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AnalyzeServiceReferencesPass Run this pass before passes that need to know more about the relation of your services.
CheckCircularReferencesPass Checks your services for circular references
CheckDefinitionValidityPass This pass validates each definition individually only taking the information into account which is contained in the definition itself.
CheckExceptionOnInvalidReferenceBehaviorPass Checks that all references are pointing to a valid service.
CheckReferenceValidityPass Checks the validity of references
Compiler This class is used to remove circular dependencies between individual passes.
InlineServiceDefinitionsPass Inline service definitions where this is possible.
LoggingFormatter Used to format logging messages during the compilation.
MergeExtensionConfigurationPass Merges extension configs into the container builder
PassConfig Compiler Pass Configuration
RemoveAbstractDefinitionsPass Removes abstract Definitions
RemovePrivateAliasesPass Remove private aliases from the container. They were only used to establish dependencies between services, and these dependencies have been resolved in one of the previous passes.
RemoveUnusedDefinitionsPass Removes unused service definitions from the container.
RepeatedPass A pass that might be run repeatedly.
ReplaceAliasByActualDefinitionPass Replaces aliases with actual service definitions, effectively removing these aliases.
ResolveDefinitionTemplatesPass This replaces all DefinitionDecorator instances with their equivalent fully merged Definition instance.
ResolveInvalidReferencesPass Emulates the invalid behavior if the reference is not found within the container.
ResolveParameterPlaceHoldersPass Resolves all parameter placeholders "%somevalue%" to their real values.
ResolveReferencesToAliasesPass Replaces all references to aliases with references to the actual service.
ServiceReferenceGraph This is a directed graph of your services.
ServiceReferenceGraphEdge Represents an edge in your service graph.
ServiceReferenceGraphNode Represents a node in your service graph.


CompilerPassInterface Interface that must be implemented by compilation passes
RepeatablePassInterface Interface that must be implemented by passes that are run as part of an RepeatedPass.

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