/Marionette.js 3

Common Marionette Functionality

Marionette has a few methods that are common to all classes. These functions are documented in marionette.functions.

  • extend
    • An alias of Backbone's extend.
  • mergeOptions
    • A handy function to pluck certain options and attach them directly to an instance.
  • getOption
    • Retrieve an object's attribute either directly from the object, or from the object's this.options.
  • triggerMethod
    • Trigger an event and a corresponding method on the target object.
  • bindEvents
    • This method is used to bind a backbone "entity" to methods on a target object.
  • unbindEvents
    • This method can be used to unbind callbacks from entities' events.
  • normalizeMethods
    • Receives a hash of event names and functions and/or function names, and returns the same hash with the function names replaced with the function references themselves.

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