The stats option lets you precisely control what bundle information gets displayed. This can be a nice middle ground if you don't want to use quiet or noInfo because you want some bundle information, but not all of it.

For webpack-dev-server, this property needs to be in the devServer object.
This option does not have any effect when using the Node.js API.


object string

There are some presets available to use as a shortcut. Use them like this:

stats: "errors-only"
Preset Alternative Description
Only output when errors happen
Only output when errors or new compilation happen
Output nothing
Standard output
Detailed output (since webpack 3.0.0)
Output everything

For more granular control, it is possible to specify exactly what information you want. Please note that all of the options in this object are optional.

stats: {
  // Add asset Information
  assets: true,
  // Sort assets by a field
  assetsSort: "field",
  // Add information about cached (not built) modules
  cached: true,
  // Show cached assets (setting this to `false` only shows emitted files)
  cachedAssets: true,
  // Add children information
  children: true,
  // Add chunk information (setting this to `false` allows for a less verbose output)
  chunks: true,
  // Add built modules information to chunk information
  chunkModules: true,
  // Add the origins of chunks and chunk merging info
  chunkOrigins: true,
  // Sort the chunks by a field
  chunksSort: "field",
  // Context directory for request shortening
  context: "../src/",
  // `webpack --colors` equivalent
  colors: true,
  // Display the distance from the entry point for each module
  depth: false,
  // Display the entry points with the corresponding bundles
  entrypoints: false,
  // Add errors
  errors: true,
  // Add details to errors (like resolving log)
  errorDetails: true,
  // Exclude modules which match one of the given strings or regular expressions
  exclude: [],
  // Add the hash of the compilation
  hash: true,
  // Set the maximum number of modules to be shown
  maxModules: 15,
  // Add built modules information
  modules: true,
  // Sort the modules by a field
  modulesSort: "field",
  // Show dependencies and origin of warnings/errors (since webpack 2.5.0)
  moduleTrace: true,
  // Show performance hint when file size exceeds `performance.maxAssetSize`
  performance: true,
  // Show the exports of the modules
  providedExports: false,
  // Add public path information
  publicPath: true,
  // Add information about the reasons why modules are included
  reasons: true,
  // Add the source code of modules
  source: true,
  // Add timing information
  timings: true,
  // Show which exports of a module are used
  usedExports: false,
  // Add webpack version information
  version: true,
  // Add warnings
  warnings: true,
  // Filter warnings to be shown (since webpack 2.4.0),
  // can be a String, Regexp, a function getting the warning and returning a boolean
  // or an Array of a combination of the above. First match wins.
  warningsFilter: "filter" | /filter/ | ["filter", /filter/] | (warning) => ... return true|false

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