A function for matching a route against URLs. Implement a custom URL matcher for Route.matcher when a combination of path and pathMatch is not expressive enough. Cannot be used together with path and pathMatch.

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type UrlMatcher = (segments: UrlSegment[], group: UrlSegmentGroup, route: Route) => UrlMatchResult | null;


The function takes the following arguments and returns a UrlMatchResult object.

  • segments : An array of URL segments.
  • group : A segment group.
  • route : The route to match against.

The following example implementation matches HTML files.

export function htmlFiles(url: UrlSegment[]) {
  return url.length === 1 && url[0].path.endsWith('.html') ? ({consumed: url}) : null;

export const routes = [{ matcher: htmlFiles, component: AnyComponent }];

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