infix fun Int.downTo(to: Byte): IntProgression
infix fun Long.downTo(to: Byte): LongProgression
infix fun Byte.downTo(to: Byte): IntProgression
infix fun Short.downTo(to: Byte): IntProgression
infix fun Char.downTo(to: Char): CharProgression
infix fun Int.downTo(to: Int): IntProgression
infix fun Long.downTo(to: Int): LongProgression
infix fun Byte.downTo(to: Int): IntProgression
infix fun Short.downTo(to: Int): IntProgression
infix fun Int.downTo(to: Long): LongProgression
infix fun Long.downTo(to: Long): LongProgression
infix fun Byte.downTo(to: Long): LongProgression
infix fun Short.downTo(to: Long): LongProgression
infix fun Int.downTo(to: Short): IntProgression
infix fun Long.downTo(to: Short): LongProgression
infix fun Byte.downTo(to: Short): IntProgression
infix fun Short.downTo(to: Short): IntProgression

Returns a progression from this value down to the specified to value with the step -1.

The to value has to be less than this value.

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