Updating topics through the GitHub user interface

This topic describes how to submit pull requests to the Angular repository using GitHub's user interface. If you are unfamiliar with Git, you might find this process easier for making changes.

Using the GitHub user interface for updates is recommended only for small changes to one file at a time, such as fixing typos, updating the review date or updating search keywords.

To update a topic through the GitHub user interface:

  1. Navigate to the topic for which you want to file a pull request.

  2. Click the edit icon at the top of the topic.

    A GitHub page appears, displaying the source of the topic.

  3. Update the topic.

  4. At the bottom of the screen, update the Commit changes box with a description of the change. Use the format docs: <short-description-of-change>, where <short-description-of-change> briefly describes your change. Keep the description under 100 characters. For example:

    docs: fix typo in Tour of Heroes pt.1
  5. Verify that the create new branch option is selected, then click Commit changes.

    A Pull Request screen opens.

  6. Fill out the form in the Pull Request screen. At a minimum, put an x in the Docs have been added / updated option and the Documentation content changes option.

  7. Click Create pull request.

At this point, your pull request is added to a list of current requests, which the documentation team reviews weekly.

Last reviewed on Mon Feb 28 2022

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