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Constraint Contains the properties of a constraint definition.
ConstraintValidator Base class for constraint validators
ConstraintValidatorFactory Default implementation of the ConstraintValidatorFactoryInterface.
ConstraintViolation Default implementation of {@ConstraintViolationInterface}.
ConstraintViolationList Default implementation of {@ConstraintViolationListInterface}.
DefaultTranslator Simple translator implementation that simply replaces the parameters in the message IDs.
ExecutionContext Default implementation of {@link ExecutionContextInterface}.
Validation Entry point for the Validator component.
ValidationVisitor Default implementation of {@link ValidationVisitorInterface} and {@link GlobalExecutionContextInterface}.
Validator Default implementation of {@link ValidatorInterface}.
ValidatorBuilder The default implementation of {@link ValidatorBuilderInterface}.


ClassBasedInterface An object backed by a PHP class.
ConstraintValidatorFactoryInterface Specifies an object able to return the correct ConstraintValidatorInterface instance given a Constraint object.
ConstraintViolationInterface A violation of a constraint that happened during validation.
ConstraintViolationListInterface A list of constraint violations.
ExecutionContextInterface Stores the validator's state during validation.
GlobalExecutionContextInterface Stores the node-independent state of a validation run.
GroupSequenceProviderInterface Defines the interface for a group sequence provider.
MetadataFactoryInterface Returns {@link MetadataInterface} instances for values.
MetadataInterface A container for validation metadata.
ObjectInitializerInterface Prepares an object for validation.
PropertyMetadataContainerInterface A container for {@link PropertyMetadataInterface} instances.
PropertyMetadataInterface A container for validation metadata of a property.
ValidationVisitorInterface Validates values against constraints defined in {@link MetadataInterface} instances.
ValidatorBuilderInterface A configurable builder for ValidatorInterface objects.
ValidatorInterface Validates values and graphs of objects and arrays.

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