This exposes the native ToastAndroid module as a JS module. This has a function 'show' which takes the following parameters:

  1. String message: A string with the text to toast
  2. int duration: The duration of the toast. May be ToastAndroid.SHORT or ToastAndroid.LONG

There is also a function showWithGravity to specify the layout gravity. May be ToastAndroid.TOP, ToastAndroid.BOTTOM, ToastAndroid.CENTER.

The 'showWithGravityWithOffset' function adds on the ability to specify offset These offset values will translate to pixels.

Basic usage:

ToastAndroid.show('A pikachu appeared nearby !', ToastAndroid.SHORT);
ToastAndroid.showWithGravity('All Your Base Are Belong To Us', ToastAndroid.SHORT, ToastAndroid.CENTER);
ToastAndroid.showWithGravityAndOffset('A wild toast appeared!', ToastAndroid.LONG, ToastAndroid.BOTTOM, 25, 50);


static show(message, duration)

static showWithGravity(message, duration, gravity)

static showWithGravityAndOffset(message, duration, gravity, xOffset, yOffset)


SHORT: MemberExpression

// Toast duration constants

LONG: MemberExpression

TOP: MemberExpression

// Toast gravity constants

BOTTOM: MemberExpression

CENTER: MemberExpression

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