𝟬 \mbfsanszero Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Digit Zero
U+1D7ED 𝟭 \mbfsansone Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Digit One
U+1D7EE 𝟮 \mbfsanstwo Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Digit Two
U+1D7EF 𝟯 \mbfsansthree Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Digit Three
U+1D7F0 𝟰 \mbfsansfour Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Digit Four
U+1D7F1 𝟱 \mbfsansfive Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Digit Five
U+1D7F2 𝟲 \mbfsanssix Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Digit Six
U+1D7F3 𝟳 \mbfsansseven Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Digit Seven
U+1D7F4 𝟴 \mbfsanseight Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Digit Eight
U+1D7F5 𝟵 \mbfsansnine Mathematical Sans-serif Bold Digit Nine
U+1D7F6 𝟶 \mttzero Mathematical Monospace Digit Zero
U+1D7F7 𝟷 \mttone Mathematical Monospace Digit One
U+1D7F8 𝟸 \mtttwo Mathematical Monospace Digit Two
U+1D7F9 𝟹 \mttthree Mathematical Monospace Digit Three
U+1D7FA 𝟺 \mttfour Mathematical Monospace Digit Four
U+1D7FB 𝟻 \mttfive Mathematical Monospace Digit Five
U+1D7FC 𝟼 \mttsix Mathematical Monospace Digit Six
U+1D7FD 𝟽 \mttseven Mathematical Monospace Digit Seven
U+1D7FE 𝟾 \mtteight Mathematical Monospace Digit Eight
U+1D7FF 𝟿 \mttnine Mathematical Monospace Digit Nine
U+1F004 🀄 \:mahjong: Mahjong Tile Red Dragon
U+1F0CF 🃏 \:black_joker: Playing Card Black Joker
U+1F170 🅰 \:a: Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter A
U+1F171 🅱 \:b: Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter B
U+1F17E 🅾 \:o2: Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter O
U+1F17F 🅿 \:parking: Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter P
U+1F18E 🆎 \:ab: Negative Squared Ab
U+1F191 🆑 \:cl: Squared Cl
U+1F192 🆒 \:cool: Squared Cool
U+1F193 🆓 \:free: Squared Free
U+1F194 🆔 \:id: Squared Id
U+1F195 🆕 \:new: Squared New
U+1F196 🆖 \:ng: Squared Ng
U+1F197 🆗 \:ok: Squared Ok
U+1F198 🆘 \:sos: Squared Sos
U+1F199 🆙 \:up: Squared Up With Exclamation Mark
U+1F19A 🆚 \:vs: Squared Vs
U+1F201 🈁 \:koko: Squared Katakana Koko
U+1F202 🈂 \:sa: Squared Katakana Sa
U+1F21A 🈚 \:u7121: Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-7121
U+1F22F 🈯 \:u6307: Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-6307
U+1F232 🈲 \:u7981: Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-7981
U+1F233 🈳 \:u7a7a: Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-7a7a
U+1F234 🈴 \:u5408: Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-5408
U+1F235 🈵 \:u6e80: Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-6e80
U+1F236 🈶 \:u6709: Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-6709
U+1F237 🈷 \:u6708: Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-6708
U+1F238 🈸 \:u7533: Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-7533
U+1F239 🈹 \:u5272: Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-5272
U+1F23A 🈺 \:u55b6: Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-55b6
U+1F250 🉐 \:ideograph_advantage: Circled Ideograph Advantage
U+1F251 🉑 \:accept: Circled Ideograph Accept
U+1F300 🌀 \:cyclone: Cyclone
U+1F301 🌁 \:foggy: Foggy
U+1F302 🌂 \:closed_umbrella: Closed Umbrella
U+1F303 🌃 \:night_with_stars: Night With Stars
U+1F304 🌄 \:sunrise_over_mountains: Sunrise Over Mountains
U+1F305 🌅 \:sunrise: Sunrise
U+1F306 🌆 \:city_sunset: Cityscape At Dusk
U+1F307 🌇 \:city_sunrise: Sunset Over Buildings
U+1F308 🌈 \:rainbow: Rainbow
U+1F309 🌉 \:bridge_at_night: Bridge At Night
U+1F30A 🌊 \:ocean: Water Wave
U+1F30B 🌋 \:volcano: Volcano
U+1F30C 🌌 \:milky_way: Milky Way
U+1F30D 🌍 \:earth_africa: Earth Globe Europe-africa
U+1F30E 🌎 \:earth_americas: Earth Globe Americas
U+1F30F 🌏 \:earth_asia: Earth Globe Asia-australia
