backfaceVisibility?: enum('visible', 'hidden')

backgroundColor?: color

borderBottomLeftRadius?: number

borderBottomRightRadius?: number

borderColor?: color

borderRadius?: number

borderTopLeftRadius?: number

borderTopRightRadius?: number

borderWidth?: number

opacity?: number

overflow?: enum('visible', 'hidden')

resizeMode?: Object.keys(ImageResizeMode)

tintColor?: color

Changes the color of all the non-transparent pixels to the tintColor.

androidoverlayColor?: string

When the image has rounded corners, specifying an overlayColor will cause the remaining space in the corners to be filled with a solid color. This is useful in cases which are not supported by the Android implementation of rounded corners: - Certain resize modes, such as 'contain' - Animated GIFs

A typical way to use this prop is with images displayed on a solid background and setting the overlayColor to the same color as the background.

For details of how this works under the hood, see http://frescolib.org/docs/rounded-corners-and-circles.html

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