/CakePHP 3.8

Namespace Cake\Database\Expression

Class summary

  • An expression object that represents a SQL BETWEEN snippet

  • This class represents a SQL Case statement

  • A Comparison is a type of query expression that represents an operation involving a field an operator and a value. In its most common form the string representation of a comparison is field = value

  • This class represents a function call string in a SQL statement. Calls can be constructed by passing the name of the function and a list of params. For security reasons, all params passed are quoted by default unless explicitly told otherwise.

  • Represents a single identifier name in the database.

  • An expression object for ORDER BY clauses

  • An expression object for complex ORDER BY clauses

  • Represents a SQL Query expression. Internally it stores a tree of expressions that can be compiled by converting this object to string and will contain a correctly parenthesized and nested expression.

  • This expression represents SQL fragments that are used for comparing one tuple to another, one tuple to a set of other tuples or one tuple to an expression

  • An expression object that represents an expression with only a single operand.

  • An expression object to contain values being inserted.

Interface summary

  • Describes a getter and a setter for the a field property. Useful for expressions that contain an identifier to compare against.

Traits summary

  • Contains the field property with a getter and a setter for it

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