U+1F310 🌐 \:globe_with_meridians: Globe With Meridians
U+1F311 🌑 \:new_moon: New Moon Symbol
U+1F312 🌒 \:waxing_crescent_moon: Waxing Crescent Moon Symbol
U+1F313 🌓 \:first_quarter_moon: First Quarter Moon Symbol
U+1F314 🌔 \:moon: Waxing Gibbous Moon Symbol
U+1F315 🌕 \:full_moon: Full Moon Symbol
U+1F316 🌖 \:waning_gibbous_moon: Waning Gibbous Moon Symbol
U+1F317 🌗 \:last_quarter_moon: Last Quarter Moon Symbol
U+1F318 🌘 \:waning_crescent_moon: Waning Crescent Moon Symbol
U+1F319 🌙 \:crescent_moon: Crescent Moon
U+1F31A 🌚 \:new_moon_with_face: New Moon With Face
U+1F31B 🌛 \:first_quarter_moon_with_face: First Quarter Moon With Face
U+1F31C 🌜 \:last_quarter_moon_with_face: Last Quarter Moon With Face
U+1F31D 🌝 \:full_moon_with_face: Full Moon With Face
U+1F31E 🌞 \:sun_with_face: Sun With Face
U+1F31F 🌟 \:star2: Glowing Star
U+1F320 🌠 \:stars: Shooting Star
U+1F330 🌰 \:chestnut: Chestnut
U+1F331 🌱 \:seedling: Seedling
U+1F332 🌲 \:evergreen_tree: Evergreen Tree
U+1F333 🌳 \:deciduous_tree: Deciduous Tree
U+1F334 🌴 \:palm_tree: Palm Tree
U+1F335 🌵 \:cactus: Cactus
U+1F337 🌷 \:tulip: Tulip
U+1F338 🌸 \:cherry_blossom: Cherry Blossom
U+1F339 🌹 \:rose: Rose
U+1F33A 🌺 \:hibiscus: Hibiscus
U+1F33B 🌻 \:sunflower: Sunflower
U+1F33C 🌼 \:blossom: Blossom
U+1F33D 🌽 \:corn: Ear Of Maize
U+1F33E 🌾 \:ear_of_rice: Ear Of Rice
U+1F33F 🌿 \:herb: Herb
U+1F340 🍀 \:four_leaf_clover: Four Leaf Clover
U+1F341 🍁 \:maple_leaf: Maple Leaf
U+1F342 🍂 \:fallen_leaf: Fallen Leaf
U+1F343 🍃 \:leaves: Leaf Fluttering In Wind
U+1F344 🍄 \:mushroom: Mushroom
U+1F345 🍅 \:tomato: Tomato
U+1F346 🍆 \:eggplant: Aubergine
U+1F347 🍇 \:grapes: Grapes
U+1F348 🍈 \:melon: Melon
U+1F349 🍉 \:watermelon: Watermelon
U+1F34A 🍊 \:tangerine: Tangerine
U+1F34B 🍋 \:lemon: Lemon
U+1F34C 🍌 \:banana: Banana
U+1F34D 🍍 \:pineapple: Pineapple
U+1F34E 🍎 \:apple: Red Apple
U+1F34F 🍏 \:green_apple: Green Apple
U+1F350 🍐 \:pear: Pear
U+1F351 🍑 \:peach: Peach
U+1F352 🍒 \:cherries: Cherries
U+1F353 🍓 \:strawberry: Strawberry
U+1F354 🍔 \:hamburger: Hamburger
U+1F355 🍕 \:pizza: Slice Of Pizza
U+1F356 🍖 \:meat_on_bone: Meat On Bone
U+1F357 🍗 \:poultry_leg: Poultry Leg
U+1F358 🍘 \:rice_cracker: Rice Cracker
U+1F359 🍙 \:rice_ball: Rice Ball
U+1F35A 🍚 \:rice: Cooked Rice
U+1F35B 🍛 \:curry: Curry And Rice
U+1F35C 🍜 \:ramen: Steaming Bowl
U+1F35D 🍝 \:spaghetti: Spaghetti
U+1F35E 🍞 \:bread: Bread
U+1F35F 🍟 \:fries: French Fries
U+1F360 🍠 \:sweet_potato: Roasted Sweet Potato
U+1F361 🍡 \:dango: Dango
U+1F362 🍢 \:oden: Oden
U+1F363 🍣 \:sushi: Sushi
U+1F364 🍤 \:fried_shrimp: Fried Shrimp
U+1F365 🍥 \:fish_cake: Fish Cake With Swirl Design
U+1F366 🍦 \:icecream: Soft Ice Cream
U+1F367 🍧 \:shaved_ice: Shaved Ice
U+1F368 🍨 \:ice_cream: Ice Cream
U+1F369 🍩 \:doughnut: Doughnut
U+1F36A 🍪 \:cookie: Cookie
U+1F36B 🍫 \:chocolate_bar: Chocolate Bar
U+1F36C 🍬 \:candy: Candy
U+1F36D 🍭 \:lollipop: Lollipop
U+1F36E 🍮 \:custard: Custard
U+1F36F 🍯 \:honey_pot: Honey Pot
U+1F370 🍰 \:cake: Shortcake
U+1F371 🍱 \:bento: Bento Box
U+1F372 🍲 \:stew: Pot Of Food
U+1F373 🍳 \:egg: Cooking
U+1F374 🍴 \:fork_and_knife: Fork And Knife
U+1F375 🍵 \:tea: Teacup Without Handle
U+1F376 🍶 \:sake: Sake Bottle And Cup
U+1F377 🍷 \:wine_glass: Wine Glass
U+1F378 🍸 \:cocktail: Cocktail Glass
U+1F379 🍹 \:tropical_drink: Tropical Drink
U+1F37A 🍺 \:beer: Beer Mug
U+1F37B 🍻 \:beers: Clinking Beer Mugs
U+1F37C 🍼 \:baby_bottle: Baby Bottle
U+1F380 🎀 \:ribbon: Ribbon
U+1F381 🎁 \:gift: Wrapped Present
U+1F382 🎂 \:birthday: Birthday Cake
U+1F383 🎃 \:jack_o_lantern: Jack-o-lantern
U+1F384 🎄 \:christmas_tree: Christmas Tree
U+1F385 🎅 \:santa: Father Christmas
U+1F386 🎆 \:fireworks: Fireworks
U+1F387 🎇 \:sparkler: Firework Sparkler
U+1F388 🎈 \:balloon: Balloon
U+1F389 🎉 \:tada: Party Popper
