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Class SocketException

Exception class for Socket. This exception will be thrown from Socket, Email, HttpSocket SmtpTransport, MailTransport and HttpResponse when it encounters an error.

Exception implements Throwable
Extended by RuntimeException
Extended by Cake\Core\Exception\Exception
Extended by Cake\Network\Exception\SocketException

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__construct()source public

__construct( string|array $message = '' , integer|null $code = null , Exception|null $previous = null )


Allows you to create exceptions that are treated as framework errors and disabled when debug = 0.


string|array $message optional ''

Either the string of the error message, or an array of attributes that are made available in the view, and sprintf()'d into Exception::$_messageTemplate

integer|null $code optional null
The code of the error, is also the HTTP status code for the error.
Exception|null $previous optional null
the previous exception.



getAttributes()source public

getAttributes( )

Get the passed in attributes



responseHeader()source public

responseHeader( string|array|null $header = null , string|null $value = null )

Get/set the response header to be used

See also Cake\Http\Response::withHeader()


string|array|null $header optional null

An array of header strings or a single header string - an associative array of "header name" => "header value" - an array of string headers is also accepted (deprecated)

string|null $value optional null
The header value.



Properties detail


protected integer

Default exception code

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