/CakePHP 3.8

Namespace Cake\Auth

Namespaces summary

Class summary

  • Abstract password hashing class

  • Base Authentication class with common methods and properties.

  • Abstract base authorization adapter for AuthComponent.

  • Basic Authentication adapter for AuthComponent.

  • An authorization adapter for AuthComponent. Provides the ability to authorize using a controller callback. Your controller's isAuthorized() method should return a boolean to indicate whether or not the user is authorized.

  • Default password hashing class.

  • Digest Authentication adapter for AuthComponent.

  • A password hasher that can use multiple different hashes where only one is the preferred one. This is useful when trying to migrate an existing database of users from one password type to another.

  • Form authentication adapter for AuthComponent.

  • Builds password hashing objects

  • Password hashing class that use weak hashing algorithms. This class is intended only to be used with legacy databases where passwords have not been migrated to a stronger algorithm yet.

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