U+1F38A 🎊 \:confetti_ball: Confetti Ball
U+1F38B 🎋 \:tanabata_tree: Tanabata Tree
U+1F38C 🎌 \:crossed_flags: Crossed Flags
U+1F38D 🎍 \:bamboo: Pine Decoration
U+1F38E 🎎 \:dolls: Japanese Dolls
U+1F38F 🎏 \:flags: Carp Streamer
U+1F390 🎐 \:wind_chime: Wind Chime
U+1F391 🎑 \:rice_scene: Moon Viewing Ceremony
U+1F392 🎒 \:school_satchel: School Satchel
U+1F393 🎓 \:mortar_board: Graduation Cap
U+1F3A0 🎠 \:carousel_horse: Carousel Horse
U+1F3A1 🎡 \:ferris_wheel: Ferris Wheel
U+1F3A2 🎢 \:roller_coaster: Roller Coaster
U+1F3A3 🎣 \:fishing_pole_and_fish: Fishing Pole And Fish
U+1F3A4 🎤 \:microphone: Microphone
U+1F3A5 🎥 \:movie_camera: Movie Camera
U+1F3A6 🎦 \:cinema: Cinema
U+1F3A7 🎧 \:headphones: Headphone
U+1F3A8 🎨 \:art: Artist Palette
U+1F3A9 🎩 \:tophat: Top Hat
U+1F3AA 🎪 \:circus_tent: Circus Tent
U+1F3AB 🎫 \:ticket: Ticket
U+1F3AC 🎬 \:clapper: Clapper Board
U+1F3AD 🎭 \:performing_arts: Performing Arts
U+1F3AE 🎮 \:video_game: Video Game
U+1F3AF 🎯 \:dart: Direct Hit
U+1F3B0 🎰 \:slot_machine: Slot Machine
U+1F3B1 🎱 \:8ball: Billiards
U+1F3B2 🎲 \:game_die: Game Die
U+1F3B3 🎳 \:bowling: Bowling
U+1F3B4 🎴 \:flower_playing_cards: Flower Playing Cards
U+1F3B5 🎵 \:musical_note: Musical Note
U+1F3B6 🎶 \:notes: Multiple Musical Notes
U+1F3B7 🎷 \:saxophone: Saxophone
U+1F3B8 🎸 \:guitar: Guitar
U+1F3B9 🎹 \:musical_keyboard: Musical Keyboard
U+1F3BA 🎺 \:trumpet: Trumpet
U+1F3BB 🎻 \:violin: Violin
U+1F3BC 🎼 \:musical_score: Musical Score
U+1F3BD 🎽 \:running_shirt_with_sash: Running Shirt With Sash
U+1F3BE 🎾 \:tennis: Tennis Racquet And Ball
U+1F3BF 🎿 \:ski: Ski And Ski Boot
U+1F3C0 🏀 \:basketball: Basketball And Hoop
U+1F3C1 🏁 \:checkered_flag: Chequered Flag
U+1F3C2 🏂 \:snowboarder: Snowboarder
U+1F3C3 🏃 \:runner: Runner
U+1F3C4 🏄 \:surfer: Surfer
U+1F3C6 🏆 \:trophy: Trophy
U+1F3C7 🏇 \:horse_racing: Horse Racing
U+1F3C8 🏈 \:football: American Football
U+1F3C9 🏉 \:rugby_football: Rugby Football
U+1F3CA 🏊 \:swimmer: Swimmer
U+1F3E0 🏠 \:house: House Building
U+1F3E1 🏡 \:house_with_garden: House With Garden
U+1F3E2 🏢 \:office: Office Building
U+1F3E3 🏣 \:post_office: Japanese Post Office
U+1F3E4 🏤 \:european_post_office: European Post Office
U+1F3E5 🏥 \:hospital: Hospital
U+1F3E6 🏦 \:bank: Bank
U+1F3E7 🏧 \:atm: Automated Teller Machine
U+1F3E8 🏨 \:hotel: Hotel
U+1F3E9 🏩 \:love_hotel: Love Hotel
U+1F3EA 🏪 \:convenience_store: Convenience Store
U+1F3EB 🏫 \:school: School
U+1F3EC 🏬 \:department_store: Department Store
U+1F3ED 🏭 \:factory: Factory
U+1F3EE 🏮 \:izakaya_lantern: Izakaya Lantern
U+1F3EF 🏯 \:japanese_castle: Japanese Castle
U+1F3F0 🏰 \:european_castle: European Castle
U+1F3FB 🏻 \:skin-tone-2: Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-1-2
U+1F3FC 🏼 \:skin-tone-3: Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-3
U+1F3FD 🏽 \:skin-tone-4: Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-4
U+1F3FE 🏾 \:skin-tone-5: Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-5
U+1F3FF 🏿 \:skin-tone-6: Emoji Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-6
U+1F400 🐀 \:rat: Rat
U+1F401 🐁 \:mouse2: Mouse
U+1F402 🐂 \:ox: Ox
U+1F403 🐃 \:water_buffalo: Water Buffalo
U+1F404 🐄 \:cow2: Cow
U+1F405 🐅 \:tiger2: Tiger
U+1F406 🐆 \:leopard: Leopard
U+1F407 🐇 \:rabbit2: Rabbit
U+1F408 🐈 \:cat2: Cat
U+1F409 🐉 \:dragon: Dragon
U+1F40A 🐊 \:crocodile: Crocodile
U+1F40B 🐋 \:whale2: Whale
U+1F40C 🐌 \:snail: Snail
U+1F40D 🐍 \:snake: Snake
U+1F40E 🐎 \:racehorse: Horse
U+1F40F 🐏 \:ram: Ram
U+1F410 🐐 \:goat: Goat
U+1F411 🐑 \:sheep: Sheep
U+1F412 🐒 \:monkey: Monkey
U+1F413 🐓 \:rooster: Rooster
U+1F414 🐔 \:chicken: Chicken
U+1F415 🐕 \:dog2: Dog
U+1F416 🐖 \:pig2: Pig
U+1F417 🐗 \:boar: Boar
U+1F418 🐘 \:elephant: Elephant
U+1F419 🐙 \:octopus: Octopus
U+1F41A 🐚 \:shell: Spiral Shell
U+1F41B 🐛 \:bug: Bug
