The key to managing access to packages via Organizations is Teams.

What are Teams?

Teams are sets of users that have access to a certain scope within the Organization.

In order to create teams and manage team membership, you must be a Super Admin or Team Admin under the given organization. Listing teams and team memberships may be done by any member of the organization.

Organization creation and management of Team Admin and Team Member roles is done through the web interface.

Creating Teams

A Super Admin or Team Admin has the ability to create a team. To create a team one can type:

> npm team create <org:team>

...where <org:team> is the name of the Organization, followed by the name of the new team.

For example, to create a team called wombats in the @npminc Organization, a Super Admin or Team Admin would type:

> npm team create npminc:wombats

You can check that you created the team successfully by listing the teams in your Organization. You can do that by typing:

> npm team ls <org>

or by visiting the Organization Dashboard in the web interface.

Adding Users to a Team

Once you've created a team you'll want to add users to it. To do so a Super Admin or Team Admin can type:

> npm team add <org:team> <user>

...where org:team is the name of the Organization, followed by the name of the team and is the npm username of the user you'd like to make a member of the team.

For example, to make the npm user ag_dubs a member of the @npminc organization's wombats team:

> npm team add npminc:wombats ag_dubs

To check if you've added a user successfully, you can list all the users on a particular team. To do so, type:

> npm team ls <org:team>

Removing a User from a Team

> npm team rm <org:team> <user>

Listing Teams and Team Members

List an Organization's Teams

> npm team ls <org>

List a Team's Members

> npm team ls <org:team>

CLI Documentation

For detailed information on the team command, check out the CLI documentation here.

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