This plugin enables a more fine grained control of source maps added via the devtool option.

new webpack.SourceMapDevToolPlugin(options)


The following options are supported:

  • options.test / options.include / options.exclude (string|RegExp|Array): Used to determine which assets should be processed. Each one can be a RegExp (asset filename is matched), a string (asset filename need to start with this string) or an Array of those (any of them need to be matched). test defaults to .js and .css files if omitted.
  • options.filename (string): defines the output filename of the SourceMap. If no value is provided the source map is inlined.
  • options.append (string): is appended to the original asset. Usually the #sourceMappingURL comment. [url] is replaced with a URL to the source map file. false disables the appending.
  • options.moduleFilenameTemplate / options.fallbackModuleFilenameTemplate (string): see output.devtoolModuleFilenameTemplate.
  • options.module (boolean): (defaults to true) When false loaders do not generate source maps and the transformed code is used as source instead.
  • options.columns (boolean): (defaults to true) When false column mappings in source maps are ignored and a faster source map implementation is used.
  • options.lineToLine ({test: string|RegExp|Array, include: string|RegExp|Array, exclude: string|RegExp|Array} matched modules uses simple (faster) line to line source mappings.

Usage: Exclude Vendor Maps

The following code would exclude source maps for any modules in the vendor.js bundle:

new webpack.SourceMapDevToolPlugin({
  filename: '[name].js.map',
  exclude: ['vendor.js']

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