U+1F41C 🐜 \:ant: Ant
U+1F41D 🐝 \:bee: Honeybee
U+1F41E 🐞 \:beetle: Lady Beetle
U+1F41F 🐟 \:fish: Fish
U+1F420 🐠 \:tropical_fish: Tropical Fish
U+1F421 🐡 \:blowfish: Blowfish
U+1F422 🐢 \:turtle: Turtle
U+1F423 🐣 \:hatching_chick: Hatching Chick
U+1F424 🐤 \:baby_chick: Baby Chick
U+1F425 🐥 \:hatched_chick: Front-facing Baby Chick
U+1F426 🐦 \:bird: Bird
U+1F427 🐧 \:penguin: Penguin
U+1F428 🐨 \:koala: Koala
U+1F429 🐩 \:poodle: Poodle
U+1F42A 🐪 \:dromedary_camel: Dromedary Camel
U+1F42B 🐫 \:camel: Bactrian Camel
U+1F42C 🐬 \:dolphin: Dolphin
U+1F42D 🐭 \:mouse: Mouse Face
U+1F42E 🐮 \:cow: Cow Face
U+1F42F 🐯 \:tiger: Tiger Face
U+1F430 🐰 \:rabbit: Rabbit Face
U+1F431 🐱 \:cat: Cat Face
U+1F432 🐲 \:dragon_face: Dragon Face
U+1F433 🐳 \:whale: Spouting Whale
U+1F434 🐴 \:horse: Horse Face
U+1F435 🐵 \:monkey_face: Monkey Face
U+1F436 🐶 \:dog: Dog Face
U+1F437 🐷 \:pig: Pig Face
U+1F438 🐸 \:frog: Frog Face
U+1F439 🐹 \:hamster: Hamster Face
U+1F43A 🐺 \:wolf: Wolf Face
U+1F43B 🐻 \:bear: Bear Face
U+1F43C 🐼 \:panda_face: Panda Face
U+1F43D 🐽 \:pig_nose: Pig Nose
U+1F43E 🐾 \:feet: Paw Prints
U+1F440 👀 \:eyes: Eyes
U+1F442 👂 \:ear: Ear
U+1F443 👃 \:nose: Nose
U+1F444 👄 \:lips: Mouth
U+1F445 👅 \:tongue: Tongue
U+1F446 👆 \:point_up_2: White Up Pointing Backhand Index
U+1F447 👇 \:point_down: White Down Pointing Backhand Index
U+1F448 👈 \:point_left: White Left Pointing Backhand Index
U+1F449 👉 \:point_right: White Right Pointing Backhand Index
U+1F44A 👊 \:facepunch: Fisted Hand Sign
U+1F44B 👋 \:wave: Waving Hand Sign
U+1F44C 👌 \:ok_hand: Ok Hand Sign
U+1F44D 👍 \:+1: Thumbs Up Sign
U+1F44E 👎 \:-1: Thumbs Down Sign
U+1F44F 👏 \:clap: Clapping Hands Sign
U+1F450 👐 \:open_hands: Open Hands Sign
U+1F451 👑 \:crown: Crown
U+1F452 👒 \:womans_hat: Womans Hat
U+1F453 👓 \:eyeglasses: Eyeglasses
U+1F454 👔 \:necktie: Necktie
U+1F455 👕 \:shirt: T-shirt
U+1F456 👖 \:jeans: Jeans
U+1F457 👗 \:dress: Dress
U+1F458 👘 \:kimono: Kimono
U+1F459 👙 \:bikini: Bikini
U+1F45A 👚 \:womans_clothes: Womans Clothes
U+1F45B 👛 \:purse: Purse
U+1F45C 👜 \:handbag: Handbag
U+1F45D 👝 \:pouch: Pouch
U+1F45E 👞 \:mans_shoe: Mans Shoe
U+1F45F 👟 \:athletic_shoe: Athletic Shoe
U+1F460 👠 \:high_heel: High-heeled Shoe
U+1F461 👡 \:sandal: Womans Sandal
U+1F462 👢 \:boot: Womans Boots
U+1F463 👣 \:footprints: Footprints
U+1F464 👤 \:bust_in_silhouette: Bust In Silhouette
U+1F465 👥 \:busts_in_silhouette: Busts In Silhouette
U+1F466 👦 \:boy: Boy
U+1F467 👧 \:girl: Girl
U+1F468 👨 \:man: Man
U+1F469 👩 \:woman: Woman
U+1F46A 👪 \:family: Family
U+1F46B 👫 \:couple: Man And Woman Holding Hands
U+1F46C 👬 \:two_men_holding_hands: Two Men Holding Hands
U+1F46D 👭 \:two_women_holding_hands: Two Women Holding Hands
U+1F46E 👮 \:cop: Police Officer
U+1F46F 👯 \:dancers: Woman With Bunny Ears
U+1F470 👰 \:bride_with_veil: Bride With Veil
U+1F471 👱 \:person_with_blond_hair: Person With Blond Hair
U+1F472 👲 \:man_with_gua_pi_mao: Man With Gua Pi Mao
U+1F473 👳 \:man_with_turban: Man With Turban
U+1F474 👴 \:older_man: Older Man
U+1F475 👵 \:older_woman: Older Woman
U+1F476 👶 \:baby: Baby
U+1F477 👷 \:construction_worker: Construction Worker
U+1F478 👸 \:princess: Princess
U+1F479 👹 \:japanese_ogre: Japanese Ogre
U+1F47A 👺 \:japanese_goblin: Japanese Goblin
U+1F47B 👻 \:ghost: Ghost
U+1F47C 👼 \:angel: Baby Angel
U+1F47D 👽 \:alien: Extraterrestrial Alien
U+1F47E 👾 \:space_invader: Alien Monster
U+1F47F 👿 \:imp: Imp
U+1F480 💀 \:skull: Skull
U+1F481 💁 \:information_desk_person: Information Desk Person
U+1F482 💂 \:guardsman: Guardsman
U+1F483 💃 \:dancer: Dancer
U+1F484 💄 \:lipstick: Lipstick
U+1F485 💅 \:nail_care: Nail Polish
U+1F486 💆 \:massage: Face Massage
U+1F487 💇 \:haircut: Haircut
U+1F488 💈 \:barber: Barber Pole
U+1F489 💉 \:syringe: Syringe
U+1F48A 💊 \:pill: Pill
U+1F48B 💋 \:kiss: Kiss Mark
