/CakePHP 3.8

Class PoFileParser

Parses file in PO format

Namespace: Cake\I18n\Parser
Copyright: Copyright (c) 2010, Union of RAD http://union-of-rad.org (http://lithify.me/)
Copyright: Copyright (c) 2012, Clemens Tolboom
Copyright: Copyright (c) 2014, Fabien Potencier https://github.com/symfony/Translation/blob/master/LICENSE
Location: I18n/Parser/PoFileParser.php

Method Summary

  • _addMessage() protected
    Saves a translation item to the messages.
  • parse() public
    Parses portable object (PO) format.

Method Detail

_addMessage()source protected

_addMessage( array $messages , array $item )

Saves a translation item to the messages.


array $messages
The messages array being collected from the file
array $item
The current item being inspected

parse()source public

parse( string $resource )

Parses portable object (PO) format.

From https://www.gnu.org/software/gettext/manual/gettext.html#PO-Files we should be able to parse files having:



. extracted-comments

: reference...

, flag...

| msgid previous-untranslated-string

msgid untranslated-string msgstr translated-string

extra or different lines are:

| msgctxt previous-context

| msgid previous-untranslated-string

msgctxt context

| msgid previous-untranslated-string-singular

| msgid_plural previous-untranslated-string-plural

msgid untranslated-string-singular msgid_plural untranslated-string-plural msgstr[0] translated-string-case-0 ... msgstr[N] translated-string-case-n

The definition states: - white-space and comments are optional. - msgid "" that an empty singleline defines a header.

This parser sacrifices some features of the reference implementation the differences to that implementation are as follows. - Translator and extracted comments are treated as being the same type. - Message IDs are allowed to have other encodings as just US-ASCII.

Items with an empty id are ignored.


string $resource
The file name to parse



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