Module ngx_http_keyval_module

The ngx_http_keyval_module module (1.13.3) creates variables with values taken from key-value pairs managed by the API.

This module is available as part of our commercial subscription.

Example Configuration

http {

    keyval_zone zone=one:32k state=one.keyval;
    keyval $arg_text $text zone=one;
    server {
        location / {
            return 200 $text;

        location /api {
            api write=on;


Syntax: keyval key $variable zone=name;
Context: http

Creates a new $variable whose value is looked up by the key in the key-value database. Strings are matched ignoring the case. The database is stored in a shared memory zone specified by the zone parameter.

Syntax: keyval_zone zone=name:size [state=file];
Context: http

Sets the name and size of the shared memory zone that keeps the key-value database. Key-value pairs are managed by the API.

The optional state parameter specifies a file that keeps the current state of the key-value database in the JSON format and makes it persistent across nginx restarts.

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