U+1F48C 💌 \:love_letter: Love Letter
U+1F48D 💍 \:ring: Ring
U+1F48E 💎 \:gem: Gem Stone
U+1F48F 💏 \:couplekiss: Kiss
U+1F490 💐 \:bouquet: Bouquet
U+1F491 💑 \:couple_with_heart: Couple With Heart
U+1F492 💒 \:wedding: Wedding
U+1F493 💓 \:heartbeat: Beating Heart
U+1F494 💔 \:broken_heart: Broken Heart
U+1F495 💕 \:two_hearts: Two Hearts
U+1F496 💖 \:sparkling_heart: Sparkling Heart
U+1F497 💗 \:heartpulse: Growing Heart
U+1F498 💘 \:cupid: Heart With Arrow
U+1F499 💙 \:blue_heart: Blue Heart
U+1F49A 💚 \:green_heart: Green Heart
U+1F49B 💛 \:yellow_heart: Yellow Heart
U+1F49C 💜 \:purple_heart: Purple Heart
U+1F49D 💝 \:gift_heart: Heart With Ribbon
U+1F49E 💞 \:revolving_hearts: Revolving Hearts
U+1F49F 💟 \:heart_decoration: Heart Decoration
U+1F4A0 💠 \:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Diamond Shape With A Dot Inside
U+1F4A1 💡 \:bulb: Electric Light Bulb
U+1F4A2 💢 \:anger: Anger Symbol
U+1F4A3 💣 \:bomb: Bomb
U+1F4A4 💤 \:zzz: Sleeping Symbol
U+1F4A5 💥 \:boom: Collision Symbol
U+1F4A6 💦 \:sweat_drops: Splashing Sweat Symbol
U+1F4A7 💧 \:droplet: Droplet
U+1F4A8 💨 \:dash: Dash Symbol
U+1F4A9 💩 \:hankey: Pile Of Poo
U+1F4AA 💪 \:muscle: Flexed Biceps
U+1F4AB 💫 \:dizzy: Dizzy Symbol
U+1F4AC 💬 \:speech_balloon: Speech Balloon
U+1F4AD 💭 \:thought_balloon: Thought Balloon
U+1F4AE 💮 \:white_flower: White Flower
U+1F4AF 💯 \:100: Hundred Points Symbol
U+1F4B0 💰 \:moneybag: Money Bag
U+1F4B1 💱 \:currency_exchange: Currency Exchange
U+1F4B2 💲 \:heavy_dollar_sign: Heavy Dollar Sign
U+1F4B3 💳 \:credit_card: Credit Card
U+1F4B4 💴 \:yen: Banknote With Yen Sign
U+1F4B5 💵 \:dollar: Banknote With Dollar Sign
U+1F4B6 💶 \:euro: Banknote With Euro Sign
U+1F4B7 💷 \:pound: Banknote With Pound Sign
U+1F4B8 💸 \:money_with_wings: Money With Wings
U+1F4B9 💹 \:chart: Chart With Upwards Trend And Yen Sign
U+1F4BA 💺 \:seat: Seat
U+1F4BB 💻 \:computer: Personal Computer
U+1F4BC 💼 \:briefcase: Briefcase
U+1F4BD 💽 \:minidisc: Minidisc
U+1F4BE 💾 \:floppy_disk: Floppy Disk
U+1F4BF 💿 \:cd: Optical Disc
U+1F4C0 📀 \:dvd: Dvd
U+1F4C1 📁 \:file_folder: File Folder
U+1F4C2 📂 \:open_file_folder: Open File Folder
U+1F4C3 📃 \:page_with_curl: Page With Curl
U+1F4C4 📄 \:page_facing_up: Page Facing Up
U+1F4C5 📅 \:date: Calendar
U+1F4C6 📆 \:calendar: Tear-off Calendar
U+1F4C7 📇 \:card_index: Card Index
U+1F4C8 📈 \:chart_with_upwards_trend: Chart With Upwards Trend
U+1F4C9 📉 \:chart_with_downwards_trend: Chart With Downwards Trend
U+1F4CA 📊 \:bar_chart: Bar Chart
U+1F4CB 📋 \:clipboard: Clipboard
U+1F4CC 📌 \:pushpin: Pushpin
U+1F4CD 📍 \:round_pushpin: Round Pushpin
U+1F4CE 📎 \:paperclip: Paperclip
U+1F4CF 📏 \:straight_ruler: Straight Ruler
U+1F4D0 📐 \:triangular_ruler: Triangular Ruler
U+1F4D1 📑 \:bookmark_tabs: Bookmark Tabs
U+1F4D2 📒 \:ledger: Ledger
U+1F4D3 📓 \:notebook: Notebook
U+1F4D4 📔 \:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Notebook With Decorative Cover
U+1F4D5 📕 \:closed_book: Closed Book
U+1F4D6 📖 \:book: Open Book
U+1F4D7 📗 \:green_book: Green Book
U+1F4D8 📘 \:blue_book: Blue Book
U+1F4D9 📙 \:orange_book: Orange Book
U+1F4DA 📚 \:books: Books
U+1F4DB 📛 \:name_badge: Name Badge
U+1F4DC 📜 \:scroll: Scroll
U+1F4DD 📝 \:memo: Memo
U+1F4DE 📞 \:telephone_receiver: Telephone Receiver
U+1F4DF 📟 \:pager: Pager
U+1F4E0 📠 \:fax: Fax Machine
U+1F4E1 📡 \:satellite: Satellite Antenna
U+1F4E2 📢 \:loudspeaker: Public Address Loudspeaker
U+1F4E3 📣 \:mega: Cheering Megaphone
U+1F4E4 📤 \:outbox_tray: Outbox Tray
U+1F4E5 📥 \:inbox_tray: Inbox Tray
U+1F4E6 📦 \:package: Package
U+1F4E7 📧 \:e-mail: E-mail Symbol
U+1F4E8 📨 \:incoming_envelope: Incoming Envelope
U+1F4E9 📩 \:envelope_with_arrow: Envelope With Downwards Arrow Above
U+1F4EA 📪 \:mailbox_closed: Closed Mailbox With Lowered Flag
