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Class DriverPropertyInfo

public class DriverPropertyInfo
extends Object

Driver properties for making a connection. The DriverPropertyInfo class is of interest only to advanced programmers who need to interact with a Driver via the method getDriverProperties to discover and supply properties for connections.



public String name

The name of the property.


public String description

A brief description of the property, which may be null.


public boolean required

The required field is true if a value must be supplied for this property during Driver.connect and false otherwise.


public String value

The value field specifies the current value of the property, based on a combination of the information supplied to the method getPropertyInfo, the Java environment, and the driver-supplied default values. This field may be null if no value is known.


public String[] choices

An array of possible values if the value for the field DriverPropertyInfo.value may be selected from a particular set of values; otherwise null.



public DriverPropertyInfo(String name,
                          String value)

Constructs a DriverPropertyInfo object with a given name and value. The description and choices are initialized to null and required is initialized to false.

name - the name of the property
value - the current value, which may be null


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