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class deprecated

Subclass of ResponseOptions, with default values.

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Deprecated: see https://angular.io/guide/http

class BaseResponseOptions extends ResponseOptions {

  // inherited from http/ResponseOptions
  constructor(opts: ResponseOptionsArgs = {})
  body: string | Object | ArrayBuffer | Blob | null
  status: number | null
  headers: Headers | null
  url: string | null
  merge(options?: ResponseOptionsArgs): ResponseOptions


Default values:

  • status: 200
  • headers: empty Headers object

This class could be extended and bound to the ResponseOptions class when configuring an Injector, in order to override the default options used by Http to create Responses.

Usage notes


import {provide} from '@angular/core';
import {bootstrap} from '@angular/platform-browser/browser';
import {HTTP_PROVIDERS, Headers, Http, BaseResponseOptions, ResponseOptions} from
import {App} from './myapp';

class MyOptions extends BaseResponseOptions {
  headers:Headers = new Headers({network: 'github'});

bootstrap(App, [HTTP_PROVIDERS, {provide: ResponseOptions, useClass: MyOptions}]);

The options could also be extended when manually creating a Response object.


import {BaseResponseOptions, Response} from '@angular/http';

var options = new BaseResponseOptions();
var res = new Response(options.merge({
  body: 'Angular',
  headers: new Headers({framework: 'angular'})
console.log('res.headers.get("framework"):', res.headers.get('framework')); // angular
console.log('res.text():', res.text()); // Angular;

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