U+1F4EB 📫 \:mailbox: Closed Mailbox With Raised Flag
U+1F4EC 📬 \:mailbox_with_mail: Open Mailbox With Raised Flag
U+1F4ED 📭 \:mailbox_with_no_mail: Open Mailbox With Lowered Flag
U+1F4EE 📮 \:postbox: Postbox
U+1F4EF 📯 \:postal_horn: Postal Horn
U+1F4F0 📰 \:newspaper: Newspaper
U+1F4F1 📱 \:iphone: Mobile Phone
U+1F4F2 📲 \:calling: Mobile Phone With Rightwards Arrow At Left
U+1F4F3 📳 \:vibration_mode: Vibration Mode
U+1F4F4 📴 \:mobile_phone_off: Mobile Phone Off
U+1F4F5 📵 \:no_mobile_phones: No Mobile Phones
U+1F4F6 📶 \:signal_strength: Antenna With Bars
U+1F4F7 📷 \:camera: Camera
U+1F4F9 📹 \:video_camera: Video Camera
U+1F4FA 📺 \:tv: Television
U+1F4FB 📻 \:radio: Radio
U+1F4FC 📼 \:vhs: Videocassette
U+1F500 🔀 \:twisted_rightwards_arrows: Twisted Rightwards Arrows
U+1F501 🔁 \:repeat: Clockwise Rightwards And Leftwards Open Circle Arrows
U+1F502 🔂 \:repeat_one: Clockwise Rightwards And Leftwards Open Circle Arrows With Circled One Overlay
U+1F503 🔃 \:arrows_clockwise: Clockwise Downwards And Upwards Open Circle Arrows
U+1F504 🔄 \:arrows_counterclockwise: Anticlockwise Downwards And Upwards Open Circle Arrows
U+1F505 🔅 \:low_brightness: Low Brightness Symbol
U+1F506 🔆 \:high_brightness: High Brightness Symbol
U+1F507 🔇 \:mute: Speaker With Cancellation Stroke
U+1F508 🔈 \:speaker: Speaker
U+1F509 🔉 \:sound: Speaker With One Sound Wave
U+1F50A 🔊 \:loud_sound: Speaker With Three Sound Waves
U+1F50B 🔋 \:battery: Battery
U+1F50C 🔌 \:electric_plug: Electric Plug
U+1F50D 🔍 \:mag: Left-pointing Magnifying Glass
U+1F50E 🔎 \:mag_right: Right-pointing Magnifying Glass
U+1F50F 🔏 \:lock_with_ink_pen: Lock With Ink Pen
U+1F510 🔐 \:closed_lock_with_key: Closed Lock With Key
U+1F511 🔑 \:key: Key
U+1F512 🔒 \:lock: Lock
U+1F513 🔓 \:unlock: Open Lock
U+1F514 🔔 \:bell: Bell
U+1F515 🔕 \:no_bell: Bell With Cancellation Stroke
U+1F516 🔖 \:bookmark: Bookmark
U+1F517 🔗 \:link: Link Symbol
U+1F518 🔘 \:radio_button: Radio Button
U+1F519 🔙 \:back: Back With Leftwards Arrow Above
U+1F51A 🔚 \:end: End With Leftwards Arrow Above
U+1F51B 🔛 \:on: On With Exclamation Mark With Left Right Arrow Above
U+1F51C 🔜 \:soon: Soon With Rightwards Arrow Above
U+1F51D 🔝 \:top: Top With Upwards Arrow Above
U+1F51E 🔞 \:underage: No One Under Eighteen Symbol
U+1F51F 🔟 \:keycap_ten: Keycap Ten
U+1F520 🔠 \:capital_abcd: Input Symbol For Latin Capital Letters
U+1F521 🔡 \:abcd: Input Symbol For Latin Small Letters
U+1F522 🔢 \:1234: Input Symbol For Numbers
U+1F523 🔣 \:symbols: Input Symbol For Symbols
U+1F524 🔤 \:abc: Input Symbol For Latin Letters
U+1F525 🔥 \:fire: Fire
U+1F526 🔦 \:flashlight: Electric Torch
U+1F527 🔧 \:wrench: Wrench
U+1F528 🔨 \:hammer: Hammer
U+1F529 🔩 \:nut_and_bolt: Nut And Bolt
U+1F52A 🔪 \:hocho: Hocho
U+1F52B 🔫 \:gun: Pistol
U+1F52C 🔬 \:microscope: Microscope
U+1F52D 🔭 \:telescope: Telescope
U+1F52E 🔮 \:crystal_ball: Crystal Ball
U+1F52F 🔯 \:six_pointed_star: Six Pointed Star With Middle Dot
U+1F530 🔰 \:beginner: Japanese Symbol For Beginner
U+1F531 🔱 \:trident: Trident Emblem
U+1F532 🔲 \:black_square_button: Black Square Button
U+1F533 🔳 \:white_square_button: White Square Button
U+1F534 🔴 \:red_circle: Large Red Circle
U+1F535 🔵 \:large_blue_circle: Large Blue Circle
U+1F536 🔶 \:large_orange_diamond: Large Orange Diamond
U+1F537 🔷 \:large_blue_diamond: Large Blue Diamond
U+1F538 🔸 \:small_orange_diamond: Small Orange Diamond
U+1F539 🔹 \:small_blue_diamond: Small Blue Diamond
U+1F53A 🔺 \:small_red_triangle: Up-pointing Red Triangle
U+1F53B 🔻 \:small_red_triangle_down: Down-pointing Red Triangle
U+1F53C 🔼 \:arrow_up_small: Up-pointing Small Red Triangle
U+1F53D 🔽 \:arrow_down_small: Down-pointing Small Red Triangle
U+1F550 🕐 \:clock1: Clock Face One Oclock
U+1F551 🕑 \:clock2: Clock Face Two Oclock
U+1F552 🕒 \:clock3: Clock Face Three Oclock
