Context/Normal Module Factories


before-resolve(data) async waterfall

Before the factory starts resolving. The data object has these properties:

  • context: The absolute path of the directory for resolving.
  • request: The request of the expression.

Plugins are allowed to modify the object or to pass a new similar object to the callback.

after-resolve(data) async waterfall

After the factory has resolved the request. The data object has these properties:

  • request: The resolved request. It acts as an identifier for the NormalModule.
  • userRequest: The request the user entered. It's resolved, but does not contain pre or post loaders.
  • rawRequest: The unresolved request.
  • loaders: A array of resolved loaders. This is passed to the NormalModule and they will be executed.
  • resource: The resource. It will be loaded by the NormalModule.
  • parser: The parser that will be used by the NormalModule.


before-resolve(data) async waterfall

after-resolve(data) async waterfall

alternatives(options: Array) async waterfall

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