/Symfony 4.0




ArrayNode Represents an Array node in the config tree.
BaseNode The base node class
BooleanNode This node represents a Boolean value in the config tree.
EnumNode Node which only allows a finite set of values.
FloatNode This node represents a float value in the config tree.
IntegerNode This node represents an integer value in the config tree.
NumericNode This node represents a numeric value in the config tree
Processor This class is the entry point for config normalization/merging/finalization.
PrototypedArrayNode Represents a prototyped Array node in the config tree.
ReferenceDumper Dumps a reference configuration for the given configuration/node instance.
ScalarNode This node represents a scalar value in the config tree.
VariableNode This node represents a value of variable type in the config tree.


ConfigurationInterface Configuration interface
NodeInterface Common Interface among all nodes.
PrototypeNodeInterface This interface must be implemented by nodes which can be used as prototypes.

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