Collects providers from all NgModules and standalone components, including transitively imported ones.

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importProvidersFrom(...sources: ImportProvidersSource[]): EnvironmentProviders

sources ImportProvidersSource[]

EnvironmentProviders: Collected providers from the specified list of types.


Providers extracted via importProvidersFrom are only usable in an application injector or another environment injector (such as a route injector). They should not be used in component providers.

More information about standalone components can be found in this guide.

Further information is available in the Usage Notes...

Usage notes

The results of the importProvidersFrom call can be used in the bootstrapApplication call:

await bootstrapApplication(RootComponent, {
  providers: [
    importProvidersFrom(NgModuleOne, NgModuleTwo)

You can also use the importProvidersFrom results in the providers field of a route, when a standalone component is used:

export const ROUTES: Route[] = [
    path: 'foo',
    providers: [
      importProvidersFrom(NgModuleOne, NgModuleTwo)
    component: YourStandaloneComponent

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