ViewPropTypes props...

barStyle?: enum('default', 'black')

The style of the tab bar. Supported values are 'default', 'black'. Use 'black' instead of setting barTintColor to black. This produces a tab bar with the native iOS style with higher translucency.

barTintColor?: color

Background color of the tab bar

itemPositioning?: enum('fill', 'center', 'auto')

Specifies tab bar item positioning. Available values are: - fill - distributes items across the entire width of the tab bar - center - centers item in the available tab bar space - auto (default) - distributes items dynamically according to the user interface idiom. In a horizontally compact environment (e.g. iPhone 5) this value defaults to fill, in a horizontally regular one (e.g. iPad) it defaults to center.

style?: ViewPropTypes.style

tintColor?: color

Color of the currently selected tab icon

translucent?: bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the tab bar is translucent

unselectedItemTintColor?: color

Color of unselected tab icons. Available since iOS 10.

unselectedTintColor?: color

Color of text on unselected tabs

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