class Nokogiri::XML::SAX::PushParser


PushParser can parse a document that is fed to it manually. It must be given a SAX::Document object which will be called with SAX events as the document is being parsed.

Calling #<< writes XML to the parser, calling any SAX callbacks it can.

#finish tells the parser that the document is finished and calls the end_document SAX method.


parser = PushParser.new(Class.new(XML::SAX::Document) {
  def start_document
    puts "start document called"
parser << "<div>hello<"
parser << "/div>"



The Nokogiri::XML::SAX::Document on which the PushParser will be operating

Public Class Methods

new(doc = XML::SAX::Document.new, file_name = nil, encoding = 'UTF-8') Show source

Create a new PushParser with doc as the SAX Document, providing an optional file_name and encoding

# File lib/nokogiri/xml/sax/push_parser.rb, line 34
def initialize(doc = XML::SAX::Document.new, file_name = nil, encoding = 'UTF-8')
  @document = doc
  @encoding = encoding
  @sax_parser = XML::SAX::Parser.new(doc)

  ## Create our push parser context
  initialize_native(@sax_parser, file_name)

Public Instance Methods

<<(chunk, last_chunk = false)
Alias for: write
finish() Show source

Finish the parsing. This method is only necessary for Nokogiri::XML::SAX::Document#end_document to be called.

# File lib/nokogiri/xml/sax/push_parser.rb, line 54
def finish
  write '', true
options() Show source
static VALUE get_options(VALUE self)
  xmlParserCtxtPtr ctx;
  Data_Get_Struct(self, xmlParserCtxt, ctx);

  return INT2NUM(ctx->options);
options=(p1) Show source
static VALUE set_options(VALUE self, VALUE options)
  xmlParserCtxtPtr ctx;
  Data_Get_Struct(self, xmlParserCtxt, ctx);

  if (xmlCtxtUseOptions(ctx, (int)NUM2INT(options)) != 0)
    rb_raise(rb_eRuntimeError, "Cannot set XML parser context options");

  return Qnil;
write(chunk, last_chunk = false) Show source

Write a chunk of XML to the PushParser. Any callback methods that can be called will be called immediately.

# File lib/nokogiri/xml/sax/push_parser.rb, line 46
def write chunk, last_chunk = false
  native_write(chunk, last_chunk)
Also aliased as: <<

© 2008–2016 Aaron Patterson, Mike Dalessio, Charles Nutter, Sergio Arbeo
Patrick Mahoney, Yoko Harada, Akinori Musha, John Shahid
Licensed under the MIT License.