/CakePHP 3.8

Function __xn

Returns correct plural form of message identified by $singular and $plural for count $count. Some languages have more than one form for plural messages dependent on the count. The context is a unique identifier for the translations string that makes it unique within the same domain.

Link: https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/core-libraries/global-constants-and-functions.html#__xn
Copyright: Copyright (c) Cake Software Foundation, Inc. (https://cakefoundation.org)
License: MIT License
Located at I18n/functions.php
__xn( string $context , string $singular , string $plural , integer $count , ... $args )

Parameters summary

string $context Context of the text.
string $singular Singular text to translate.
string $plural Plural text.
integer $count Count.
... $args $args Array with arguments or multiple arguments in function.


  • string|null Plural form of translated string.

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