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Package javax.management.timer

Provides the definition of the Timer MBean.

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Interface Summary
Interface Description

Exposes the management interface of the timer MBean.

Class Summary
Class Description

Provides the implementation of the timer MBean.


This class provides definitions of the notifications sent by timer MBeans.

Package javax.management.timer Description

Provides the definition of the Timer MBean. A Timer MBean maintains a list of scheduled notifications and, because it is a NotificationBroadcaster, a list of listeners for those notifications. Whenever the time for one of the scheduled notifications is reached, each listener receives the notification. Notifications can be repeated at a fixed interval, and the number of repetitions can be bounded.

A listener for a Timer MBean can itself be an MBean, using the method MBeanServer.addNotificationListener(ObjectName, ObjectName, NotificationFilter, Object). In this way, a management application can create an MBean representing a task, then schedule that task using a Timer MBean.


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