Nimfix User Guide

WARNING: Nimfix is currently beta-quality.

Nimfix is a tool to help you upgrade from Nimrod (<= version 0.9.6) to Nim (=> version 0.10.0).

It performs 3 different actions:

  1. It makes your code case consistent.
  2. It renames every symbol that has a deprecation rule. So if a module has a rule {.deprecated: [TFoo: Foo].} then TFoo is replaced by Foo.
  3. It can also check that your identifiers adhere to the official style guide and optionally modify them to do so (via --styleCheck:auto).

Note that nimfix defaults to overwrite your code unless you use --overwriteFiles:off! But hey, if you do not use a version control system by this day and age, your project is already in big trouble.


Nimfix is part of the compiler distribution. Compile via:

nim c compiler/nimfix/nimfix.nim
mv compiler/nimfix/nimfix bin

Or on windows:

nim c compiler\nimfix\nimfix.nim
move compiler\nimfix\nimfix.exe bin


nimfix [options] projectfile.nim


--overwriteFiles:on|off overwrite the original nim files. DEFAULT is ON!
--wholeProject overwrite every processed file.
--checkExtern:on|off style check also extern names
--styleCheck:on|off|auto performs style checking for identifiers and suggests an alternative spelling; 'auto' corrects the spelling.

In addition, all command line options of Nim are supported.

© 2006–2017 Andreas Rumpf
Licensed under the MIT License.