The Vagrant Hyper-V provider has some provider-specific configuration options you may set. A complete reference is shown below:

  • vmname (string) - Name of virtual machine as shown in Hyper-V manager. Defaults is taken from box image XML.
  • cpus (integer) - Number of virtual CPU given to machine. Defaults is taken from box image XML.
  • memory (integer) - Number of MegaBytes allocated to VM at startup. Defaults is taken from box image XML.
  • maxmemory (integer) - Number of MegaBytes maximal allowed to allocate for VM This parameter is switch on Dynamic Allocation of memory. Defaults is taken from box image XML.
  • vlan_id (integer) - Number of Vlan ID for your guest network interface Defaults is not defined, vlan configuration will be untouched if not set.
  • mac (string) - MAC address for your guest network interface Default is not defined, MAC address will be dynamically assigned by Hyper-V if not set.
  • ip_address_timeout (integer) - The time in seconds to wait for the virtual machine to report an IP address. This defaults to 120 seconds. This may have to be increased if your VM takes longer to boot.
  • differencing_disk (boolean) - Switch to use differencing disk intead of cloning whole VHD.
  • enable_virtualization_extensions (boolean) - Enable virtualization extensions for the virtual CPUs. This allows Hyper-V to be nested and run inside another Hyper-VM VM. It requires Windows 10 - 1511 (build 10586) or newer. Default is not defined. This will be disabled if not set.
  • auto_start_action (Nothing, StartIfRunning, Start) - Action on automatic start of VM when booting OS
  • auto_stop_action (ShutDown, TurnOff, Save) - Action on automatic stop of VM when shutting down OS.
  • vm_integration_services (Hash) - Hash to set the state of integration services.


    config.vm.provider "hyperv" do |h|
      h.vm_integration_services = {
          guest_service_interface: true,
          heartbeat: true,
          key_value_pair_exchange: true,
          shutdown: true,
          time_synchronization: true,
          vss: true

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