Tools available with Nim

The standard distribution ships with the following tools:

  • Documentation generator
    The builtin document generator nim doc2 generates HTML documentation from .nim source files.

  • Nimsuggest for IDE support
    Through the nimsuggest tool, any IDE can query a .nim source file and obtain useful information like definition of symbols or suggestions for completion.

  • Nim Installation Generator
    How to generate a nice installer for your Nim program.

  • C2nim
    C to Nim source converter. Translates C header files to Nim.

  • nimgrep
    Nim search and replace utility.

  • endb
    Nim's slow platform independent embedded debugger.

  • estp
    Nim's slow platform independent embedded stack trace profiler.

  • nimfix
    Nimfix is a tool to help you upgrade from Nimrod (<= version 0.9.6) to Nim (=> version 0.10.0).

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