Promise.config(Object {
    warnings: boolean=false,
    longStackTraces: boolean=false,
    cancellation: boolean=false,
    monitoring: boolean=false
} options) -> Object;

Configure long stack traces, warnings, monitoring and cancellation. Note that even though false is the default here, a development environment might be detected which automatically enables long stack traces and warnings.

    // Enable warnings
    warnings: true,
    // Enable long stack traces
    longStackTraces: true,
    // Enable cancellation
    cancellation: true,
    // Enable monitoring
    monitoring: true

You can configure the warning for checking forgotten return statements with wForgottenReturn:

    // Enables all warnings except forgotten return statements.
    warnings: {
        wForgottenReturn: false

wForgottenReturn is the only warning type that can be separately configured. The corresponding environmental variable key is BLUEBIRD_W_FORGOTTEN_RETURN.

In Node.js you may configure warnings and long stack traces for the entire process using environment variables:


Both features are automatically enabled if the BLUEBIRD_DEBUG environment variable has been set or if the NODE_ENV environment variable is equal to "development".

Using the value 0 will explicitly disable a feature despite debug environment otherwise activating it:

# Warnings are disabled despite being in development environment
NODE_ENV=development BLUEBIRD_WARNINGS=0 node app.js

Cancellation is always configured separately per bluebird instance.

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