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Class HttpException

Parent class for all of the HTTP related exceptions in CakePHP. All HTTP status/error related exceptions should extend this class so catch blocks can be specifically typed.

You may also use this as a meaningful bridge to Cake\Core\Exception\Exception, e.g.: throw new \Cake\Network\Exception\HttpException('HTTP Version Not Supported', 505);

Exception implements Throwable
Extended by RuntimeException
Extended by Cake\Core\Exception\Exception
Extended by Cake\Http\Exception\HttpException

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__construct()source public

__construct( string|array $message = '' , integer|null $code = null , Exception|null $previous = null )


Allows you to create exceptions that are treated as framework errors and disabled when debug = 0.


string|array $message optional ''

Either the string of the error message, or an array of attributes that are made available in the view, and sprintf()'d into Exception::$_messageTemplate

integer|null $code optional null
The code of the error, is also the HTTP status code for the error.
Exception|null $previous optional null
the previous exception.



getAttributes()source public

getAttributes( )

Get the passed in attributes



responseHeader()source public

responseHeader( string|array|null $header = null , string|null $value = null )

Get/set the response header to be used

See also Cake\Http\Response::withHeader()


string|array|null $header optional null

An array of header strings or a single header string - an associative array of "header name" => "header value" - an array of string headers is also accepted (deprecated)

string|null $value optional null
The header value.



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