Common Internationalization tasks

Use the following Angular tasks to internationalize your project.

  • Use built-in pipes to display dates, numbers, percentages, and currencies in a local format.
  • Mark text in component templates for translation.
  • Mark plural forms of expressions for translation.
  • Mark alternate text for translation.

After you prepare your project for an international audience, use the Angular CLI to localize your project. Complete the following tasks to localize your project.

  • Use the CLI to extract marked text to a source language file.
  • Make a copy of the source language file for each language, and send all of translation files to a translator or service.
  • Use the CLI to merge the finished translation files when you build your project for one or more locales.

Create an adaptable user interface for all of your target locales that takes into consideration the differences in spacing for different languages. For more details, see How to approach internationalization.


To prepare your project for translations, you should have a basic understanding of the following subjects.

Learn about common Angular internationalization tasks

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