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  1. service in module ngMock


Flushes all currently pending tasks and executes the corresponding callbacks.

Optionally, you can also pass a delay argument to only flush tasks that are scheduled to be executed within delay milliseconds. Currently, delay only applies to timeouts, since all other tasks have a delay of 0 (i.e. they are scheduled to be executed as soon as possible, but still asynchronously).

If no delay is specified, it uses a delay such that all currently pending tasks are flushed.

The types of tasks that are flushed include:

  • Pending timeouts (via $timeout).
  • Pending tasks scheduled via $applyAsync.
  • Pending tasks scheduled via $evalAsync. These include tasks scheduled via $evalAsync() indirectly (such as $q promises).
Periodic tasks scheduled via $interval use a different queue and are not flushed by $flushPendingTasks(). Use $interval.flush(millis) instead.




Param Type Details

The number of milliseconds to flush.

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