Renders the native picker component on iOS and Android. Example:

  onValueChange={(itemValue, itemIndex) => this.setState({language: itemValue})}>
  <Picker.Item label="Java" value="java" />
  <Picker.Item label="JavaScript" value="js" />


ViewPropTypes props...

onValueChange?: function

Callback for when an item is selected. This is called with the following parameters: - itemValue: the value prop of the item that was selected - itemPosition: the index of the selected item in this picker

selectedValue?: any

Value matching value of one of the items. Can be a string or an integer.

style?: pickerStyleType

testID?: string

Used to locate this view in end-to-end tests.

androidenabled?: bool

If set to false, the picker will be disabled, i.e. the user will not be able to make a selection.

androidmode?: enum('dialog', 'dropdown')

On Android, specifies how to display the selection items when the user taps on the picker:

  • 'dialog': Show a modal dialog. This is the default.
  • 'dropdown': Shows a dropdown anchored to the picker view

androidprompt?: string

Prompt string for this picker, used on Android in dialog mode as the title of the dialog.

iositemStyle?: itemStylePropType

Style to apply to each of the item labels.

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