U+1F553 🕓 \:clock4: Clock Face Four Oclock
U+1F554 🕔 \:clock5: Clock Face Five Oclock
U+1F555 🕕 \:clock6: Clock Face Six Oclock
U+1F556 🕖 \:clock7: Clock Face Seven Oclock
U+1F557 🕗 \:clock8: Clock Face Eight Oclock
U+1F558 🕘 \:clock9: Clock Face Nine Oclock
U+1F559 🕙 \:clock10: Clock Face Ten Oclock
U+1F55A 🕚 \:clock11: Clock Face Eleven Oclock
U+1F55B 🕛 \:clock12: Clock Face Twelve Oclock
U+1F55C 🕜 \:clock130: Clock Face One-thirty
U+1F55D 🕝 \:clock230: Clock Face Two-thirty
U+1F55E 🕞 \:clock330: Clock Face Three-thirty
U+1F55F 🕟 \:clock430: Clock Face Four-thirty
U+1F560 🕠 \:clock530: Clock Face Five-thirty
U+1F561 🕡 \:clock630: Clock Face Six-thirty
U+1F562 🕢 \:clock730: Clock Face Seven-thirty
U+1F563 🕣 \:clock830: Clock Face Eight-thirty
U+1F564 🕤 \:clock930: Clock Face Nine-thirty
U+1F565 🕥 \:clock1030: Clock Face Ten-thirty
U+1F566 🕦 \:clock1130: Clock Face Eleven-thirty
U+1F567 🕧 \:clock1230: Clock Face Twelve-thirty
U+1F5FB 🗻 \:mount_fuji: Mount Fuji
U+1F5FC 🗼 \:tokyo_tower: Tokyo Tower
U+1F5FD 🗽 \:statue_of_liberty: Statue Of Liberty
U+1F5FE 🗾 \:japan: Silhouette Of Japan
U+1F5FF 🗿 \:moyai: Moyai
U+1F600 😀 \:grinning: Grinning Face
U+1F601 😁 \:grin: Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes
U+1F602 😂 \:joy: Face With Tears Of Joy
U+1F603 😃 \:smiley: Smiling Face With Open Mouth
U+1F604 😄 \:smile: Smiling Face With Open Mouth And Smiling Eyes
U+1F605 😅 \:sweat_smile: Smiling Face With Open Mouth And Cold Sweat
U+1F606 😆 \:laughing: Smiling Face With Open Mouth And Tightly-closed Eyes
U+1F607 😇 \:innocent: Smiling Face With Halo
U+1F608 😈 \:smiling_imp: Smiling Face With Horns
U+1F609 😉 \:wink: Winking Face
U+1F60A 😊 \:blush: Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes
U+1F60B 😋 \:yum: Face Savouring Delicious Food
U+1F60C 😌 \:relieved: Relieved Face
U+1F60D 😍 \:heart_eyes: Smiling Face With Heart-shaped Eyes
U+1F60E 😎 \:sunglasses: Smiling Face With Sunglasses
U+1F60F 😏 \:smirk: Smirking Face
U+1F610 😐 \:neutral_face: Neutral Face
U+1F611 😑 \:expressionless: Expressionless Face
U+1F612 😒 \:unamused: Unamused Face
U+1F613 😓 \:sweat: Face With Cold Sweat
U+1F614 😔 \:pensive: Pensive Face
U+1F615 😕 \:confused: Confused Face
U+1F616 😖 \:confounded: Confounded Face
U+1F617 😗 \:kissing: Kissing Face
U+1F618 😘 \:kissing_heart: Face Throwing A Kiss
U+1F619 😙 \:kissing_smiling_eyes: Kissing Face With Smiling Eyes
U+1F61A 😚 \:kissing_closed_eyes: Kissing Face With Closed Eyes
U+1F61B 😛 \:stuck_out_tongue: Face With Stuck-out Tongue
U+1F61C 😜 \:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Face With Stuck-out Tongue And Winking Eye
U+1F61D 😝 \:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Face With Stuck-out Tongue And Tightly-closed Eyes
U+1F61E 😞 \:disappointed: Disappointed Face
U+1F61F 😟 \:worried: Worried Face
U+1F620 😠 \:angry: Angry Face
U+1F621 😡 \:rage: Pouting Face
U+1F622 😢 \:cry: Crying Face
U+1F623 😣 \:persevere: Persevering Face
U+1F624 😤 \:triumph: Face With Look Of Triumph
U+1F625 😥 \:disappointed_relieved: Disappointed But Relieved Face
U+1F626 😦 \:frowning: Frowning Face With Open Mouth
U+1F627 😧 \:anguished: Anguished Face
U+1F628 😨 \:fearful: Fearful Face
U+1F629 😩 \:weary: Weary Face
U+1F62A 😪 \:sleepy: Sleepy Face
U+1F62B 😫 \:tired_face: Tired Face
U+1F62C 😬 \:grimacing: Grimacing Face
U+1F62D 😭 \:sob: Loudly Crying Face
U+1F62E 😮 \:open_mouth: Face With Open Mouth
U+1F62F 😯 \:hushed: Hushed Face
U+1F630 😰 \:cold_sweat: Face With Open Mouth And Cold Sweat
U+1F631 😱 \:scream: Face Screaming In Fear
U+1F632 😲 \:astonished: Astonished Face
U+1F633 😳 \:flushed: Flushed Face
U+1F634 😴 \:sleeping: Sleeping Face
U+1F635 😵 \:dizzy_face: Dizzy Face
U+1F636 😶 \:no_mouth: Face Without Mouth
U+1F637 😷 \:mask: Face With Medical Mask
