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Class GraphicsConfigTemplate

All Implemented Interfaces:
public abstract class GraphicsConfigTemplate
extends Object
implements Serializable

The GraphicsConfigTemplate class is used to obtain a valid GraphicsConfiguration. A user instantiates one of these objects and then sets all non-default attributes as desired. The GraphicsDevice.getBestConfiguration(java.awt.GraphicsConfigTemplate) method found in the GraphicsDevice class is then called with this GraphicsConfigTemplate. A valid GraphicsConfiguration is returned that meets or exceeds what was requested in the GraphicsConfigTemplate.

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GraphicsDevice, GraphicsConfiguration, Serialized Form



public static final int REQUIRED

Value used for "Enum" (Integer) type. States that this feature is required for the GraphicsConfiguration object. If this feature is not available, do not select the GraphicsConfiguration object.


public static final int PREFERRED

Value used for "Enum" (Integer) type. States that this feature is desired for the GraphicsConfiguration object. A selection with this feature is preferred over a selection that does not include this feature, although both selections can be considered valid matches.


public static final int UNNECESSARY

Value used for "Enum" (Integer) type. States that this feature is not necessary for the selection of the GraphicsConfiguration object. A selection without this feature is preferred over a selection that includes this feature since it is not used.



public GraphicsConfigTemplate()

This class is an abstract class so only subclasses can be instantiated.



public abstract GraphicsConfiguration getBestConfiguration(GraphicsConfiguration[] gc)

Returns the "best" configuration possible that passes the criteria defined in the GraphicsConfigTemplate.

gc - the array of GraphicsConfiguration objects to choose from.
a GraphicsConfiguration object that is the best configuration possible.
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public abstract boolean isGraphicsConfigSupported(GraphicsConfiguration gc)

Returns a boolean indicating whether or not the specified GraphicsConfiguration can be used to create a drawing surface that supports the indicated features.

gc - the GraphicsConfiguration object to test
true if this GraphicsConfiguration object can be used to create surfaces that support the indicated features; false if the GraphicsConfiguration can not be used to create a drawing surface usable by this Java(tm) API.

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