/CakePHP 3.8

Trait DependentDeleteTrait

Implements cascading deletes for dependent associations.

Included by HasOne and HasMany association classes.

Namespace: Cake\ORM\Association
Deprecated: 3.5.0 Unused in CakePHP now. This class will be removed in 4.0.0
Location: ORM/Association/DependentDeleteTrait.php

Method Summary

  • cascadeDelete() public deprecated
    Cascade a delete to remove dependent records.

Method Detail

cascadeDelete()source public deprecated

cascadeDelete( Cake\Datasource\EntityInterface $entity , array $options = [] )

Cascade a delete to remove dependent records.

This method does nothing if the association is not dependent.


Cake\Datasource\EntityInterface $entity
The entity that started the cascaded delete.
array $options optional []
The options for the original delete.



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