U+1F638 😸 \:smile_cat: Grinning Cat Face With Smiling Eyes
U+1F639 😹 \:joy_cat: Cat Face With Tears Of Joy
U+1F63A 😺 \:smiley_cat: Smiling Cat Face With Open Mouth
U+1F63B 😻 \:heart_eyes_cat: Smiling Cat Face With Heart-shaped Eyes
U+1F63C 😼 \:smirk_cat: Cat Face With Wry Smile
U+1F63D 😽 \:kissing_cat: Kissing Cat Face With Closed Eyes
U+1F63E 😾 \:pouting_cat: Pouting Cat Face
U+1F63F 😿 \:crying_cat_face: Crying Cat Face
U+1F640 🙀 \:scream_cat: Weary Cat Face
U+1F645 🙅 \:no_good: Face With No Good Gesture
U+1F646 🙆 \:ok_woman: Face With Ok Gesture
U+1F647 🙇 \:bow: Person Bowing Deeply
U+1F648 🙈 \:see_no_evil: See-no-evil Monkey
U+1F649 🙉 \:hear_no_evil: Hear-no-evil Monkey
U+1F64A 🙊 \:speak_no_evil: Speak-no-evil Monkey
U+1F64B 🙋 \:raising_hand: Happy Person Raising One Hand
U+1F64C 🙌 \:raised_hands: Person Raising Both Hands In Celebration
U+1F64D 🙍 \:person_frowning: Person Frowning
U+1F64E 🙎 \:person_with_pouting_face: Person With Pouting Face
U+1F64F 🙏 \:pray: Person With Folded Hands
U+1F680 🚀 \:rocket: Rocket
U+1F681 🚁 \:helicopter: Helicopter
U+1F682 🚂 \:steam_locomotive: Steam Locomotive
U+1F683 🚃 \:railway_car: Railway Car
U+1F684 🚄 \:bullettrain_side: High-speed Train
U+1F685 🚅 \:bullettrain_front: High-speed Train With Bullet Nose
U+1F686 🚆 \:train2: Train
U+1F687 🚇 \:metro: Metro
U+1F688 🚈 \:light_rail: Light Rail
U+1F689 🚉 \:station: Station
U+1F68A 🚊 \:tram: Tram
U+1F68B 🚋 \:train: Tram Car
U+1F68C 🚌 \:bus: Bus
U+1F68D 🚍 \:oncoming_bus: Oncoming Bus
U+1F68E 🚎 \:trolleybus: Trolleybus
U+1F68F 🚏 \:busstop: Bus Stop
U+1F690 🚐 \:minibus: Minibus
U+1F691 🚑 \:ambulance: Ambulance
U+1F692 🚒 \:fire_engine: Fire Engine
U+1F693 🚓 \:police_car: Police Car
U+1F694 🚔 \:oncoming_police_car: Oncoming Police Car
U+1F695 🚕 \:taxi: Taxi
U+1F696 🚖 \:oncoming_taxi: Oncoming Taxi
U+1F697 🚗 \:car: Automobile
U+1F698 🚘 \:oncoming_automobile: Oncoming Automobile
U+1F699 🚙 \:blue_car: Recreational Vehicle
U+1F69A 🚚 \:truck: Delivery Truck
U+1F69B 🚛 \:articulated_lorry: Articulated Lorry
U+1F69C 🚜 \:tractor: Tractor
U+1F69D 🚝 \:monorail: Monorail
U+1F69E 🚞 \:mountain_railway: Mountain Railway
U+1F69F 🚟 \:suspension_railway: Suspension Railway
U+1F6A0 🚠 \:mountain_cableway: Mountain Cableway
U+1F6A1 🚡 \:aerial_tramway: Aerial Tramway
U+1F6A2 🚢 \:ship: Ship
U+1F6A3 🚣 \:rowboat: Rowboat
U+1F6A4 🚤 \:speedboat: Speedboat
U+1F6A5 🚥 \:traffic_light: Horizontal Traffic Light
U+1F6A6 🚦 \:vertical_traffic_light: Vertical Traffic Light
U+1F6A7 🚧 \:construction: Construction Sign
U+1F6A8 🚨 \:rotating_light: Police Cars Revolving Light
U+1F6A9 🚩 \:triangular_flag_on_post: Triangular Flag On Post
U+1F6AA 🚪 \:door: Door
U+1F6AB 🚫 \:no_entry_sign: No Entry Sign
U+1F6AC 🚬 \:smoking: Smoking Symbol
U+1F6AD 🚭 \:no_smoking: No Smoking Symbol
U+1F6AE 🚮 \:put_litter_in_its_place: Put Litter In Its Place Symbol
U+1F6AF 🚯 \:do_not_litter: Do Not Litter Symbol
U+1F6B0 🚰 \:potable_water: Potable Water Symbol
U+1F6B1 🚱 \:non-potable_water: Non-potable Water Symbol
U+1F6B2 🚲 \:bike: Bicycle
U+1F6B3 🚳 \:no_bicycles: No Bicycles
U+1F6B4 🚴 \:bicyclist: Bicyclist
U+1F6B5 🚵 \:mountain_bicyclist: Mountain Bicyclist
U+1F6B6 🚶 \:walking: Pedestrian
U+1F6B7 🚷 \:no_pedestrians: No Pedestrians
U+1F6B8 🚸 \:children_crossing: Children Crossing
U+1F6B9 🚹 \:mens: Mens Symbol
U+1F6BA 🚺 \:womens: Womens Symbol
U+1F6BB 🚻 \:restroom: Restroom
U+1F6BC 🚼 \:baby_symbol: Baby Symbol
U+1F6BD 🚽 \:toilet: Toilet
U+1F6BE 🚾 \:wc: Water Closet
U+1F6BF 🚿 \:shower: Shower
U+1F6C0 🛀 \:bath: Bath
U+1F6C1 🛁 \:bathtub: Bathtub
U+1F6C2 🛂 \:passport_control: Passport Control
U+1F6C3 🛃 \:customs: Customs
U+1F6C4 🛄 \:baggage_claim: Baggage Claim
U+1F6C5 🛅 \:left_luggage: Left Luggage

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